Happy Mother’s Day

For all the Mom’s out there kissing Boo Boos and bandaging scraped knees.

Thank You

I hope all of you are taken out to breakfasts and treated to the trash being taken out without you asking, and that you have the whole day spent with your feet up enjoying your families.

Weekends are too damn short!

Or I spend too much time driving…

Probably a bit of both.

It takes until my “Sunday” to recharge enough to have my brain actually start to fire on all cylinders again.

Just in time to shut my head down again to deal with the demands of work.

By my “Friday” my head is tapioca. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. Typically I’m in bed by 6:00 PM. I’ll sleep until 6:00 AM then wake up, and still be bone tired.

I’ll have a cup of coffee, some breakfast, then clean up the apartment, and get on the road to my house… It’s a tough drive.

When I get to the house, I start laundry, and decide if the yard work has to be done. Often I’ll vaccum, but lately I’ve been so tired it’s all I can do to get up the freeway. The past two weeks I’ve been physically hurting. The aching doesn’t stop until the afternoon of my “Sunday”. Just in time for me to hop back on the freeway and slug my way down the freeway again.

Then the grind starts all over again.

I’m on a hamster wheel, so that annoying squeeking you’re hearing is me running in place.

The alternative however is less enticing than this, so I’ve been applying the philosophy,

“Close your eyes, and think of England.”

Hey, whatever works!

I’ve written about Zero Tolernace policies before… 

This morning as I was sitting in nightmarish traffic caused by an accident, I had a bit of an epiphany.

As the minutes ticked by I realized I was going to be late to work. I would be dinged a half point because I was late, even though it was through no fault of my own. (The folks in the fatality accident were having a much worse morning than I so I couldn’t bring myself to be upset about my issue.)

The thoughts that went through my head are these; I’m going to be late, I’m going to be punished for being late, the company’s rules will see to that. If I’m going to be dinged a half point for being late, and still have to sit through 8 hours of annoyance why shouldn’t I take a whole point hit, and take the day off?

After all, if I’m going to be beaten either way why not take some time for myself?

So I called out of work and the company was short handed by me, and whoever else may have come to the same conclusion.

In less enlightened times, I’d have called my boss and told them I was on my way but stuck in traffic and would be in as soon as possible. My boss would have said, “Sure no problem, I’ll see you when you get here.”  

That was back in the Stone Age when people could actually be people, and human stuff wasn’t frowned upon. Obviously if you were chronically late that was another matter, but occasionally being late was simply a fact of life.

With the advent of Zero Tolerance policies… that civility is gone. We’ve moved closer to the mechanized society of Orwells “1984”, Star Trek’s Borg, and well beyond the fear even the most ardent of Luddite followers ever ginned up.

The Luddites were a group of English textile workers and weavers in the 19th century who destroyed weaving machinery as a form of protest. The group was protesting the use of machinery in a “fraudulent and deceitful manner” to get around standard labour practices.[1] Luddites feared that the time spent learning the skills of their craft would go to waste as machines would replace their role in the industry.[2] It is a misconception that the Luddites protested against the machinery itself in an attempt to halt progress of technology. However, the term has come to mean one opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation or new technologies in general.[3] The Luddite movement began in Nottingham and culminated in a region-wide rebellion that lasted from 1811 to 1816. Mill owners took to shooting protesters and eventually the movement was brutally suppressed with military force.

As I was sitting there in traffic It occurred to me that in machines and machining, you absolutely can’t have Zero Tolerance. If there is no tolerance for the pieces to move, then the machine won’t work. There has to be some tolerance, even if it’s a micron or less, otherwise you’ve just built a very complex and expensive brick.

Sitting there, trying to figure out how best to get back home so I could go back to bed, I wondered how it is that we’ve come to expect humans to act like an imaginary “Perfect” machine.

Humans are about as random and variably toleranced as it gets. Attempting to force people to meet impossible expectations is bound to fail, on it’s face. No further evaluation is needed. Yet all over the country we have corporations and institutions touting Zero Tolerance policies. 

Ironically, the authors of these policies often have “Tolerance and CoExist” bumper stickers plastered on their vehicles.

I think it’s another case of unintended consequences. I just got a text from a friend at work saying it’s insanely busy there. Perhaps I’m not the only person who ran the same equation and came up with the same answer.

Ahh Well, not my problem today. Off to have some fun!

Saw a sign at Rite Aid today

The sign informed us that BPA was contained in cans and other things and that the sate of California had determined that this chemical had been shown to cause reproductive harm to women.

What went through my mind was WTF? 

For years it’s been known or at least surmised that this same chemical caused reproduductive harm to men and boys. But apparently it’s only important when it’s also affecting women.

After all why be gender specific?

Why not simply say this material has been shown to cause repoductive harm in general?

As I’ve said before, the war on women is biasing what we think is important. 

If BPA causes limp dicks in men and testosterone imbalances in young boys… It’s a sure bet that it’s going to cause reproductive problems across the board.

Why is it that this is only “important” when women are involved?

We are a binary gendered species and, as the old saying goes “It takes two to tango.” 

A better question is why if we’ve known this from EU studies for several years, then why haven’t we outright banned the substance if only out of an over abundance of caution?

God! Please SHUT HER up!

I thought at first it was just me. I thought, “Dude, you’ve lived away from huge herds of people for too long.” Well, that is a true statement. I thought I was just too sensitive and reactive to strange noises. The difference between living in a house in the mountains, to living in an apartment in the middle of a city.

I thought I’d adapt in time…

Well time has passed, and I’ve adapted. BUT there’s only so much I can do without gouging my ears out.

The problem:

Guy downstairs, he’s really kind of messed up. But he’s not the problem. It’s his son, who has a girlfriend who lives her life like she’s in a telenovella. I’ve come to believe that it is physically impossible for this woman to walk past anything with hinges and not slam it. Doors, Cabinets, Car doors, Car trunks, you name it. About the only thing that she can’t seem to slam shut is her legs.

She seems to think that arguments are foreplay. And from the many, many, many, sleepless nights I’ve had she seems to like sex a lot. 

Picture a Fran Dressher voice, only not as nice… Screaming obscenities, punctuated with “Don’t you love me?” At the top of her lungs all night, every night. When she decides to have a fight, (easier to count them times when she’s not fighting, screaming, and bitching.) she starts by slamming every available door in reach. We’re talking slamming doors so hard that the whole building shakes. There have been a few times when my bed moved like we were having an earthquake. But no it’s just this tempestuous ball biting bitch.

That’s not all. 

When she slams the front door and storms out of the apartment downstairs she always comes back. Usually to find she’s locked herself out of the apartment (or been locked out) then she starts beating on the door to be let back in. When that fails, she starts pounding on the bedroom window (right below my window) or she climbs over the railing to their patio then starts pounding on the sliding glass doors.

If she were in a house, it would still be unseemly but it wouldn’t be keeping everyone in the general area awake with the pounding on the doors and windows while screaming like a harpie, (maybe banshee is a better description.)

Last night was particularly bad. She didn’t end her howling until well after 2 am.

This was the fourth night in a row.

This morning after I called out sick at work, I did get a couple hours of sleep. Only to have her start bitching and screaming at 5 am.

Yup, I was awakened AGAIN. 

I thought about yelling down to her boyfriend, “Thow a bone in her or buy her a big fucking vibrator!” In the end, I though better of that course of action. Instead, I showered, shaved, had breakfast, then went to the property manager’s office.

We had a nice chat. Turns out that she’s well aware of the problem and the circus is being evicted on Friday. Hum, apparently I’m not the only one in the complex who’s tired of not having any sleep. So I’ve been thinking about buying a patio chair and plenty of popcorn for the last episode of this Telenovella. I can sit on my patio with my feet up, a stiff drink, popcorn, and watch the Sheriff toss this trash out on the curb. Hopefully there’s going to be violence, so the whole lot of ’em get tossed in jail, and that goes for her nasty little dog too!

 I think there’ll be a block party when these people go.

I know I’ll dance a little jig, just before I lay down on my bed for well deserved sleep.

I think it serves him right – United Passenger

United Plane


So the way I heard the story, is that a United flight had to make room for a flight crew at another airport. United asked for volunteers to give up their seats, to be bumped to the next flight.

Four people said, “Sure” then ONE of those people, a Doctor realized that the NEXT flight was the NEXT day. Then decided he was too important to wait because he had patients to attend to so he needed to be on his original flight.

Dumbass Passenger

The first thing that pops to mind is… Hey DUDE perhaps you should have looked before your leapt.

I’ve been in this situation. I’ve been the guy who gave up his seat for other folks in an overbooked situation. I’ve also been the guy who gave up his seat to a person like this Doctor when they realized that the next flight out was going to be crazy later than they thought it would be.

(In that instance the flight attendants asked if there was someone on the plane who could afford to be late. In fact, in my case it was a United flight. The airline treated me like a king, nice hotel room at the airport on the airline’s dime. A really sumptuous dinner, and the next day… They put me in First Class to get me to my destination.)Dumbass Passenger2

It was all very civil and I’d volunteer to get bumped again if it came to it.

From what I understand, at around this point things went WAY off the rails.

The video clip I saw is indeed disturbing, but some passengers on the flight are saying this guy lost his shit and became a raging asshole. (Again, DUDE you probably should have payed attention to what you were volunteering for.)

Anyone who’s flown in recent years knows that if you cause a ruckus you’re not going to be on a plane. It doesn’t even take much of a ruckus, you are at the mercy of the flight attendants, the TSA, and the Air Marshal.

BUT there’s always some moronic asshole who thinks they’re more important than anyone else.

So guess what snowflake? Your ass is going to be dragged off the fucking plane.

Yeah maybe this guy got roughed up, but he had a simple choice. He could cooperate like a civilized human being and allow the Airline to see what else could be done… OR he could pitch a hissy fit and get dragged off the plane.

Well, we know what this idiot did.

But for me there is another issue…

This guy caused a scene, got dragged off a plane, and delayed 200+ OTHER paying passengers, not to mention whatever trauma his actions caused to the children who might have been on that plane witnessing this insanity, and not understanding what all the fuss was.

He’s a Doctor for god’s sake. Pull out that AMEX Gold and buy another ticket on another airline get home, then send your grievance to United. Hell, they’d probably have just refunded the cost of his ticket, or given him a travel voucher.

There is absolutely no excuse to delay a bunch of other people getting anywhere because you don’t like something.

Put your shit away, Sit DOWN, Strap in, and Shut the fuck up.

Or in his case, take it off the plane and deal with it like a fucking man. This guy, acted like a spoiled child according to witnesses.

There is absolutely nothing in my travels short of death, that can’t be fixed with a little kindness, firmness & patience.

The airline doesn’t want a scene, you don’t want a scene, and together with cooler heads both of you can come to an arrangement.

Crap, had I been on that plane, I’d have given him my seat, called him what he was; a spoiled dickless, petulant child, then told him to sit down and shut the hell up for the duration of the flight. 

At which point I’d have gathered my belongings, smiled at the flight attendants and asked, “OK, what do we need to do now?

In all likelihood the Flight crew would have seen to it, that I got where I was going smoothly and perhaps in a bit of style.

I have ZERO sympathy for this guy.  

He was all worried about not getting home in time for his patients… Well, hey moron you didn’t get home for them anyway and now you’re bitching about being in a hospital. What, You don’t like Doctors?

DUMBASS! He had choices and at every turn he appears to have made the wrong one

If I were one of his patients… I’d be severing that relationship in a heartbeat. 

I prefer Doctors with cool heads and pragmatic approaches.

Is it just me that sees the epic fail on his behalf?

But he does serve as a cautionary tale to the rest of the rabble clogging our airports…

Fuck around and you get your ass kicked.

Maybe we need a little more ass kicking and a little less “Oh that poor snowflake

I could be wrong…



So more has come out. United originally asked for volunteers, then when no-one could be inconvenienced, they went to a lottery. This guy LOST the lottery. Hey, that’s the breaks. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Get over it.

Then things went off the rails. This guy refused to leave the plane like an adult. Chicago PD came on board and told him to leave, he chose instead to fight with the police. BAD MOVE.

After all, doesn’t every snowflake know that the police are fascists? 

My original thinking still stands.

Get a ticket on another airline, lodge a complaint and demand a refund from United. You paid for services that were not rendered, that’s what an adult does. Regardless,  you cooperate with the authorities, have a little grace and work the problem.

But the other passengers, the ones saying “Oh, this is wrong,” the ones videoing the event, you know the OTHER people on the plane who were too self important, who could have simply said, “Hey, I’ll give up my seat,” putting an end to the situation. Where were you? Surely ONE of you could have taken the next flight.

Instead of paying lip service to “How wrong this was” any one of them could have stepped up and everything would have been OK. But no-one did, because everyone was too self absorbed and couldn’t be bothered to look at their schedule to see if they had some flexibility.

Apparently, because no-one knows how things work, no-one thought to ask if United could help them with their rental cars, or rescheduling connecting flights or simply asked “Since I’m accommodating your needs, can you help accommodate mine?” Hell, I’d have simply asked for a travel voucher on another future flight to a vacation destination, say Hawaii?

This is a symptom of the overarching problem with everyone thinking the world revolves around them. 

Helpful Hint: IT DOESN’T

We live in a society of rules. Some of those rules are enforced by rule of law, others however, are simply good manners. Both types of rules help insure that we live in a nice place where we are not angry all the time and always fighting to get our cut. 

The problem is, too many people think they’re special, entitled, and better than everyone else.

United, screwed up… Given. This dumbass compounded the problem by deciding to be an asshole. Chicago PD was probably a tad over zealous. All this tracks back to an easily predictable outcome when no-one can think beyond themselves or their own selfish needs.

He still got exactly what he deserved.