Welcome Komrade to Kalifornia

I’m really disturbed by the California legislators.

Recently, they’ve approved several measures regarding guns and ammunition. Individually these measures are innocuous but when you pull back and look at these measures as a tapestry, Then the picture is chilling.

First I think many of us would agree that the California legislators absolutely want to deprive Californians of their 2nd amendment rights.

However, they know that an outright assault on the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution would fail.

Regardless of how stupid you might think the legislators are, they’re not stupid at all. (Always respect your enemy. Never underestimate their ability, doing so will cause you to make mistakes.)

They’re very cleverly creating a situation where you can own a gun. But you can’t afford to shoot it.

With the microstamping law, you can’t even buy a gun in California unless manufacturers decide to incorporate the microstamping technology.

Then there’s this lovely set of laws they’re OKing;


Ladies & Gentlemen, this is how it ends. Our rights stripped from us in the legal wrangling of politicians.

These politicians are using State Law to circumvent the constitutional protection that the 2nd amendment confers upon US Citizens.

If these Bills and others like them are signed into law, California will become a gun free zone just like Chicago and Washington DC. Which means we can reasonably expect to see increasing crime until it reaches the same levels as Chicago and DC.

Is this what you want?

There have been at least two research firms that confirmed Crime Rates drop as Gun Ownership rises.  National Institute of Justice statistics show that over at least the past decade gun crimes are generally dropping not increasing.

One very interesting statistic is that 40% of the inmates who’d committed a crime with a gun stated they’d gotten their gun from an illegal source.

Why then is the Federal government and California State government continuing to pursue laws aimed at restricting the 2nd Amendment?

That’s the question to ask.

Read the statistics for yourself. I realize if you’re a reader of this blog I’m probably preaching to the choir. But if you can direct  other people to this blog then maybe we can educate them before bills like those above become laws.

Remember, other states look at what California does before writing their own laws.

Just Sayin.

And Once again Verizon demonstrates…

Why so very many people hate them!

Internet goes down. 

Modem says problem Bad & at their end.

Call Verizon.

35 minutes of screwing around with their stinking voice obfuscation system which is all the while telling me that I can resolve my problems by visiting them on the web at www.verizon.com. 

To which I say If I could visit you at www.verizon.com I’d sign up FOR THE CARRIER providing me with the ability TO visit www.verizon.com.

Then I finally get to some female in god knows where but based on the static and her accent I’d bet she was in India somewhere. I ask her a simple question. “Is there a service problem in my area?” All I needed was a simple “Yes / No / I don’t know let me check”.

Instead we went down the rabbit hole which is all too common these days.

What is your operating system?” – I’ve gotten in the habit of simply telling them UNIX. It’s true and then we don’t have to deal with the bullshit Windows questions.

What is the Model of the modem you’re using?” – It’s a Netgear ADSL2+ DM111PSPv2

Do you have a Verizon Modem?” – Nope, the one you sent me died and I didn’t feel like waiting 2 weeks for you to get ’round to sending me a new one so I bought this one a year & a half ago and it’s been working just fine since I installed it.

Can you connect your computer directly to the modem?” – Uh NOPE, I’m not going to tear all my wiring out just so you can say I did.

Is the modem connected directly to the wall?” – UH YEAH… the Modem reported to me that at 12:53 PST it lost contact with your DNS Servers and was no longer able to obtain a DSL address.

What are the lights on your modem indicating?” – FUCK!!!!! Power Green, Ethernet Green, DSL Signal Green, WWW/WAN RED

Do you have a wireless router?” – Yes

What is the make of the wireless Router” – It’s an Apple not that it’s of any importance to this situation

Is the modem connected to the Router” – GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Everything was working and has been working just fine. Can you please just run a damn line test?

Can you directly connect you computer to the modem?” – Look lady, I’ve got 10 computers of various types, and operating systems all running and communicating to a bunch of hard drives just fine via the router that you’re obviously trying to blame for your companies failure to provide internet service.

SO NO I’m not going to rewire my shit unless you can give me a seriously fucking compelling reason to do so.

What is the result of the line test?

Oh the line test has indicated a problem, can you turn you modem off and back on?” – Yes… climbs back up on the ladder to push the button.

Ok modem restarted…

Static ~ Static ~ Static ~ Long Long Long wait…

I’m so sorry that you have been inconvenienced you will be receiving a phone call within 24 to 48 hours explaining when you can expect your internet service to resume.

So the line test failed… “Yes, the line test failed, We have received reports that DSL service has been disrupted in your area.

So had you received those reports Before or After we began this little conversation?

We knew there was a service outage in your area

Great! Thanks for wasting my time.

I Hang up.

Why the hell is it so damn hard for people to just answer the question? Better yet why the hell didn’t Verizon route me to a recorded message based on my phone number that simply said

DSL Service is Temporarily Down in your area. We are working to resolve the problem.

That would have saved me the annoyance, and the “Technical Support Monkey” in India a lot of frustration.

This blog will not have any pictures…. I may add some when the internet comes back up.

How did I post this you ask????

I’m using the hotspot in my cell phone. It’s only a 2G connection but it’s working.


Saturday Update:

They’re at it again.  This morning Verizon was giving my modem an ip address… every 20 seconds. However the data rate was 2000 BITs per second.

Rough math says that’s about 250 Characters per second which means that if you were just reading text based information you’d be able to easily keep up as the text scrolled across the screen. That is assuming that you can actually read… I guess if you’re here reading this blog you do know how to read… Good for you!

However with todays content rich websites… the reality is that you’ll see nothing but a blank page.

After restarting every single system in my network (Modem, Routers, Computers, WiFI extenders), I realized with horror that I’d need to report the problem to Verizon. 

After Irishing my coffee… I was once again on the phone working my way through the insanity that is Verizons menu system.

It’s all voice activated and apparently tuned for non English speaking people because even when I’m speaking to it calmly (Before it pisses me off) it doesn’t understand me. 

As an aside… I really hate voice recognition/prompts that have Genuine People Personalities I find them annoying and condescending. 

This time I tried to work with the damn machine.

I was able to get it to run a line test. It determined that something was wrong and told me that it was going to transfer me to a human being. 

“Cool” I thought. 

Then for my protection, it wanted me to enter the last 8 or 10 digits of my account number. As If I had that handy!!!! Failing that… They wanted me to enter the amount I’d last paid them. UHHH Yeah! RIGHT! If I don’t have the account number handy, I’m sure as hell not going to have the last amount I paid handy.

I mean I could look it up ON THE INTERNET except that I can’t get to the Verizon web pages.

You know… The web pages where we’re all asked to “Go Green” and Save paper by signing up for automatic payments? Yeah… THAT page.

Which takes me into the loop where the Genuine People Personality tries to get me to pull this information out of my ass.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

At this point I’m heating up for a full on explosion.

Then I remember being told once swearing foully at these systems can get you to a human being. So I channel the spirits of some of my favorite Marines!

It did break me out of the loop… and I felt better too!

Then I’m in a hold queue where a very nice voice complete with Indian accent is telling me they’ll get to me in less than 15 minutes and that she’s sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m calmer. I go back to my desk. I’m watching the modem performance statistics.  

The indian accent lady is telling me they’ll get to me in less than 15 minutes and that she’s sorry for the inconvenience. AGAIN

When all the sudden the stats jump way up Bits… Kilobits… Megabits… per second. the throughput stabilizes at 2.96Mbps (normal)  for my DSL service.

Still, the indian accent lady is telling me they’ll get to me in less than 15 minutes and that she’s sorry for the inconvenience.

I hang up. 

Whatever the hell the problem was… they must have gotten thousands of calls about it.

I’m guessing that was enough to light a fire under them. 



Remember these Utilities WORK for YOU!

They need to be reminded of that on a regular basis. 

Yeah… I’m all Nebari today. So what?

I’d decided that I was going to refer to whoever I spoke with at Verizon in the Nebari way.

ServicerI will give commands, you will execute commands

I probably wouldn’t have made and friends… but I sure as hell would have felt better!

On this Memorial Day…


I know that it’s not Veterans Day but I think that we should say thank you to our warriors today nonetheless.

I want to thank my brother for his service. I love you bro, you’re a good man and I know Dad was prouder than shit of you.

To everyone else active duty or not,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for believing in We The People.


Thank you to my friends & family who are no longer with us for their service. I humbly pray that they rest in peace and are not forgotten. 

John, I miss you, love ya man. Keep the beer cold and the party hot I’ll see you again.

Dad, I miss you and I love you more than I said in life. I think of you often, and god knows I’m trying to be a good example of our family. A little nudge in the right direction from time to time would be appreciated.


Grandpa E. You were like the Tanks that you drove in WWII big and rumbling. I didn’t understand you very well, But you loved me and that was all that mattered. 

For all those who have given all that I didn’t personally know.

Thank you for my freedom, my rights, and the thousand little things that I take for granted every single day. I may not know your names but you’re my heros anyway.

Have a very loving Memorial Day.


Give a vet a long strong hug. They’re remembering lost friends and need to know they’re loved, respected, appreciated, and that we’re grateful to them.

Alright many Liberal Democrats are officially Obscene!

I’ve seen more dumbass tweets and comments lately that directly say Republicans are the cause of everything from Tornadoes in OK to bridge collapses in Washington.

I’ve got news for you people… 

As a Republican I wish I had that kind of power… If the Republicans had that kind of power do you think President Obama would have won the election? Here’s a better question. If Republican had that kind of power… do yo think they’d unleash it on other Republicans? Uh… NO dumbass they’d have destroyed democratic strongholds!

Ok, So stop with the moronic diatribe. 


I’m disappointed in, and ashamed of a lot of folks in this country.

In particular I’m ashamed of people who in the midst of a disaster, chose to comment along partisan lines making political points.

Need I remind you that 24 children DIED in Moore OK?

How is this any different from the tragedy of Sandy Hook? Oh yes, one was a tornado the other was an insane guy with guns.

I guess there is a difference… but not to the parents who buried their children.

Where is the wailing and gnashing of teeth? Where is the 24 hour news coverage? Where’s the indignation? Wheres the outrage that a public building wasn’t safe for children to be attending school?


Within hours of the tornado touching down there were people making comments publicly on Twitter that implied, or directly said somehow a red state like OK was deserving of a tragedy BECAUSE they were a RED state. 

Worse yet were comments saying that because the Republican party had voted against a bill (apparently loaded with pork) to allocate more money for victims of hurricane Sandy, Oklahoma was somehow Karmic payback. 

Frankly, one dumbass comment I could overlook as someones village idiot getting access to a computer.

However, the torrent of similar comments on Twitter and even being posted on major news sites covering the tornado simply made me want to vomit.

I was offended, sickened, and honestly wanted nothing more than to backhand the lot of these people. Including some people I call friends. I haven’t decided yet If I’ll still call them friends… Time will tell.


How the hell do you figure anyone was deserving of a MILE WIDE tornado?

In a disaster there are no Democrats or Republicans, there are just people who have in many cases lost it all. They’re Americans and they’re hurt and their community is in shambles.

The only thing we as Americans should be saying is “How can we help? How do we get them supplies and medical aid?” Costs be damned! Let the accountants figure it out later. 

Glen Beck, whom I don’t listen to… I know he’s a media personality, I know he’s a conservative, I suspect from what I’ve heard him quoted as saying that he & I will probably not agree on too many points… called on his listeners for unloaded 18 wheelers to load up emergency supplies an hour after the tornado touched down.

He used his fame and media connections to start coordinating relief efforts.

He could have been taking pot shots at FEMA. He could have started flinging shit at the Obama administration. I don’t know if he did.

What I do know is that a Tweet that came from him and was retweeted, gaining momentum and that more and more people were saying great idea! How can we help?

That’s what Americans are supposed to do. 

Political posturing, grandstanding, and bullshit are supposed to evaporate when it comes time for us to pull together.

Maybe we All should remember that.

I’d suggest that the Ultra Liberal Democrats take note…

I’m a Republican who’s not pleased with the Republican party. But I will never switch to the Democratic party if this is what passes for acceptable behavior.

I will however redouble my efforts to help the Republican party repair itself and grow.

I hate Memorial Day weekend

I hate Memorial Day weekend because of the damn garage sale hunters.

I live on a street that first of all is private, second it’s a dead end street. Which means that these people come barreling up the street and then they hit the brakes like maniacs. It’s tough enough on the street.

But… And this is what pisses me off, when these inconsiderate morons do the same thing in my driveway I just go off.

There is no one on my street selling anything…

There’s no reason for these people to be in my driveway. When they damage the drive I get really hacked off about it.

They’re gone in a flash but the leave me cleaning up their mess and damage.

I understand why so many people have their driveways chained off.

I hate living like a prisoner, just trying to keep my shit from being damaged.

The same thing happens with my vehicles. Most of the damage done to them isn’t done by me. It’s done by other inconsiderate pricks. Either in parking lots or by assholes dropping shit on the roads and just driving on.

I hate fighting to keep my stuff nice just so someone else can screw it up.

What ever happened to people doing the right thing?

Not a good morning.

IMG 0091  1

Because last night I didn’t sleep very well.

What can you expect when you’re in a sleeping bag on the floor? I guess I’m getting too old for “roughing it”

Why was I sleeping on the floor?

Well, the older of the two dogs had some sort of seizure last night about 10PM. The only thing I could do was hold him and talk to him.

The seizure passed after maybe two or three minutes but the dog was still panicked by it. I laid with him on one of the dog cushions just talking to him and petting him. 

The other dog who is normally such a jealous guy seemed to know something was wrong. He let me cuddle and talk to Butch without interference.

Around 3 hours later Butch decided he wanted to get up. He walked around tentatively but as obviously still weak.

By around 1:30 I’d decided that I wasn’t going to leave him alone, so I pulled my sleeping bag out and had just settled down when Butch laid down beside me and drifted off.

That’s when I discovered a couple of things.

One, fat as I am I have no padding on my hips and Two, the carpet I was sleeping on has some kind of lump right in the small of my back.

I’m not moving, I don’t want to disturb the dog. I cat napped through the night.

This morning the dog is moving slow but according to the web that’s not completely unexpected. He’s going to the Vet this morning to see if there’s anything that can be done or if this is simply a function of him being an old dog.

Then I’m going to do Poo patrol in the yard and some weed whacking (Which is overdue). That will give me to opportunity to see if there’s anything in the yard that may have acted like a poison. I’m concerned about one or two of the neighbors who may have indiscriminately used poison trying to control moles or other rodents.

If one of those came to my yard to die that could be a source of poisoning as well.

Sounds strange that I’m hoping it’s poisoning… But that’s something that time, care and plenty to drink can repair. There’s not much I can do about it if its just old age. 

I hate making end of life decisions, but don’t want the Dogs who have been my loyal friends for so many years to suffer.