I don’t think that means what you think that means…


I’ve been reading the various articles about the “ Social Justice” push to have confederate monuments “removed from public view.”

My views on Social Justice have changed over the years. In the words of Inego Montoya from The Princess Bride; 


I don’t think that means what you think that means…

When I was first on the Social Justice bandwagon I had a simplistic view. I thought it was about justice for everyone and that we all were supposed to have equal access in all things. Additionally, we were supposed to respect each other’s rights and beliefs. Someone’s beliefs were to be protected just as surely as their right to speak because the two were inexorably intertwined.


It was incumbent on the observer to listen OR NOT, however, we were all supposed to defend each other’s right to speak, be heard, or believe whatever we wanted to believe, no matter how wrong headed or outlandish what was being said might have been.

Naively I believed that the end goal of Social Justice was a completely egalitarian society were all of us rose or fell in accordance with the level of our abilities and work.


Very lazy or stupid people fell, very clever or lucky people rose, and those of us in the middle ground could look forward to having nice lives, families, and retirements. In my world view the wealthy weren’t evil, they were incentive. Inherent in my view was that even the wealthy could and sometimes did fall, just as clever people (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) rose.

My belief was that no-one in this great nation should have a child go hungry, and everyone should be contributing. I thought that even the lower bounds of society could and should contribute and be compensated for their contributions. I’d happily feed the homeless guy who’s picking up trash on a city street. (In fact I still do that today. Someone in need who has pride enough to be concerned about where we all live will get a meal, or two, and / or a ride from me.)

Medieval Torture Devices

This was a simple concept, and for me, very easy to incorporate into my world view.

Then it started to get mean. My fellow Justice warriors weren’t all that interested in balance. They seemed only interested in retribution.  After all, what you may consider “Just” the people on the receiving end of your “Just Cause” may view as a loss of their rights and freedoms. Many of the Social Justice warriors, then and now, were more than willing to impose their will on others without mercy, because after all, Social Justice was “RIGHT”.

I began to have serious problems with Social Justice when I saw that the same “Sins” the Social Justice crowd railed against, being perpetuated by the SJ crowd. The only difference was that the “SJ Warriors” had picked new targets, and that made it all okay.

Today, in the name of Social Justice we’ll shame people, we’ll fire them, we’ll destroy their careers at the drop of a hat, and even if the reasons for “Punishing” someone turn out to be unfounded, our society never looks back and never even tries to repair the damage.


Some Social Justice pundits seem to have the opinion, “They (The target du jour) deserved what they got. If not this time, then for all the times they got away with it.”

Remember the La Cross team in North Carolina? How about the Fraternity that was closed due to false gang rape allegations?


Which leads to the current madness of removing confederate monuments. There are two contenders for the “Most insane / inane” award.  The leader in this category is the push in Memphis to dig up Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s grave. A close second is Al Sharpton and the NAACP demanding that Stone Mountain monument in Georgia be sandblasted from the side of the mountain. I ask myself how the hell is any of this behavior different from ISIS blowing up Palmyra, or The Taliban blowing up the reclining Buddha’s? The short answer is there’s not one whit of difference.


The Bible says something like;  “If thine eye offends thee, Pluck it out.”

That passage says nothing about gouging something YOU find offensive, out of the side of a mountain. It says nothing about gouging everyone else’s eyes out, and in truth isn’t saying pluck out your own eye either.  It’s saying take responsibility for yourself and don’t look at something if it offends you.


True social justice would be making these monuments about teaching. Teaching that these monuments are built to honor people deserving of respect because they stood up for what they believed in. Then explain why they were wrong, and the horrible losses on both sides of a conflict that should have been avoided. Let these monuments serve their intended function, to remind us that deep divisions within our nation lead to very sad, dark places.

I’d take up the social justice banner again if the movement was about doing things better but these days, Social Justice is about cracking an offensive egg with the 20LB sledgehammer of punishment.

Go ahead, argue with me! I’ve got DIRT on all of you; what I don’t have I’ll make up!

That’s how we do things these days isn’t it?

Black Lives Matter Protest or Publicity Stunt?

Martin omalley interrupted by black lives matter protesters AP 640x480

Martin O’Malley was interrupted over the weekend, by some kind of black lives matter thing, during an interview with Jose Antonio Vargas.

Vargas is a Pulitzer prize winning, self admitted illegal alien, who is also the guy behind MTV’s “White People”.

O’Malley responded to the chant “Black Lives Matter” by saying, “All lives matter” at which point he was booed by the crowd.

He’s since apologized for saying all lives matter referring to his statement as “insensitive”. At this point the old record player in my head went SCRRRRAAAAAATTTTTCCCCHHHHH!

What the hell?

He needn’t have apologized for anything. He was the wronged party here. If anything the Black Lives Matter crowd owed him AND the people who filled the auditorium to hear what he had to say an apology. Unfortunately, this is no longer the polite country I used to live in.

Given Vargas’s involvement in “White People” I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this was a publicity stunt on his part. This could all have been “theater” to boost ratings for a show that has been criticized for being a vehicle to simply “Shame” white people for the grievous sin of being born white.

There’s something familiar about that. Humm, Oh Yes! A while ago didn’t we all agree that skin color wasn’t a reason for shame?

Moving on…

There are too many questions for me about this bit of theater. First and foremost where was security? Second, why does the lady on stage look like she was expecting to BE on stage?

You’ve got a presidential hopeful on stage, a room full of people who are being subjected to a situation that in other cities has degenerated into riots and nobody thought to call the cops? Nobody thought to escort O’Malley and Bernie Sanders to a safe place?

As I’ve said before, if I’m somewhere these BULLSHIT Black Lives Matter protesters show up, I’m leaving. It may be their right to shout and scream their beliefs… But it’s MY right not to listen!

Does anyone else notice another implication here, or is it just me?  One could infer, people yelling, “Black Lives Matter” then booing “All Lives Matter” are implying no one else does.

This whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test. It feels like manipulation.

UPDATE 07/23/2015

Caught this piece from


All I could think was, “Only in America, or some Third World Countries.”

Apparently, I’m not the ONLY one who wondered if this whole thing was staged.

Tia Oso, Protester Who Interrupted Martin O’Malley, Is Convicted Embezzler

Jose Vargas, Tia Oso, and Martin O'Malley at Saturday's event.

Jose Vargas, Tia Oso, and Martin O’Malley at Saturday’s event.

Anshantia “Tia” Oso, one of the protesters who interrupted a Town Hall event with presidential candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders on Saturday, writes in a high-profile column today that she was the “right person” to lead the halting of the program.

Oso touts her many activist qualifications in the column, but she left one thing off her bio: her 2009 conviction for embezzling thousands of dollars from a nonprofit Valley arts organization.

Oso was among the demonstrators with the #BlackLivesMatter movement who approached the stage at the annual Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix about 20 minutes into the Q&A between event moderator Jose Antonio Vargas and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.

Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and immigration activist who’s in a business partnership with the Los Angeles Times, invited Oso onstage and asked stagehands to bring her a mic. Instead of asking O’Malley a question right away, though, Oso gave a speech and directed the other demonstrators for the next 15 minutes. O’Malley blundered with his politically incorrect response to the demonstrators, “black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” The demonstrators later interrupted Sanders briefly, until the Vermont senator threatened to leave if they didn’t let him speak.

Oso followed the stunt with a column that appeared today on mic.com titled, “I Am the Black Woman Who Interrupted the Netroots Presidential Town Hall, and This Is Why.” She writes that she has much in common with Sandra Bland, the activist who died in police custody last week after being arrested during a traffic stop:

“We were both black women, active in our communities and the Movement for Black Lives. We both pledged sororities: I’m a Delta, Bland was a member of Sigma Gamma Rho. I have also been harshly confronted by police during ‘routine’ traffic stops and feared for my safety and my life. Reading about Bland, about her life and brutal killing, the accusation of suicide, I felt devastated and enraged.”

Oso goes on to say in her piece:

“I felt I was the right person to open the action and shift the focus of the program, especially in the context of the conference theme of “Immigration.” I am a native to Arizona, the child of a Nigerian immigrant father and African-American mother, whose parents were migrant farm workers, aka “Okies.” I also served for three years as the Arizona organizer (and continue to work as the National Organizer) with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, the premier racial justice and migrant rights organization in the U.S.  As I shared in my remarks on Saturday, racial justice intersects with all progressive issues, especially immigration. Black immigrants experience a double oppression, as they must contend with both the reality of racial discrimination in America as well as its complicated and punitive immigration system.”


While her social-justice creds can’t be criticized, her leadership skills are stained by the fact that she once severely betrayed the trust of an employer.

Jose Vargas

Jose Vargas

While working as the business manager for the Arizona Citizens for the Arts/Arizona Action for the Arts in 2007 and 2008, a job she includes in her online résumé, Oso issued checks to herself, made unauthorized withdrawals and made personal charges on the organization’s credit card. The theft occurred over the course of a year and totaled about $11,000, court records show.

Oso had walked off the job in May 2008 without explanation “after being counseled about absences and performance-related issues,” records state. She was fired after she failed to show up for work for three days, and the embezzlement was apparently discovered soon afterward.

Twenty-seven at the time, Oso confessed to court officials that she used the money to pay rent, make car payments, and “stabilize her financial situation.”

She pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft.

Brenda Sperduti, the organization’s former executive director, told officials that the arts group, which depends on donations for its survival, “had to win back the trust of donors after this.” But Sperduti also asked for leniency for Oso.

Oso was sentenced to three days in jail and two years’ probation. She struggled in the past few years to pay off a $11,276 restitution order — to her credit, she finally paid it off entirely last year. After she completed her probation successfully, her felony conviction became a misdemeanor in court files.

The arts organization bills itself online as “the eyes, ears, and voice of the nonprofit arts and culture sector in Arizona.” It has a relatively small budget, notes Steve Carr, who works as its spokesman. Carr called New Times after we left a message for group’s current director. Sperduti, currently CEO of the Assistance League of Arizona, didn’t return a message we left seeking comment.

“This kind of situation impact on a lot of levels,” Carr says.

The “good news,” though, is that Oso paid back what she stole, he says. “We as an organization have moved ahead and put this thing behind us.”

Oso’s listed online as the national coordinator for the Black Immigration Network and Black Alliance for Just Immigration. She declined to talk to New Times about her past.

While we were interested to see if she’d comment about her theft conviction, we also wanted to ask about her scofflaw driving record — especially since she mentions her confrontations with police during traffic stops. Oso was listed as “failure to appear” in five separate traffic-court proceedings since 2006, including one from an alleged violation committed this past March.

Vargas, by the way, defended how he handled the interruption and denied any advance knowledge that the protest would occur.

“I would have loved to see how other reporters handled that,” he says, adding that he felt compelled to grant Oso’s request for a mic because her issue is important. “I did the best that I could given the circumstances.”

UPDATE: We clarified Vargas’ employment status with the LA Times. An undocumented immigrant, he’s in a business relationship with the Times, but doesn’t work “for” the paper.

Watch Oso and the demonstrators interrupt the Town Hall meeting in the video below. The interruption begins about 19:30 into the video.


What ever happened to EQUAL?

Boston University FINALLY got around to condemning a Professors Racist Misandric tweets.


I’m about to talk about that which dare not be spoken of.

NO! Not kinky sex, hell I’ll talk about that!

In this context I’m speaking about Racism & Sexism.

Close your eyes and think “RACIST” What do you visualize? Now repeat the exercise and think “SEXIST”, do yo see the same person?

We’ve all been trained to think of racism and sexism in terms of the racist is ALWAYS WHITE and a Sexist Bastard is ALWAYS a MALE and usually White.

But there has been a growing sexist / racist element in our society which is not always white, and which is almost never male that gets a pass to say things I haven’t’ heard since the ‘60s.


Consider this phrase:

Why is black America so reluctant to identify black college males as a problem population?

You read that and think, “OMG that’s SOOO Racist! The man that said that should be punished!” And you’d be right according to the unwritten rules of our society today.

You’d expect a comment like that from Rush Limbaugh, or Donald Sterling, or David Duke.

What was actually said:

why is white america so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?


It’s just as racist.

The “Man” that said this is actually a Sociology and African American Studies Professor named Saida Grundy, who happens to be a black woman.

While Donald Sterling was forced to sell his interest in his basketball franchise, publicly humiliated, and denied his freedom of speech and opinion, this professor enjoys protection of her free speech rights. Frankly I don’t see the difference between the two people.

Boston University is asserting that her first amendment right to free speech while disagreeable, is protected.

Fundamentally I agree. Freedom of speech applies equally to all of us.  So does the public shaming, the loss of career, and all the punishment commonplace in our society today.

We’ll force a millionaire owner to divest himself of a franchise because he used the “N” word (Exercising his right to free speech), but we’ll give this professor a pass to say something equally offensive? Does anyone else see a problem with this?

We’ll force a TV personality like Paula Dean loose pretty much everything because she said the “N” word 25 years ago.

NicoleHe Tweet

But we’ll tolerate an Asian lady in a well known financial organization tweeting that she hates white people.

In her case there was no penalty. Even when other twitter followers demanded a response from Kickstarter there was no apology, & no consequences for this sweet racist.

A person of color is not automatically immune to being a racist anymore than a woman is immune to being a sexist.  Our society continues to choose to look the other way when a non-white person or woman behaves or speaks in a racist or sexist way.

Plain and simple if it’s wrong for one group, it’s wrong for all groups, regardless of the groups protected status or historical injustices committed against them.

We must all be treated with respect, dignity and equality or none of us will ever know equality. That means calling out a woman if she’s sexist. And calling out a person of color, if they’re racist.

It’s well past time for equality to be applied equally.

I be Free! Free At LAST!


Got the last bill from Verizon today.

Which is funny because they claim they bill a month in advance. When I cancelled the service the lady I was speaking with said sh thought I’d be getting a refund.

The young man I spoke to this morning said “We bill a month in advance, but because you cancelled service mid month you owe us.”

The way I understand those terms, I take it to mean that since I was on a fixed rate plan, my payment in Late Feb, would pay for March, and my Payment made in late March would pay for April.

When I mentioned to the young, obviously black man on the phone that I don’t think the terms they’re using mean what they think they do. He got just a little annoyed and told me I don’t understand English.


It took all the power I could summon to not respond to that line with;

At least I speak the language without an accent that obviously identifies me as a minority, thereby inciting racist behavior

or I’m sorry my translator is broken what did you say?

or No, I don’t know what you’re sayin

or any of the 1000 other things I could have said that would have been construed as racist. Some of which would truly have been racist and meant as such.


Instead, rather than Verizon calling me a racist again, I cut this guy off with, “So what I owe you is $60 and we’re freakin done is that correct? ”

It suddenly occurred to me that I was probably talking to Verizon in Missouri. Which is the place I was talking to when I was accused of being a racist. Since then I’ve given up trying not to be labeled a racist.

My speech patterns identify me as a white male as surely as the predominant African American speech patterns identify a black person.

Regardless of my intentions, or what is in my heart,  I will always be judged on the phone through whatever lens the person on the other end of the phone chooses to see the world through. Since I sound white, the black person assumes that I’m a racist and thus I am. There is no way that can be undone.


Rather than continuing a losing conversation it was easier for me to write a check and be done with Verizon. After all it’s not my freakin job to educate people who aren’t remotely interested in what I have to say.

Time to cut my losses and get on with life.


Sorry man, I didn’t understand what you were saying, I’d already turned off the translation matrix.

You were talking to THE HAND!

OHHHH Hollywood’s in trouble now!

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is calling the Oscars on the red carpet for not falling all over themselves about Selma

Those racist bastards!

Surely the Oscar committee must have realized that a vote for films wouldn’t matter.

The ONLY correct answer these days is for black movies to sweep the Oscars.

I suppose Sharpton’s going to demand protests in the streets at his “emergency race meeting”.

Will Sharpton’s Oscar protestors be called #Hollywoodberacistnshit?


I find myself wondering when Sharpton is going to start talking about Jews in entertainment as the problem. Then which way will he go, McCarthy or Hitler?

Are you now, or have you ever identified as Jewish or white?” OR “Da fix be ta put whitey in camps n shit, where dey be outta our way.

Neither of which would be considered wrong because of a widely shared delusion that says people of color cannot be racist.

I have no doubt that Hollywood will twist themselves into Möbius strips trying to appease Sharpton and the other race baiters.

In an effort to help…

I recommend that we take all the Oscars from everyone for the past decade, then give them to ONLY black film-makers and actors. NO WHITES ALLOWED.<— Not racist because it’s only excluding white people.  If that doesn’t appease Sharpton, we can go back 50 years. It doesn’t matter, the awards are completely meaningless anyway.

The ultimate (dare I say, final) solution to Sharpton’s displeasure with Hollywood, is to have only black producers, actors, and movies. Perhaps President Obama can make that happen with an Executive Order. “It’s against the law for Whites to be in the entertainment industry,” or something similar? <— Not racist because again, it’s only excluding white people.

My snark is because I’m over the ginned up accusations of racism at every freaking turn. I’m sick of this delusion that ONLY black people can be victims. Its well past time for Sharpton to get out of the public eye, pay his taxes and SHUT UP!

I’d also be happy if we simply had no more idiotic award ceremonies… I’d probably dance a little jig.

Here we are again.

The blank page mocks me.

I had been working on a piece about the Ferguson riots. I’ve decided that all of it has been said, I have nothing new to offer.


I’ve been following the metamorphosis of the protests with interest. It’s been fascinating to see the “Call for Justice for Michael Brown” change into a generic indictment of racism in America, to specific finger pointing saying that White People are the problem with this country.

I’m amused that the protesters fail to see the irony in their calls for an end to racism while simultaneously screaming “Down with Whitey”

In the past six days I’ve seen some of the most racist comments I’ve ever seen. Oddly, those comments were leveled at white people typically by nonwhite people.

The exchange to the right is the most benign of the bunch. I had to point out that if Nicole He were a white man, She’d already have been fired from her job at Kickstarter.

This is representative of the double standard. I wonder if we can start a meme called #minorityprivilege or would that be racist?

This page still mocks me…