This is why many conservative gay folks…


… are still in the conservative closet. Yeah they’re out about their sexuality, but not about their philosophy, or politics.

All I can say after reading and listening to what this woman said is, “ARE YOU F&$KING KIDDING ME?”

Sandy Rios of Sandy Rios In The Morning said ON AIR that she’s wondering if the sexuality of the Amtrak Engineer in Tuesday’s train derailment was a factor in the accident.


She goes to great lengths and is obviously choosing her words carefully to say she’s not inferring the accident happened because Bostian is gay…

Then goes on to infer exactly that! (Yeah and some of your best friends are gay too!)

Here’s a link to the article in the Huffington Post


This is the same as me saying, “I’m not inferring that because her last name is hispanic that she’s likely to leave the scene of an auto accident but well sometimes being hispanic is a factor in hit & run accidents… I was once in an accident where a hispanic lady left the scene. I mean she just abandoned her car and a friend picked her up before the cops came.“

True story, The lady did abandon her car on the freeway, left behind one hell of a mess for the CHP to clean up. 

For years gays have been accused of having larger amounts of disposable income than their straight counterparts. Additionally, they’re supposed to be more into taking care of themselves, they’re supposed to drive nicer cars, have nicer homes and apartments, they’re typically well educated, well insured, and well just awesome in every way.

Were you describing a straight person with all those same traits, you’d say they’re responsible & reliable.


Yet when you preface those same traits with “They’re gay…” somehow these traits lose their blush and now all that responsibility & training counts for nothing with conservative assholes like Rios.

I’m a mostly conservative asshole, and I know a lot of really conservative gay men. We’re not obvious about our conservative beliefs for two reasons.

1) Lots of gays are totally Democratic, progressive liberal dip shits.

2) People like this ‘gash in a sundress’, (Thank you Pam from TrueBlood, that is a great line!)


When you say you’re a conservative gay person you’re treated badly, and people identify you with Perry, Santorum, Rush Limbaugh, or crazed bible thumpers from Westboro Baptist Church.  Obviously, none of my conservative gay friends are anything like these examples, and by the way we don’t hate ourselves either.

Generally we’re thinkers who tend to prefer common sense practicality over “theory”. We don’t tend to buy into social engineering and are more about people deciding what’s best for themselves. We realize we don’t have to agree on every point with someone else and can hold discussions with folks who have different opinions without resorting to name calling. After we’ve had even “spirited” discussions, we can still be friends, have a beer and even sex, and feel great about life and how lucky we are.


Thank goodness this lady isn’t mainstream.

Next, people like Rios would be claiming that gays shouldn’t operate heavy machinery, drive cars, or fly planes, for fear of a gay person “getting the Vapors” and losing control.

[After all it only takes one despondent faggot, and planes get crashed into the ground.

Oh wait the German pilot was straight… oh wait the Islamic terrorists that crashed into Pennsylvania were straight, and it was a gay man that was one of the leaders of the rebellion against the terrorists on flight 93.]


The same line of reasoning was, ironically enough, used to deny women the vote and briefly the ability to drive in this country.

That line of “Less than” reasoning is STILL used in some countries in the Middle East to deny women’s rights.

So Ms. Rios, YA might want to think for just a moment about all the privileges and rights you have, which would have been denied simply because you’re a woman and therefore “Less Capable”.

Then for just a moment think about the fact that you’re suggesting a “Less Than Capable” status because someone is gay. Then after that…


Do us ALL a favor and shut your pie hole!

Allow me to spell this out using small words so you can understand the meaning.

Gay people are just like everyone else.

Give gay people ALL the rights of being a US citizen and you’ll see just how normal, and dare I say it, “Average” they are.

Oh and by the way, we’re better drivers than you straights…

We do have nicer cars and therefore have to be better drivers, just to avoid accidents with distracted soccer moms like you!

Hey Daesh You’re funny!


Last night I’m listening to the news and one of the national broadcasts says something like; the FBI acknowledges Daesh supporters are in the US.

Further, Daesh (ISIS) communications out of the middle east are calling for American Daesh members to either join Daesh in Syria or if they can’t get to Syria they’re to kill as many Americans as possible here in the States.


It occurs to me that Daesh might want to talk to the Japanese about that course of action.

I suppose I could also make a case for them talking to the British too, but at the time of the revolution we weren’t quite a country. We were working on it and the British stood in the way.

Japan, on the other hand attacked us on our soil. While we’re good friends with Japan now… At the time we went crazy.


We put Japanese Americans in internment camps. Then we bombed the living shit out of Japanese bases throughout the Pacific, then we bombed the shit out of Japan’s industrial areas on the island of Japan. Our sanity ONLY returned after we dropped the second nuclear weapon on Japan. Even then, it took us a long ass time to simmer down.

We went a little nuts after 9/11 and we all know where that ended up.

So Daesh, you really want to rethink your strategy.


We can herd anyone who even smells like a Daesh supporter into an internment camp in a big expanse of our country that’s environmentally similar to your home countries.

This place is aptly named “Death Valley“…

On the plus side I grudgingly should thank you in advance. I suspect I won’t have time later, because I’ll be at the gun range.


The first time your rogue fifth column manages to kill anyone, the progressive left’s assault on our second amendment will effectively end. I imagine gun sales will punch to new all time highs and concealed carry permits will be available just for the asking. That is, IF permits are required AT ALL.

Daesh, here’s a little friendly advice.


Don’t start a shooting war in the Southern United States. You’ll loose badly! I was target shooting with my Dad and Grandpa by the time I was five. Most of my friends are just like me, we all know how to shoot, hunt, and gut our kill. You really don’t want us to start hunting you!

Ya might also want to avoid causing a ruckus in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia or the Dakotas. People in those states are generally nice, peaceful, church going, folks, but if you piss ‘em off… well you better hope you’re right with God because they’ll arrange a meeting for you.

If however, you really want to party… I’m absolutely sure that Americans will bring the party favors.

Are people getting more stupid?

Driving Salute

I find myself asking that question a lot more than I used to.

When I’m out and about interacting with people I’m often struck by the complete and utter moronic behavior so many people display.

From the idiot forcing his way into traffic to get one car length ahead, completely oblivious to the fact that he just put 30 other people at risk.

To the impatient crazy lady in a parking lot who wants the parking space you’re attempting to vacate, but who has positioned her car in such a way that you can’t back out.

People are apparently getting more stupid by the moment.

The catalyst for me writing about this is what I witnessed at a busy Starbucks the other day. 

The situation was this:

A young lady was obviously doing her homework, she had he computer out, a book and several papers scattered on a table she was sitting at.

Her boyfriend had just left. Based on the snippet of conversation between them I think he had a class. As he was leaving he picked up the young lady’s purse and backpack then placed these items on the chair he was vacating. 

The young lady was hispanic and reminded me a bit of my niece.

She plugged a set of headphones into her computer and was listening to music while she was reading a large textbook and taking notes. I wouldn’t say she was completely oblivious to her surroundings but she was very focused on what she was doing.


After 10 or 15 minutes, a tall white blond woman walked over to the young lady’s table and without saying a word or attempting to get the young student’s attention, moved the girls backpack and purse to the floor and started to take the chair out onto the patio.

This startled the young student and honestly pissed me off.

So… well, I made a scene!

I pointed out to Blondie that she was completely in the wrong. That it was customary to ask if someone was using a chair before taking it, and that she was demonstrating the height of rudeness.

I went on to point out, had Blondie been sitting at the table and a hispanic person touched her stuff, she’d have been on the phone to 911 claiming that the hispanic person was trying to steal her purse.

At this point several other students of various ethnic origins were looking at Blondie who was very embarrassed and trying to explain herself. These folks were looking at me too, but with kindness and shaking their heads in agreement. 

Spun Up

I was pretty angry, I guess the violation of good manners and politeness on the part of Blondie really touched a nerve. I was about to really read this woman the riot act when there was a gentle hand on my shoulder.

The young student smiled and said, “It’s ok she can have the chair, thank you for speaking up.”

I nodded, quieted by this classy young lady’s kindness. 

Blondie slowly went out to the patio carrying her hard won chair.

Once there, she had a very animated conversation with another woman. There was a lot of pointing at me involved in that conversation.

I was trying to figure out why I was so annoyed. I suppose part of it was the student’s similarity to my niece. But I think a larger part of it was that the Blond woman just acted so entitled, like the young lady wasn’t important.

The blond lady demonstrated the absolute worst behavior, I don’t think it was racially motivated I think she simply was a thoughtless rude bitch.

But context is everything. Maybe it was racist, maybe the blond lady, like myself is simply tired of being called a racist at every turn and she’s generically rude to everyone.

Civics Textbook

As I was driving away I was thinking perhaps many of the problems we have in this country aren’t actually racially rooted, but instead are side effects of really poor manners and lack of respect for others.

Somewhere, there is a 8th grade Civics teacher laughing her ass off. Because in the 8th grade I was the little heathen she was trying to smack into shape.

Yeah, when I was in the 8th grade we had Civics, which was a lot more than the political aspects of living in our society. We were taught manners, and the basics of ethics, fair play, and how to be generally decent to each other. 

I don’t remember the teacher’s name, But I do remember her threatening to fail my sorry ass if I didn’t get with the program. My parents had already done a very good job of teaching me manners, right vs. wrong, etc. But for some reason in that Civics class I was a complete animal. 

I think perhaps we need to bring back those classes. 

And in other news…

In another case of “I’m not going to be responsible for my actions” a man in Tennessee is suing Apple for his online porn addiction. I saw a news piece on this the other day and thought it was a joke… Apparently not!

Here is a link to the article in Time


The short version is that this idiot, instead of accepting responsibility for his own actions. Has decided to tie up the courts time because he can’t keep his hands off his PeePee, or his eyeballs off the naughty websites via his internet connected device.

More properly he should blame Apple, his internet provider, and the porn sites themselves. My guess is that he was using his iPhone from Sprint or AT&T surfing porn all the time and has decided to blame Apple for his problem instead of just owning it.

But Apple is the richest most easily identifiable target, especially if you’re hoping for a big out of court settlement.

He says that Apple should install a content filter in it’s browser to block all internet porn. But says nothing of other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. This leads me to believe that he’s after nothing more than a big settlement. Why hasn’t he named Microsoft in his suit, or the United States Government, or CERN for creating the technology that is responsible for fueling his addiction?

Porn sites ask if you’re 18, if the site is a pay site they use your credit card to verify it. 

This guys “Content Filter” is an impossible dream. The sites change URLs so often that even services specifically designed to locate and put these sites in a blacklist database can’t keep up. These services are 100% dedicated to the task 24/7 and still fail to catch all the sites.

The only way to effectively insure that someone acknowledges the “Dangers of internet porn” is to ship every device with a disabled browser. Then force the customer to go to the additional step of getting an unlock code.

Which by the way, wouldn’t have stopped this guy from engaging in his addiction. 

Do you know you’re going to be an alcoholic before you have your first drink?

By this guys logic all alcoholic beverage manufacturers should require that you sign a declaration of understanding that you might become addicted to their product. Imagine the fun that would be. Signing something every time you tried a new beer.

I’m hoping that this guy gets thrown in jail for contempt of court, and wasting the courts time.

This is such a major WTF I can’t believe it.


I was reading about the Manhunt for Christopher Dorner.

This is the former LAPD officer that is supposedly is running around on some kind of vendetta. I personally think that there’s a lot more to the story than we will ever know.

What we do “know” right now is that in 2009 Dorner was fired from LAPD for making false statements.


Say What? LAPD makes false statements all the time usually when answering brutality charges made against them!

Yes Dorner has clearly lost it, but you have to ask did he lose his mind because he was pushed beyond a breaking point and saw no future or hope?

Nothing justifies Droners current course of action and god knows killing those young people in Irvine was wrong. I’m reminded of the old biblical injunction about the sins of the fathers…

Whatever you think about Dorner the “CURE” is perhaps worse than the disease.


Thus far we’ve had two women in Torrance shot by Police because the police saw them driving a pickup truck that looked like Dorners.

Later and again in Torrance we’ve had police open fire on a man who was driving a pickup truck that looked like Dorners. I’m avoiding Torrance for the time being and that would be doubly true if I was driving a pick-up truck of any kind.

There has been one LAPD officer wounded in Corona, and two Riverside officers shot, one of them died, the other is in critical condition.

Thus far the tally is 5-3 shootings 3-0 deaths. Dorner leads. It’s only a matter of time before the police shoot and kill an innocent civilian.

My tally doesn’t include the emotional trauma caused an elderly man in San Diego who was tied up when Dorner allegedly tried to steal his boat. The theft was aborted because Droner got the prop fouled with an errant rope. Remember that Dorner is an Ex-Navy reservist.

imagesReally? The guy couldn’t launch a small boat without screwing it up?

Now this guy is supposedly in the Southern California mountains. I have to ask how many more people are going to be shot or injured by mistake before this guy is caught?

Maybe we need some real police not the Keystone cops from LA looking for this man. Clearly, he’s well beyond the LAPDs skills.

It’s only a matter of time before gun control gets tied into this, I cringe at the prospect but know it’s going to happen.

SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM… and More SPAM! (Updated)

I love the SPAMBOT Postings (I had to stop reading political stuff)

So lately rather than immediately deleting the SPAM that people try to post to this blog, I’ve been reading it.

You’ve got to be kidding!!!

Do any of these things work at all?

These comments have all kinds of flowery speech and it’s obvious that some of them have been written by translation software.

Here’s a few examples;

I really enjoy this theme youve got going on on your site. What is the name of the design by the way? I was thinking of using this style for the website I am going to construct for my class room project.

It is rare for me to discover something on the cyberspace that is as entertaining and fascinating as what youve got here. Your page is sweet, your graphics are outstanding, and whats more, you use reference that are relevant to what you are talking about. Youre definitely one in a million, great job!

Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will certainly comeback.

Don’t get me wrong, I like compliments as much as the next person. But, I don’t like empty compliments that are supposed to make me approve a comment just so the commenter can “Build Links” or redirect someone to their sales site.

All of the above comments are linked to sales sites. Things like Gucci knock off bags, or shoes, or whatever Chinese knockoff someone thinks they can entice someone with.

The really scary part is that some of these links track to websites that are full of malware. Many of these sites are in foreign countries, The largest majority appear to be originating from Asia, at least that’s as far as I wanted to track them.

These messages come from SPAMBOTS, they apparently scan for new blog entries and then post a comment. If you’re not paying attention you’ll approve the comment and potentially give the spammer distribution of their website address and god forbid one of your readers will click on the link and it’s a malware website.

These comments end up in my deletion queue immediately. But sometimes they’re funny.

Then there are the tons of email SPAM I get.

RevoIution – home business (Followed by a web address that appears to be hosted in Amsterdam.)

Learn how to turn successful at home (Associated with a website hosted in France)

Up to $2,500 NOW. Bad or NO Credit OK. (This one actually came from an American Website)

The BIGGEST Auto Clearance of 2012 Is On NOW.  LAST CHANCE To Save THOUSANDS! (This one comes from the same site)

Then there’s my ALL TIME favorite! This one sets off the Virus detection every single time!

From: UPS Information

Subject: Delivery information # Error ID3122

Usually in the preview you’ll see something like;

I did disapprove of your following me here, for you know that

This one is a malware /virus laden email that originates on a juno site apparently in Russia.

I get about 10 of these a week on an ancient yahoo mail account. What’s interesting about this one is the rambling text that’s embedded in the message. It looks like random clippings from some kind of story / literary website. 

I can only assume that it’s a method to evade the spam detection software many servers and email programs use.

Then there are the SPAM Faxes;



Tell me does anyone actually call these people? 

I’ve set my fax machine to route anything it doesn’t recognize to a directory on my server. That way I’m not wasting ink printing stuff that shouldn’t be coming in to my fax machine unsolicited.

For a while, I dutifully reported junk faxes to the appropriate government authorities, but the faxes kept coming in. After a while I concluded that either the government authorities couldn’t care less or… they were simply overwhelmed.  I tried setting up an auto forwarding to the proper government authorities but they told me that would be spamming them.

Now I purge junk email, and faxes about every 3 months. That’s is exactly what I’m doing today and why you have the “JOY” of this random sampling of crap.

Just remember… YOU Came to this blog, I didn’t send it to you!

As always be careful opening emails, and make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date.

Have a great day.


Apparently, the SPAMBOTS loved this blog post. Since it was published, there have been a 127 spam comments attached to this one post. Who’d have thought…