Ahh, accomplished goals… some unintentional.

Sleeping late

Slept a little late this morning.  That was nice and needed!

Got up, had coffee, read a little, then started cleaning the apartment. I’d worked my way to the bathroom, where in preparation for my shower I stripped then decided that I’d clean the bathroom before I showered. While I was busy scrubbing the toilet, sink and tub, maintenance apparently knocked.

Nude Yoga For Men On the Rise 733x440I didn’t hear them, so thinking I was still alone I walk out of the bathroom into the shocked and clearly embarrassed maintenance guys. Both young, the taller one stammered and turned beet red. The shorter one looked away, obviously very uncomfortable. My hands were full of cleaning supplies and a wet sponge.

Prld xlgThe taller one was looking at me trying very hard to figure out what to do

I remembered something I’d read once “What has been seen can’t be unseen.” After a brief pause, I just kept walking toward the kitchen to put the supplies away. I rinsed my hands then walked back to the bedroom and pulled a pair of sweats on.

Both the of the guys relaxed visibly and I smiled, “How can I help you?

Um, we just needed some building samples, there’s going to be some renovations and we needed to get materials so we can match the original construction.”

Cleaning apartmentThe tall one was shuffling uncomfortably.

I was thinking, “These poor men, never had to change clothes with other boys or men in school.”

Oh well don’t let me hold you up, I’m going to finish wiping down the bright work. Let me know when you’re done.

I went back to the bathroom after grabbing a microfiber cloth from the linen closet and polished the faucets. After a few minutes, I head them saying goodby and locking the door behind them.

Then I took a shower


Apartment cleaned, dirty clothes in the bag, and down the stair to load up the car. Then I get the 3 hour drive to the mountains. Ugh, what a cluster f*&K the drive has become. The I-15 is a wide ribbon of concrete that is always bumper to bumper, with traffic that doesn’t have any reason to be bumper to bumper. People just refuse to drive according the rules. You know, little things like signaling, slower traffic to the right… The rules that are supposed to make the freeways MOVE freely, which is why they’re called FREEWAYS.

Anyway, made it to the mountain.

Solar lightingFixed the solar lights that had been damaged by the weather and the other half driving over them. Down to the last of those units, which means it’s time to lay in another supply.  While I was at it, I did some of the yard work, mostly pruning and cleaning up the perennial beds. There’s a lot of work that I’ll need to do, but it doesn’t all have to be done in the next 24 hours.

Took the dog for a walk and now he’s happily sleeping on his cushion.

Probably Unwise…

Apple was running a Black Friday sale.

On the plus side of the page, my Christmas shopping is done. On the negative side of the page my Christmas shopping is done.

My iPad and the other half’s iPad were both getting long in the tooth. For example some of the applications that I use on my iPad were no longer updatable.

The other half was in even worse shape. That iPad wasn’t holding it’s charge very well and was prone to arbitrary resets and hangs.

Enter Apple’s Black Friday… $100 gift cards with the purchase of new iPads. Uh Oh.

Well the $100 does offset the cost of Applecare.

The short story is that there are now two new iPad Pros in the household. The other half’s is the 12.9” unit and mine is the 9.7” The other half is already using the thing as a Gig book and to some extent a replacement for the Macbook Pro.

Both have keyboards, pencils, max memory, and cellular connections.

Sigh… Now the trick is to pay them off.

I must say that these machines are pretty amazing. I could easily see having only the iPad if all you needed to do was web surfing, email, and a bit of writing. Office 365 runs very well on them and that gives you direct access to documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

The latest versions of applications let you access the cloud storage of your choice, (icloud, onedrive, dropbox, and I think even google docs) so you could do most if not all the routine business tasks with just the iPad.

I think I’ll stick to developing using my Macbook Air.

Why you might ask didn’t I just update to the latest and greatest Macbook Pro? Well, the cost vs the power differential just didn’t add up. My Macbook Air is still fast and efficient. When you’re talking GHz processing speeds .5 GHz isn’t really all that significant unless you’re talking about audio / video processing. The new touch bar would be nice but having it or not isn’t a deal breaker for me.

So, rather than updating my Air, I chose to update my 4 year old ipad.

Perhaps, you can even expect to see more blog posts, since having an iPad out at work isn’t nearly as “Odd” as having my personal computer running on my desk.

The first thing I used my new iPad for was polishing my resume a bit. Yes, I’m looking for a new job and I’m hoping to find something in the next couple of months.

If all goes well, I may actually be able to return to my field and the pay that comes with it.

In any case, I hope that you’re enjoying the holiday season and avoiding the stress that so often comes with shopping. I’m looking forward to the annual shopping trip with a friend even If I don’t buy anything.


Back online!

Just in time too!

DSC 0755

I’d blown through my mobile data on my phone’s hotspot.

Everything was installed today. Nice to be able to watch Archer and The Simpsons on Netflix using the TV instead of my phone.

Smaller network here than at home but it fits my immediate needs.

First week of training is done.

Resting up for the second week and planning to get to bed early. Just waiting for it to cool down a bit more. I want to hold off turning on the A/C but if it’s as hot tomorrow as it was today, I might break down and fire it up. It’s 84° F here in the living room. That’s with me having the windows open since about 1:00 pm today.

I’m hoping this week to relax just a little bit. Last week I was all about getting things done in the new digs. I’m not finished yet but at least shopping online will be easier.

I’ve also been able to update applications on my computer and phone without worrying about blowing through datacaps.

Perhaps this week I’ll get a bit more familiar with the local area. That will help things feel more like home.

It’s going to take a while before I figure out stuff beyond the drive between here and work.  I think it’s going to take even longer before I’m able to resolve the “here” home and the “there” home.

It’s nice having WiFi calling, auto updates,  and FaceTime working again. But it is very noisy at the “here” home in the city by comparison to the “there” home. 

Meh, Why must there always be trade-offs?

Change is in the air


As of this morning I’ve got a new job.

Without going into all the details, I’m returning to the work-a-day world. This job is something I think I can get into, and it’s a foot in the door to a new industry.

The initial pay is a bit on the low side, but it’s a foot in the door.

I’m looking at it as my package of vacuum packed potatoes. If you haven’t seen The Martian you’re not going to have any idea what I’m talking about. So rent the movie or read the book.

Many changes are forthcoming not all of them easy, but then again when are big changes ever easy?

I’m going to be very busy over the next month or two, so blogs may be sporadic because there is a whole lot to do.

Frustrating Job Search

What I can say, is that the Job search sites and most of the headhunters that will contact you or that you’ll contact are pretty much useless. It turns out that the best way into a new position is still who you know, or who’s willing to give you a “heads-up” that positions within their company are available.

Who knows, I may end up writing a book about the insanity of the job search in America.  At the very least, as I have time I’ll likely post a series of blogs about my experience. Perhaps my experiences will save someone else some of the pain.

As always, your milage will vary.

Talk about taking it right down to the freakin wire! Less than 2k left in any of the accounts that translates to about 2 months or less. Of course, now all the calculations about burn rates go right the heck out the window. 


For the first time in 20 years or so I’m going to be working hourly. But I’ll have corporate insurance and various benefits. 

I’m also moving.

There is no way that a commute is possible.

So I’m going to be in a rental of some sort that will cost at least half of what the mortgage on this house is.

Yes, I’m keeping the house too, the other half needs to remain in this area.  I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to pull this rabbit out of the hat but I’m creative, driven, and I could afford to lose a few pounds too.


The distance is only twenty miles further than I used to commute, but the freeway conditions make that completely out of the question. If it’s not construction, it’s accidents, or car chases. So I need to find living arrangements.

On the plus side, I’ll be able to work overtime, and still have time to make some new friends. 

The overtime means my base take home pay will probably be more than the amount a 40 hour work week would provide, and the new friends means that I’ll be socially stimulated which I desperately need.


There’s another upside, I won’t be spending a ton of money on gas, and auto maintenance monthly. As I think about it, it might be nice to have access to things like choices when it comes to internet and I won’t have to necessarily pay premium prices for repairs like plumbers and such.

I do pretty much ok alone, but I’ve become very lonely in recent years, and a loner in the process.  I look forward to a little more social interaction. Living where I’ve been living has been likened to living where Jesus lost his other sandal. It might be nice to live somewhere that I don’t have to pack summer and winter clothing for a day’s outing.

SSherpasadly, I still haven’t made it out of the Republic of Kalifornia. But at this point I’ll take what I can get.

The funniest part of all of this is that I was only in one interview for this position. That was a refreshing change. I’ve sat through interminable interviews with companies and (One was six full hours with various groups. Talk about fear of commitment!) even though I felt I’d answered their questions and been a good little boy, I didn’t get the position.

SanDiego Skyline JohnBahu 1280x642 downsized

As was said in House of Cards, “It’s so refreshing to work with someone who’ll throw a saddle on a gift horse rather than look it in the mouth.” 

I mean when I was talking with these other companies, I was talking about working really cheap!

So sunny San Diego, here I come.

The Day after Christmas

Today begins the annual week of Returns and Exchanges.

I have Zero intention of being anywhere near a shopping plaza for the next few days. Of course I’m mindful that; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Or in the case of California, concrete and asphalt.

Our gift exchange this year was the gift of time.

The other half and I replaced a couple items that were worn out or lost. However most of our gift exchange was comprised of broken things we personally repaired or paid to have repaired. This is the first year we’ve done the season like this. I think I like it, there’s a thoughtfulness that is somehow more intimate and caring.

It’s also GREEN for those to whom that matters.

Our general philosophy is to reuse, repair, & retask, I guess that’s why our recycle bin is the bin that’s half full or less, each week and the landfill bin typically has only one kitchen bag of waste.

If I had a bit more property, I’d be composting a majority of the kitchen waste. I suppose I sound like a wing nut but I’m a believer that it takes remarkably little to minimize my impact on the environment. I believe that if everyone minimized, we’d make more of an impact than some arbitrary carbon tax.

So to those of you at the malls, Return and Exchange away, just make sure you’re not wasting stuff. Take advantage of the after Christmas sales and above all, be good to each other.

Christmas Eve

The moon is going to be full or dang near full. The presents are under the tree and I’m doing nothing but watching Christmas movies.

I’m starting with The Bishop’s Wife, the one with Cary Grant.  I’m likely to watch Donovan’s reef and A Christmas Story. before the day is done.

Do you see a theme? Comedies and laughter.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Eve as well.