The end of white guilt ?

White people shoulda thought of this years ago. White guilt is going to be eliminated, not because any of the issues actually get fixed, but because the trigger words for white guilt will have lost all meaning.

This country is racist, That town is racist, This person is racist, That college is racist, The police are racist, The media is racist,




Cursed.jpegIt reminds me of the scene in The Mummy Returns where one of the bad guys is grumbling at another bad guy “This is Cursed, That is Cursed,” and starts pointing at random objects “Cursed, Cursed, Cursed!”

Of course all three of those bad guys come to a nasty end at the hands of their employer, The Mummy. Nonetheless it stands as an example of what happens when you overuse a word.

After a while the word loses all meaning and no-one pays attention anymore. Oops! The Mummy just ate you.

College-Campus.jpegSince I mentioned “trigger words” I wonder where the White safe space is? Where on college campuses can oppressed fearful white student go and not hear the incessant “trigger word” of their assumed guilt.

Oh yeah, there aren’t any spaces like that. Not anymore, even though there used to be. They were called college campuses. Ironic that once the Campus was the bastion of freedom of speech, free exchange of ideas, and an opportunity for young adults to mature while coming to grips with the world in a place of safety.

Today however that feeling of safety has been reduced by nothing other than Social Justice Warriors run amok. Now it’s perfectly okay to terrorize people who are symbols of oppression even if they themselves are not oppressors, and never have been.


Unless those people happen to be followers of Islam / Daesh.

Then it’s forbidden to say anything at all, regardless of the horrific oppression of women, the enforced control over women’s bodies, the enslavement of children for sexual purposes, the murder of people who believe in a different version of God, the murder of gay people, or simply those presumed to be gay.

Speaking out against these horrors is racist, leaving a large percent of the population with a WTF look on their faces.

Yes, I just conflated Islam with Daesh. I did it on purpose and in this particular way because there’s not much difference, and because Isis, was an Egyptian goddess and I’d like to see her name restored to her.

My point is, that amidst all the noise and craziness of tiny events and small affronts, we’re losing sight of some really important global issues and simultaneously devaluing the impact that certain words should have.

If you call someone a racist, that word should have impact. It should mean something and is supposed to be a word that invites censure of the person being described as such.

If everyone is racist, then no-one is. If everyone is special, then no-one is.

What has brought this particular train of thought to derailment in this blog, is the recent dust-up at a Missouri college. Apparently the football team is threatening to strike unless a white university president is removed.

ap-university-of-missouri-protests-grow-after-athletes-jump-in.jpgI’m sad to report that Monday, the rabid crowd got their wish, the president resigned.

BUT was it his fault that there was name calling? That some drunken frat boy yelled the “N” word at members of a black student organization?

That two trucks drove by a student protest flying Confederate Battle flags? That someone made a swastika of Poo in a Dorm bathroom?

NO! It wasn’t.

confederate-Flag-in-a-truck.pngRegardless of what many people apparently would like to think, white people are not all controlling, omniscient, all powerful beings.

This president’s ONLY failing in this matter was that he happened to be white.

That is exemplified by one of the student groups issuing a long list of demands that read like random sections from a drunken reading of Mein Kampf. (I know kids, you don’t know what that is and you’re afraid to read it because it was written by Hitler and might trigger you.)

The standout demand was they wanted the university president to acknowledge his “white privilege”. Which to me is akin to nothing short of saying “I’m a racist, and all white people are racists. Please kill us and burn our societies to the ground. Then bitch at those of us that survive because you can’t charge your damn iPhone.”

Whatever investigations this university president may have initiated to get to the bottom of the events didn’t bear fruit within the requisite 15 minutes demanded by a campus full of short attention span morons.

No white people were randomly dragged forth from a dorm to be punished by the mob for their complicity in institutional racism. The crowd demanded instant action and heads of the offenders on pikes.

Funny story. There once was a little town in Florida called Rosewood. The town was almost exclusively black and it’s people lived in relative peace with churches, stores, a turpentine mill and sugarcane mill. In all respects it was a nice middle class town.

In 1923, in a completely wrong misguided quest for instant “Justice” white men lynched a black resident of Rosewood because a white woman who was having an affair told a lie.

Seems the woman had been smacked around by her lover while her husband was at work. In an attempt to explain her injuries she claimed a black drifter had beaten her and she implied she’d been raped.

Predictably, people lost their damn minds. The folks in Rosewood justifiable organized to protect themselves. The white folks organized to essentially compound their screw up and began combing the countryside for black people and burned virtually every structure in Rosewood to the ground.

The town was abandoned and never rebuilt.

I learned about Rosewood in junior high school, in Florida… You know that place everyone likes to call redneck and stupid???  

The lesson about Rosewood was that misguided “Justice” is NOT Justice at all. Lies have consequences, People shouldn’t rush to judgement or punishment, because if you do without due process and obedience to the laws we all have a hand in creating, you create far more damage than good.

Rosewood isn’t just a lesson about racism. It’s a lesson about how panicky and stupid people can become if they become a mob and have a target.

When there were no heads on pikes and “frontier justice” didn’t happen… After all, HOW are you going to track down random individuals who may or may NOT be students of the university? The ONLY conclusion the SJW crowd could come up with was that the president of the university must inevitably be a racist, and therefore part of the problem.

At this point the social justice crowd has demonstrated far more institutionalized racism than a few individuals yelling nigger, or being artistic with shit.

The first event; The student government president who is black, claiming someone in a passing truck (were they students?) called him bad names,” has yet to be verified.

Yet the mere suggestion that nothing was being done was enough to start an inevitable cascade of insanity. Unverified as the allegation is, and will no doubt remain, I wonder if there was some conflict between the Student government president and the University president.

Was this a revenge situation that got out of control? We’ll never know because with the resignation of the offensive white sacrificial goat all investigations will stop. Case closed, we got our man and he was punished.

The only thing we have to show for all this angst is a man who happened to be white was persecuted, bullied, and intimidated, into leaving his job and potentially losing his career with no proof of wrongdoing, apparently only because he is white.

KKK.pngI call that pretty much the definition of racism.

Good job! Students of the University of Missouri. The only thing you didn’t do was march in sheets with torches, burning crosses on lawns.

In related news this morning, The Chancellor of the University of Missouri is also resigning. There had apparently been complaints of various types against him.

Given that the students are now running the show and are on a roll, why don’t they just demand degrees and finish the job of devaluing American College degrees to toilet paper.

Based on the “Critical Thinking Skills” demonstrated by these and other “Thinkers” in the SJW crowd college diplomas clearly aren’t what they once were.

This one was simply too good to pass up


Reading the Sunday news, and since I like science better than snarky Entertainment or Political news (one in the same in my opinion) I turn to the SciTech section of Google News.

There I find this; 

A crew of astrophysicists on the University of Toronto present in a study that Jupiter might have ejected one other main planet from thephoto voltaic system over 4 million years in the past.

– via Statesman Tribune

That paragraph is messed up in soo many ways. Sadly, it’s also the lead. This article proves that Journalism and English are quite dead. 

So, some number of astrophysicists are somehow riding atop the University of Toronto? I’m not going to touch the ambiguity of “present” in the sentence.

Apparently, we live in a photovoltaic system, instead of a Solar system.

Ok so you’d think that maybe the author was in a hurry while writing the lead, and perhaps he was in a coffee shop finishing the article on an iPad and got distracted…

You give the guy the benefit of the doubt and try to soldier on. Then you encounter these jewels;

Ejections of planets usually happen when one of many planets begins to speed up so quick and so usually that it manages to interrupt free from the Solar’s highly effective gravitational pull. Earlier, Saturn was regarded as the perpetrator, however the brand new analysis has urged that it was Jupiter that booted one other huge planet of the photo voltaic system.

The Photo voltaic System has all the time been recognized to comprise solely 4 large gasoline planets in its roster of worlds: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. Previous research have instructed this phenomenon is feasible between gasoline giants however failed to have a look at the impact such an occasion would have on the planets’ moons.

So the Canadian astronomers turned their consideration to moons and orbits, growing pc simulations primarily based on the fashionable-day trajectories ofCallisto and Iapetus, the common moons orbiting round Jupiter and Saturn respectively.

– via Statesman Tribune

gasoline giants? fashionable-day??? WTF?


After your brain reboots multiple times, you realize that this article is appearing on a worldwide distribution system like Google and that’s when I conclude…

Either the guy writing this article had no clue what he was writing about. OR he may have picked up the piece in some language, (perhaps his native language) other than English, then ran it through an online translator relying on the accuracy of a machine to produce a publishable article for him.

The author should be fired.

The content of the rest of the article is so bad, that attempting to read further causes brain damage.

I think I’m going to go back to reading about the “Skull Asteroid” that missed earth last night. Reading the comments about it being a sign of the end times is a lot more amusing and informative.

The Statesman Tribune should be ashamed of itself.

Not a “Hero”


Kim Davis is not a hero, no matter what the religious right or ultra conservatives say.

She is a very narrow minded person who is a classic case of a person living in a glass house throwing stones.

She’s a hypocrite and spectacular failure at marriage, not to mention an adulteress and obvious fornicator, both I should point out were punished harshly under biblical law.

When she starts spouting about religion, and God, and all that stuff, all I can think is that she’s damn lucky she’s living in the United States now. Just a hundred years ago she’d have been in a much different circumstances. Even today if she where in the middle east she’d be stoned.


Mrs. Davis is in jail for defiance of the law, and rightfully so.

She defied multiple court rulings and a direct order from the governor of the state. I argue that she should have been FIRED for failure to do her job and obstructing others in her office in the completion of their jobs.

Mrs. Davis as a public official is required to execute the lawful duties of her position. She can take vacation time to picket a law she doesn’t agree with. She can speak out against the law. She can hold prayer vigils, and light candles. She’s welcome to handle rattlesnakes and scorpions and spiders, while asking God to make the gay go away, for all I care.


What she CANNOT do is pick and choose which laws she will obey. She’s not allowed to look at her job as a buffet.

As I was thinking about it,  I pictured that if Mrs. Davis were not the clerk, and instead the clerk had been a devout old school Catholic,  Mrs Davis wouldn’t have been issued a marriage license due to religious reasons.  Think about it, In the eyes of the church she wouldn’t be divorced unless her former marriage(s) were annulled.  Henry VIII had the same problem, the Catholic church’s refusal to grant him divorces resulted in several murders and the creation of the Church of England.


Had my hypothetical situation occurred, Mrs. Davis would have been screaming bloody murder about the violation of her legal rights, by a religious zealot. It’s doubtful that anyone would be rallying to a Catholic clerk jailed for refusal to issue marriage licenses to a known adulterous person. That whole religious argument cuts both ways. 

Neither Mrs Davis, or any of the other people across the nation, refusing to issue marriage licenses or perform their legal duties are heroic, they’re misguided hypocrites using religion to selectively deny a specific group of people the ability to enter into a contract. 

Yes! It’s a contract nothing more.


The contract put simply says “We’re gonna share everything equally, if you die it’s all mine, if I die it’s all yours.” This contract is freely entered into, and broken thousands of times a day. There is nothing special or divine about it except the specialness the participants bring to their joining and that the state (the government) recognizes and enforces the financial aspects of the contract.

The state was essentially providing privileged status, (which was otherwise unavailable to non members of the class), to selected  members of the population. If that’s not segregationist and unfair I don’t know what is.

The minute GLBT soldiers were accepted in the military, the government had a problem. Two service people married in a state which allowed same sex marriage were entitled to survivors benefits. But if that couple was transferred to a state which did not recognize same sex marriage, what is their status then?

Can you prosecute under the UCMJ adultery in a state where to gay people aren’t legally married anymore? Does the military still pick up the tab for spousal healthcare? Are survivor benefits still payable?


The legal wrangling could have, and probably would have, gone on for years. The governments only logical choices were to forbid same sex relationship in the military, OR simply allow any two consenting adults to be married. The court decided in favor of the simplest, fairest, and most direct solution based on common sense.

We’re all equal under the law. Marriage is an important aspect of many people’s lives, we should all be allowed to participate equally in every aspect of our society.

If these hypocritical religious people were really smart, they’d be going to school to become wedding planners and divorce attorneys. I have a feeling these will be the next growth industries.


Since I started writing this I noticed that Mrs. Davis has doubled down on her stupidity. Now she’s asking the 6th circuit to exempt her from following the law and the governor’s orders.

Why the hell doesn’t someone relieve her of her JOB? That would spare her from all the pain to her soul and spare those of us who call the South Home, and specifically those of us who grew up in Kentucky continued embarrassment.

Can’t take it anymore…


I’ve been pointedly ignoring all the bullshit about Trump, the billion or so goofball Republican candidates, Megan Kelly (Who the hell is she?) And Hillary freakin Clinton.

I can’t remain silent anymore.

Hillary Clinton should be in Leavenworth, in a deep dark hole of a cell, shackled and awaiting trial. The FBI should have picked her happy ass up wherever the hell she was on the campaign trail the moment it was discovered that she had sent classified material over her private little server.

Hillarys Email Server

I’m not talking about material that has since been classified, or material that has been declassified, because there is no distinction. The business of the State department of the United States of America, should by default be considered Confidential if not Classified from the get-go. That’s why the United States has a whole bunch of Operational Security specialists, and requires employees and contractors to be re-certified in Operational Security every six months to a year, (Depending on the materials employees are handling,) just to keep it straight. And the rule of thumb is ASSUME a document is Classified and you’ll never go wrong. 


Which means this private email server should never have been allowed to exist. Innumerable agencies within the government who are charged with maintaining the security of the United States had to know about this server, its location, and its security status. They were told to “ignore it” because… why?

If I’d done what Hillary did… I’d be lucky to be sitting in Leavenworth. I think it’s more likely I’d have been sent someplace really nasty, provided the government didn’t put me on trial for treason then shoot me.

Leavenworth Penitentiary

I don’t think treason can be proven but the government tends to “over charge” in this kind of litigation because they want to make sure you don’t get off on a technicality.

One only has to look at the case of Aaron Swartz as example.  

Aaron Swartz

Swartz was simply making academic articles available via a P2P network from JSTOR and the issue had been settled between JSTOR and Swartz when the Federal Government stepped in.  Once involved, the Feds slapped Swartz with 13 criminal charges carrying a potential 35 years in prison and 1 million in fines. The case was pending when Swartz killed himself. By the way, most if not all, of the information Swartz distributed, was free, and still is today. I think the majority of Swartz’s crime was that he used the P2P distribution system to bypass JSTOR’s requirement for you to be a registered subscriber. I’m not clear on if he was costing JSTOR money.

So here we have a guy who’s maybe costing someone a little cash.

Hillary Clinton

Then we have Hillary who, for her own convenience hired a company that appears to have been unvetted by the US government, whose employees were apparently not subject to background security checks, to set up a server outside the control of the US government, handling Classified material and emails from one of the highest levels of the US government.

As the onion got peeled Hillary denied that classified emails were on the server. (Turns out there were classified emails on the server.) Hillary then said SHE decided what was important to turn over to the government, and deleted the rest of the information. Uhh that’s not how this works ma’am.  Now we’re finding out that the security of the server is in question. (Was there encryption? Who had physical access to the machine?)

Hillary Clinton


I thought rules and the law were supposed to apply equally to everyone. Yet here we have a clear example of someone who is not only above the law and social constructs, but they are still running a campaign to become President!

For God’s sake people, we’ve burned other politicians down for far less.

It’s well past time to force Hillary out of the Presidential Race.

This is not the kind of elitism we need in our government. We don’t need another liar in the White House. We don’t need yet another person in office who doesn’t understand and obey the rules.

I admit, I look forward to Hillary’s arrest for Contempt of Congress. That will be a day to be watching CSPAN.


Really Jeb?


Mr Bush, you were never a contender for my vote. I don’t think this country needs another Bush in the oval office.

But after saying Americans need to work more hours…

Yeeeerrrrr Outta here! Nothing further you may have to say is worth my time.

You’re saying you want to continue the unrestricted flow of illegal immigration, and increase the number of H1B1 visas while you have a ton of unemployed American citizens, and at the same time you’re saying American workers need to work more hours?

With all due respect sir… KISS MY ASS!

In my job, I had to BEG and I mean BEG, then bend over the bosses desk and offer my asshole for the pleasure of the managers, just to be able to use my earned vacation time, which was a paltry two weeks. Oh, and I wasn’t allowed to use those two weeks consecutively, because of “business issues”, so NO European vacation for me!

While many americans are working 80 hours or more a week on salary with no overtime, you’re selling the American worker out, adding to your obscene wealth and you still have the audacity to say Americans need to work more hours???

You sir are a bigger moron than I originally thought. I didn’t think anyone could be that stupid and still be able to speak. Your one claim to fame is…

You’ve proved me wrong.

Now terminate your presidential run go sit your ass on the patio of one of your many mansions and shut the fuck up!

OH Yeah, But CNN isn’t biased in any way…

Fredricka Whitfield

I’ve been catching the buzz about this “Journalist” all weekend.

By now you’re heard about the Dallas standoff. Some idiot apparently rolled up to the PoPo’s (Police) headquarters and started shooting.

That was bad enough but then you have this moronic bitch on CNN named Fredricka Whitfield calling the shooter courageous… Yeah you read that right THE SHOOTER!

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters, and now you have this scene, this standoff. So you believe these are the hallmarks of more than one person’s involvement?”

She’s apologized and no I’m not bothering to go searching for the full text of her apology because it doesn’t freaking matter.


John Nolte at Breitbart wrote a scathing article yesterday that I think is right on point.  In the article he calls out CNN on their campaign of dishonesty and “race-mongering” Going back to St. Travon of the Hoodie.

I find myself asking WHAT THE LIVING FUCK?

First of all when did we declare war on the police? Second of all when did the police declare war on anyone else?

If after a proper LEGAL investigation you find have bad cops, fire them! It’s that simple. In our current environment we’ve got cops that are literally afraid to enforce the law.

You know, the LAW that a disproportionate number of African Americans seem to think they CAN break with no repercussions.

It’s real simple If I have to obey a law… SO DO YOU!


If there is a disproportionate number of black people in jail then rather than saying that’s not fair… how about lets ask a simple question “Did this person break the law?” If the answer is YES then they’re right where they should be.

And by the way, as a supposedly “white privileged male” I’d expect no different treatment were I to break the law. Hell where I grew up they publish the pictures of the most wanted in the newspaper weekly.  Oddly, the most wanted is a pretty even mix of skin colors, even though it’s redneck central.

The Adult males in my life used to say, “Chain gangs take all comers, if you can walk, carry a shovel, or a trash bag they don’t give a shit what color you are.”

Perhaps that’s why I’ve been confused for quite some time by the claims that black folks are unfairly targeted.

Here are some examples that have confused me.

A car flys up behind me when I’m doing 80 and worrying about being pulled over. The car sits on my bumper for four heartbeats, before I can get out of this guy’s way he passes me on the right without signaling the lane change and accelerates away at 100. Two miles down the road he’s pulled over by the police. Sorry! That’s NOT TARGETING or profiling, that’s what happens when you do something so obvious that the police have no choice but to take action. You better hope you don’t have any outstanding warrants!

We watch the security video of a black man waving a gun in a convenience store, the gun goes off and the clerk is shot. Well Let’s see, Robbery, Compounded with a weapon, Bodily harm, and Murder charges if the clerk dies. Ummm as a “privileged white man” if it was me on the video, I know there is NO way I’m walking away from that.

The 18 to 20 year old black kid stepping in front of a line of people at a Taco Bell who then gets belligerent because someone IN the line says, “Hey, the back of the line is over there.”  That situation is bad enough, but when the kid throws a punch at the person calling him on his cutting in line, and that person happens to be an off duty cop… Well guess what? The Black kid is  going to jail for assault.


Oh and by the way… I’m the lily white fucker that was laughing my ass off at you kid. Really? You didn’t notice that the fanny pack the guy you threw a punch at, looked like it weighed a lot? You didn’t notice the opening in the side of the fanny pack or that the guy was resting his hand on the edge of the pack when you stormed up to him?  Sweet thing, you deserve to be the bitch of someone with a 10 inch long beercan of a dick.

The next time you’re on a highway especially in Southern California, watch the cars that are speeding, weaving, and running up behind an 18 wheel truck only to slam on their brakes. Take note and I’ll bet ya you’ll see a disproportional number of black faces.

The point is, the disproportional number of black folks in prison are there because they caught the attention of the police. And that’s not unfair, it’s because actions have consequences.

The consequences of Fredricka Whitfield’s statement should be that she is fired! But she won’t be, because she is the most privileged of all folks in our society. She’s a black female public figure…

I guess that’s why Rachael Dolezal played the race card the way she did.