You want to watch me melt the hell down? 

Here’s the recipe:

Step 1  Tell me I need to get something important done. Or wait until I’m trying to learn something, or trying to write just a few disjunct thoughts.

Step 2  Interrupt me every 8 minutes with lame jokes or stupid comments, then let me try to get back to what I was doing. Continue until I’m obviously annoyed.

Piss on the floor

Step 3 Sit and ignore the dog who needs to go out. Oh, and don’t bother to tell me the elderly dog needs to go out. Then act surprised when I come out of the other room and see that the dog has peed on the floor. 

Step 4 In your surprise jump up, run to the linen closet and grab one washcloth sized towel, which you then must drop on the smallest of the pee area completely missing the puddle running across the floor. Oh and you must stand there looking at the towel dumbfounded, as if you expected it to magically move and clean up the mess. 

Step 5 Give me dirty looks when I yell at you to get some more towels.

Step 6 Sit at your computer while I’m on my hands and knees with the Bissell machine shampooing the carpet. Don’t bother to clean up the puddle of pee, do however stand in the way of my getting to the cleaning solution for the Bissell, then prevent me from being able to get to the kitchen sink to mix the solution, when you could, AND SHOULD be wiping the floor with the towels you’ve now dropped on the back of the chair.

Step 7 Wait for me to finish cleaning up the mess and clean the tools, then just as I’m about to sit down with a cup of coffee getting back to an employment letter you know I’ve been struggling with, announce that you’re waiting for me to get a shower so you can wash all the towels.


Step 8 When I get out of the shower, announce that the dogs need to go out again and that you’re working on an email.

Step 9 After 20 minutes of me being outside with the dogs in nothing but a pair of shorts keep sitting at your fucking computer as one of the dogs steps on my foot and slices it open. Don’t forget to give me a dirty look when I ask you to simply get a treat for the dogs.

Step 10 Look on as, I’m pulling the Bissell back out of the closet to clean the blood out of the carpet, left there as you impassively observed my bloody foot, never once thinking to get me a bandage, or paper towel, or any assistance whatsoever. and completely ignoring my request for any of the above. Don’t forget to give me dirty looks and explain you were trying to decide which of the above would be better before you moved.


Step 11 As I attempt to return to whatever the hell I was doing, start tuning a fucking harp. Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da Dong Dong Dong Da De Da Da. 

Be pissy with me when I ask you for a few minutes of silence while I try to remember what the hell I was doing 3 hours ago. I explain that the tuning sequence sounds like RAP music, it’s going nowhere but is very irritating. Either play something OR DON’T.


Step 12 This is the most important step. Be hurt and offended when I go full on NUKE because no matter where I try to go in this fucking house, there is something in my way.

Either you, or the idiot dog, and no matter what FUCKING path I choose, one of you blocks me from my destination. Of particular annoyance is my having to exit the house via one door and re-enter the house via another door because you’ve blocked all other pathways.  I was only trying to get to my glasses but even that was too much to ask!

So, that’s how my Saturday is going… How’s yours?

Confederate Flags – Symbols of Hate or Heritage?

2000px Gadsden flag svg

Stop the insanity!

Taking down a flag, or a monument, or stomping out a cultural identity is wrong. Isn’t it?

I’m sure that Native Americans could weigh in on that statement. Or for that matter African Americans?

Lets face it, Dylann Roof is NUTS! That’s pretty obvious, let’s call it what it is.  Roof claims that his attitude changed during the Travon Martin insanity.

Roof claims that he kept hearing about it, he got curious and after looking it all up on the internet he decided that a race war was necessary.

Flag csa

Okay, so why aren’t we banning the internet, or the news media? Obviously roof is a special kind of nuts to boot. What kind of psychopath can sit in a room participating in prayer then kill the people he was worshiping with?

All that aside, would we be banning the American Flag or the Gadsden, or the flag of the Union if he’d been photographed holding one of them?

US flag 34 stars

I agree that the Confederate flag should be removed from various statehouses and government buildings.

In point of fact I thought the Confederate flag HAD been removed from those facilities decades ago. It’s well past time. I was surprised that any state buildings were still flying it. States like Mississippi will have a bit more trouble not flying the Confederate flag but only until they redesign their state flag

DSC 0654Zoom

I don’t however agree that the Confederate flag be stricken from all sales outlets, or erased from history. Yet that seems to be exactly what is happening. I really have a problem when monuments to southern leaders, are being defaced, and confederate flags are forbidden in games, or over confederate burial sites.

Being raised in the South I remember seeing the Confederate flag but it wasn’t all over the place. It was mostly a point of heritage, pride in the South, more like a celebration of southern culture. Which as many people who’ve visited the South discover, is pleasantly different from other areas of the country.

DSC 0649

I was at an event last night where I met a California Native who’d just returned from their first visit to the deep south. They were gushing about how polite people were. They were impressed that even the panhandlers were nice and didn’t curse at passersby who didn’t put money in their collection hat. Yeah, it’s become common in LA that panhandlers get nasty if you don’t give them money. Go Figure!

The point is, when someone visits the South they’re often amazed at how different the reality of the place is from their preconceived notions. Sure the South has problems, and stupid people, and even crazy people. But it also has charm, grace, and history.


As a southerner I have zero patience for those who bash the South having never been there.  I may live in California, but my heart is still southern, when folks start painting the South with that broad brush saying things like; “Everyone in the South are bigots. Well, you know how ignorant they are down there.” I tend to get a bit spun up.

Civil War

I’ve visited confederate sites all over the South, does that make me a bigot, a hater, a racist, or a potential murderer of a bible study group?

NOPE! It makes me a person who visited those sites and who saw battlefields where hundreds, or thousands of men died. These are places of sorrow. Not because the South lost, but because of the waste, and the bitterness that precipitated the civil war.


Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t ONLY about slavery. There were other components; like states rights, federal over-reach, business, and commerce. Slavery was a part of it but not the only part.

As a southerner visiting these sites it’s painfully obvious that secession was ultimately wrong because that action led inevitably to war. I’m really offended when someone says, “The South Lost, get over it.”

I’m offended mainly because you don’t need to tell a southerner the outcome of the civil war, anymore than you need to tell a black person they’re black or a jew what happened at Auschwitz.

Southerners know that confederate money isn’t going to come back in vogue, the South isn’t going to “Rise Again” and slavery was wrong. We know these things through the lens of history. In fact most of us aren’t looking behind and living in the past, we’re looking forward and trying to forge a future.


The KKK is… or was, dying. I suspect that in less than a generation it wouldn’t have been able to sustain itself because first of all it’s outlawed, and second it hadn’t been gaining converts. That all may change now.

This change might not be due to renewed racism, but due to folks who believe they’re “our betters” once again telling southerners what they are, (racist, evil, stupid, bigots), and then trying to tell southerners how to live and think while continuing the “stupid southerners, racist southerners” chant.


I can’t get over the Orwellian direction our country has apparently taken. Are we really wanting to “Memory Hole” anything and everything  that we don’t like? If we do and become a “Society of the NOW” won’t we be opening ourselves to repeating the mistakes of the past?

As a Southerner I can tell you, in my life and the lives of most of my peers the confederate flag exists in our psyche in its proper context.

It is not a rallying cry for racism. It’s a symbol of a place in common, a point of origin that is different from every other place in the country.


A unique place where thunderstorms, red clay, water skiing, boats of all shapes & sizes, and fireflies dancing on a warm evening breeze, live forever in our memories. We come from a place where being polite is important and where we call Steel Magnolias, “Mom”.

Taking the flag out of our sight will not change those who are racists, nor will it change substantially the character of the South and is therefore an empty gesture.


However, since so many people are all about erasing the Confederate battle flag I propose one of  these two flags as the new flag of Southern Heritage. These flags are clean, inoffensive, and exemplify the new realities of our “Brave Society”.

Just a thought…

Thrilling! Thank you OPM!

OPMI kept hearing about the data breach at the OPM. I thought to myself, “no big deal,” because I’ve never been a government employee. But then one of the articles I read spoke about a particular form. The form number seemed familiar.

Out of curiosity I checked my encrypted drive.


Yep, that’s a form I filled out while I was working for a government contractor.

DAMN! Checking some of the other forms and sure enough! There’s a TON of information that I provided to my employer. I’m sure that that information got sent at some point to the OPM, and is now in the hands of the Chinese.

I’m sitting here looking at my encrypted volume that contains this information thinking a couple of things.

CybersecurityFirst, I’m wondering why I take the security of this information so seriously? Why is it that I’ve spent the money to secure my data and theirs (some of the information contained in the forms I filled out for them also contains information that relates directly to THEIR projects) and am mindful of what data I have “live” on my system and what data I keep in cold storage? Cold storage in my life is something (like a drive) that is archival, MUST be turned on or attached directly to my computer and is encrypted.

Second, If I can secure my data with COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) software why can’t our government?

Third, Why is the United States Government data vulnerable in the first place? We KNOW the safest computers are computers which are not connected to a network. Granted, that’s impractical because the government must share data.


BUT  it is possible to isolate critical subsystems. One way to do that, don’t allow employees to transport any data offsite. No USB memory sticks or other media, and laptops are available only to those employees who absolutely need mobility. Employees using those laptops have VPN access to the corporate systems and for the most part those laptops when connected to the corporate VPN are Terminals in the old school meaning of terminals. ie dumb as a rock.

The point I’m making here is that the need for computer & network security isn’t new.  So why the hell hasn’t our government kept up with the needs for security?

Having seen the way government contracts work, I have a guess.


Imagine a situation where a bunch of cooks get in the soup and specify all manner of equipment down to the smallest detail. Once finished,  the specification goes from committee to committee and after a year or two the spec is approved, money is appropriated and the funds become available.

Our happy IT guys call a government approved vendor of equipment, and are told that equipment isn’t available anymore. Or worse yet, the equipment or software can be purchased but now it’s a custom build and will be 50% more expensive than the original product and by the way have significantly fewer capabilities than current off the shelf products costing significantly less than the originally specified equipment or software originally sold for.

Old terminal

So in the one case the specification process starts over again. In the other case the “approved equipment” is less capable,  yet more expensive, than the machine a hacker in China purchased on the internet yesterday.

Rather than the committees addressing the fundamental problem in terms of appropriations and approvals they’re content to keep failing. Meanwhile the security of government systems continues to fall further and further behind.

This isn’t a partisan issue. Regardless of what the administration might say. This is an epic systemic failure on the part of an entity that has access to all of our private data. A.K.A The United States Government.


How do you solve this problem?

The simplest way is to allow the IT people, The REAL IT people, not the morons that built the site, say “we need a router and after figuring out which is the best unit for the money… They BUY IT!

That should go for a single router or a RACK of routers.

Does Dianne Freakin Feinstein have a clue about the difference between a CISCO and a Barracuda? NO!

So why are people like Feinstein reviewing and voting on these appropriations bills or worse yet wasting time and money having hearings about shit they’ll never understand, when they should be letting the professionals do the job? You can tell pretty darn fast if an IT dept. is pissing money away and a quarterly budget review (again by IT pros who know what’s needed and what it costs) would keep the expenditures in check and at the same time maintain security.

I’ve got another dose of BAD news for you dear reader…


The longer our leaders put off fixing the government IT infrastructure, the more expensive it’s going to be.

Think about putting off having your brakes fixed on your car.

Brake pads cost $45 a wheel, Brake ROTORS cost $1000 a wheel. Most of us average folks learn the hard lesson, it’s always better to spend the $180 rather than spending the $1180. We all learn it once!

We never make that mistake again unless we’re wealthy, elitist,  over-educated, dumbasses.

Unfortunately, most of our politicians are the latter kind of people not the former.

Update 2015 06 19

As more comes out about this breach, I think it’s clear that the government IT people are not up to the challenge.

Here is a line to an ars Technica article titled Encryption “would not have helped at OPM says DHS official”

Below is the article minus the video.

Encryption “would not have helped” at OPM, says DHS official


Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta would be happy to discuss the particulars of the OPM brief with Congress—in a classified briefing.


During testimony today in a grueling two-hour hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director Katherine Archuleta claimed that she had recognized huge problems with the agency’s computer security when she assumed her post 18 months ago. But when pressed on why systems had not been protected with encryption prior to the recent discovery of an intrusion that gave attackers access to sensitive data on millions of government employees and government contractors, she said, “It is not feasible to implement on networks that are too old.” She added that the agency is now working to encrypt data within its networks.

But even if the systems had been encrypted, it likely wouldn’t have mattered. Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity Dr. Andy Ozment testified that encryption would “not have helped in this case” because the attackers had gained valid user credentials to the systems that they attacked—likely through social engineering. And because of the lack of multifactor authentication on these systems, the attackers would have been able to use those credentials at will to access systems from within and potentially even from outside the network.

House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told Archuleta and OPM Chief Information Officer Donna Seymour, “You failed utterly and totally.” He referred to OPM’s own inspector general reports and hammered Seymour in particular for the 11 major systems out of 47 that had not been properly certified as secure—which were not contractor systems but systems operated by OPM’s own IT department. “They were in your office, which is a horrible example to be setting,” Chaffetz told Seymour. In total, 65 percent of OPM’s data was stored on those uncertified systems.

Chaffetz pointed out in his opening statement that for the past eight years, according to OPM’s own Inspector General reports, “OPM’s data security posture was akin to leaving all your doors and windows unlocked and hoping nobody would walk in and take the information.”

When Chaffetz asked Archuleta directly about the number of people who had been affected by the breach of OPM’s systems and whether it included contractor information as well as that of federal employees, Archuleta replied repeatedly, “I would be glad to discuss that in a classified setting.” That was Archuleta’s response to nearly all of the committee members’ questions over the course of the hearing this morning.

At least we found it

Archuleta told the committee that the breach was found only because she had been pushing forward with an aggressive plan to update OPM’s security, centralizing the oversight of IT security under the chief information officer and implementing “numerous tools and capabilities.” She claimed that it was during the process of updating tools that the breach was discovered. “But for the fact that OPM implemented new, more stringent security tools in its environment, we would have never known that malicious activity had previously existed on the network and would not have been able to share that information for the protection of the rest of the federal government,” she read from her prepared statement.

Dr. Ozment reiterated that when the malware activity behind the breach was discovered, “we loaded that information into Einstein (DHS’ government-wide intrusion detection system) immediately. We also put it into Einstein 3 (the intrusion prevention system currently being rolled out) so that agencies protected by it would be protected from it going forward.”

But nearly every question of substance about the breach—which systems were affected, how many individuals’ data was exposed, what type of data was accessed, and the potential security implications of that data—was deferred by Archuleta on the grounds that the information was classified. What wasn’t classified was OPM’s horrible track record on security, which dates back at least to the George W. Bush administration—if not further.

A history of neglect

During his opening statement, Chaffetz read verbatim from a 2009 OPM inspector general report that noted, “The continuing weakness in OPM information security program results directly from inadequate governance. Most if not all of the [information security] exceptions we noted this year result from a lack of leadership, policy, and guidance.” Similar statements were read from 2010 and 2012 reports, each more dire than the last. The OPM Office of the Inspector General only began upgrading its assessment of the agency’s security posture in its fiscal year 2014 report—filed just before news of a breach at a second OPM background investigation contractor surfaced.

Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas), a freshman member of Congress, told the OPM executives and the other witnesses—DHS’ Ozment, Interior Department CIO Sylvia Burns, the new US CIO Tony Scott, and OPM Assistant Inspector General Michael Esser— that “the execution on security has been horrific. Good intentions are not good enough.” He asked Seymour pointedly about the legacy systems that had not been adequately protected or upgraded. Seymour replied that some of them were over 20 years old and written in COBOL, and they could not easily be upgraded or replaced. These systems would be difficult to update to include encryption or multi-factor authentication because of their aging code base, and they would require a full rewrite.


Enlarge / OPM CIO Donna Seymour said that systems couldn’t simply have encryption added because some of them were over 20 years old and written in COBOL.

Personnel systems have often been treated with less sensitivity about security by government agencies. Even health systems have had issues, such as the Department of Veterans’ Affairs national telehealth program, which was breached in December of 2014. And there have been two previous breaches of OPM background investigation data through contractors—first the now-defunct USIS in August of last year, and then KeyPoint Government Solutions less than four months later. Those breaches included data about both government employees and contractors working for the government.

But some of the security issues at OPM fall on Congress’ shoulders—the breaches of contractors in particular. Until recently, federal agents carried out background investigations for OPM. Then Congress cut the budget for investigations, and they were outsourced to USIS, which, as one person familiar with OPM’s investigation process told Ars, was essentially a company made up of “some OPM people who quit the agency and started up USIS on a shoestring.” When USIS was breached and most of its data (if not all of it) was stolen, the company lost its government contracts and was replaced by KeyPoint—”a bunch of people on an even thinner shoestring. Now if you get investigated, it’s by a person with a personal Gmail account because the company that does the investigation literally has no IT infrastructure. And this Gmail account is not one of those where a company contracts with Google for business services. It is a personal Gmail account.”

Some of the contractors that have helped OPM with managing internal data have had security issues of their own—including potentially giving foreign governments direct access to data long before the recent reported breaches. A consultant who did some work with a company contracted by OPM to manage personnel records for a number of agencies told Ars that he found the Unix systems administrator for the project “was in Argentina and his co-worker was physically located in the [People’s Republic of China]. Both had direct access to every row of data in every database: they were root. Another team that worked with these databases had at its head two team members with PRC passports. I know that because I challenged them personally and revoked their privileges. From my perspective, OPM compromised this information more than three years ago and my take on the current breach is ‘so what’s new?'”

Given the scope and duration of the data breaches, it may be impossible for the US government to get a handle on the exact extent of the damage done just by the latest attack on OPM’s systems. If anything is clear, it is that the aging infrastructure of many civilian agencies in Washington magnify the problems the government faces in securing its networks, and OPM’s data breach may just be the biggest one that the government knows about to date.


I’ve been feeling Compressed

PADI 2014 Oct 12

No, not as in diving compressed, (although I could use some underwater time). Any Divers out there wanna get wet? [Thanks to PADI for the nifty photo]

My compression stems from issues in my life.

As I’ve mentioned before, I share internet with the next door neighbor. Generally this isn’t a problem,  they’re using an old Windows based machine that I suspect is rife with malware. This doesn’t really affect me, except that when that machine logs onto the network it sucks up pretty much all the available DSL bandwidth.

For the non techies… The internet gets really slow.

Most of the time, even that doesn’t bother me unless I’m streaming a movie or something. But it reminds me that I’m not alone, and someone else has the ability to affect my life through my own niceness.

Then there’s the ugly assed fence which focuses my vision on their back yard, making me to be completely unable to ignore all the kids stuff, trampoline, monkey bars, various toys scattered about, and the pile ‘o junk stuffed in the corner.

IMG 0309

This fence also makes me feel that I have no privacy because it’s a constant reminder that there are kids there, even when they’re not out screaming, squabbling, or using the trampoline to jump up above the fence to ask me what I’m doing out on my deck. I can’t look past it, god knows I’ve tried. The 7ft tall monstrosity is THERE  protecting the children from… what? The occasional wayward hiker?

Then there’s the ceiling fan in my office. You see, the neighbors apparently put up a new ceiling fan in their house, and they left the unit’s code set to default. (Lots of new ceiling fans have these nifty remotes that allow you to change the speed of the fan and / or control the light in the fan.)

The problem is that when you put one of these fans in, you really should choose a new code other than the default one. Guess how I found out the electrician that built this house hadn’t bothered to change the code?

You guessed it. The great fan war started this summer. There are three neighbors that could possibly be close enough to control my office ceiling fan. One house is under going major remodeling. Since that place is gutted, I scratched them off the list. The other neighbor isn’t likely to have made any real changes, since she’s cold all the time. Which leaves the next door neighbors!

IMG 0362

Dammit! They’re jacking my internet up, have destroyed the view, have left me feeling like I’m having to accommodate their kids, “Asked” that we hose down our back yard every day during a drought while letting our plants die because she was pregnant and her nose was too sensitive, and finally…

Because they don’t want to figure out why their new fan isn’t working quite right, I’m the one that has to get up on a ladder with a screwdriver and a spring hook, (a spring hook looks a lot like a dental tool its sharp and pointy with a slight hook at one end. Great for flipping tiny little switches.) to manhandle 70lbs of ceiling fan to change the code to something they’re not using. 

But then it continues…

Once I’ve got the fan issue fixed, I think, “hey its time for me to rearrange the office” and so I begin that process only to find that my other half has systematically occupied every single open space in both closets, the filing cabinet, and a substantial portion of the basement with… for want of a better term CRAP! 

There’s no way for me to put my stuff out of the way or reorganize my stuff because his stuff is literally everywhere.

SO after grumbling about living with the equivalent of a 13 year old packrat, LOUDLY.  I start whipping through my shit and tossing anything that isn’t nailed down and functional. 

But the whole time I’m thinking, why am I the one that’s adapting to the situation AGAIN. 

I find myself thinking, “Maybe I should just pack whatever shit from this house that I want, and that will fit in my damn car and that will be MY space. Perhaps my life will be easier if I just allow the forces in my life that are conspiring to compress me into a tight little space, win. Then everyone will be happier and I’ll finally have some peace. Maybe I should sell every vehicle I own, buy a pickup truck with a tonneau cover (I don’t like camper shells) and be a true nomad, wandering towns and highways randomly. I’ll stop in interesting places do piece work for cash then move on. Maybe I should become ’That Guy’, the stranger, the scary dude in the corner of your local bar. ”

Then again maybe all this is just another way for the universe to tell me “Its time to move on.”

This one I couldn’t let pass, it really pisses me off. NSFW


5 year old rape victim dies in Herat


I originally saw this on Breitbart but followed it back to the Afghanistan Times (the link above).

Frankly, my brain rebooted.

There are so many things going through my head I’m not sure I can cogently prioritize them all.

The doctors at the hospital covered the cause of death, describing it as choking, instead of butfucking a 5 year old child to death. The boys, (I sincerely question what is meant by “boys” in this context) have been arrested but will probably be found innocent of the rape charges.

It’s the other details that make me positive we should have nuked the entire area, carpet bomb style. Sterilize the whole country, make it visible from space as a glowing wasteland, but I get ahead of myself.


The hypocrisy of these people is overwhelming. At the same time a 15 year old girl can be beaten and tortured by her in-laws for refusing to become a prostitute, apparently the victims of rape are often considered criminals and immoral because they were forced to have sex prior to wedlock.

THE VICTIMS??? What about the owners of the DICKS that violated children?

While I was trying to find the article about this boy on the Afghanistan Times site, I found another article about a three year old girl being raped by an adult man. Again, it looked like he might be held responsible for murder.

Then I read in the Breitbart article that older men sometimes  take on pre-pubescent MALE lovers in some bullshit cultural thing called “bacha baazi.”

WHAT?!?!? I thought it was customary for islamic “high morality” cultures to mutilate and then kill any homosexual. In this way they prevent the sullying of their “Religion of Peace” and preserving the high moral standards we’ve all come to know and “appreciate” from the followers of Islam.  Yet, here we have a cultural institution wherein homosexual behavior is apparently acceptable as long as it’s an older man with a boy whose balls haven’t dropped.

SORRY… Putting your dick in a boy, is homosexual behavior regardless of the age of the boy or how many wives you have.


What are we supposed to believe here, that the man didn’t realize he was fucking a boy… IN THE ASS?

What happens if the boy happens to develop a preference for male sex when he becomes an adult?

Well, we know that answer.  Presumably after enduring years of shame and humiliation, he gets caught with another man and then endures being imprisoned, mutilated, then fucked by the prison guards before he’s taken out and beheaded, stoned, or hung. 


Were I twenty years younger I’d sign up for college, then become a physicist with but one goal in mind.

I’d find a way to create a singularity sphere like the ones in The Arrival.  Then I’d happily drop a dozen or so of those puppies all over Afghanistan.

If you don’t remember, these things were flat cool. They lift off, scan the area, then suck everything into a singularity. 

No fuss, no muss, probably nothing more than just a brief wink of X-ray radiation as the surrounding matter disappears into the singularity’s event horizon. 

Totally excellent devices for urban renewal or to dispose of a vermin problem.

Make no mistake, Religion/culture of peace and morality, MY ASS!

No more funding for these animals, Let them all wither and die in a shithole of their own making. These people seem to know nothing but curelty, hatred and violence.  Perhaps, since we have no singularities handy, could we at least drop a few big assed rocks on ‘em from orbit?

I used to apply the lesson learned when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, Spare the innocent…

Now I’ve come to think that euthanasia in these shitholes might be a more merciful option. 

And to lighten things up. Here’s Andrew Klavan on political correctness.

Been out of it for a couple of days… All I can say is DAMN!


My ISP was having some difficulties with packet loss and their problems were affecting my ability to get email and upload to the blog.

Paraphrasing Poltergeist 

“I’mmmm BAAACCK!”

The question is what do I talk about first?


The Bundy Ranch v the BLM?

I hate to even think about what could have happened if someone had squeezed off a shot during that standoff. That’s how really bad things happen really damn fast. I personally don’t think Mr Bundy has a leg to stand on legally. OF more concern to me is that we had an armed standoff at all. 


When you start looking at issues surrounding the Bundy standoff. You can’t help but stumble over reports of other events where one could say that the US Government is overstepping its authority and behaving very much like a totalitarian entity.

There are currently issues over land between Texas & Missouri due to the ever changing nature of a river that had traditionally marked the boundary line between the states and ranchers in the area. The BLM is taking an interest and stands to usurp something like 90,000 acres without compensating either the states or the landholders.


The EPA is attempting to assert control over many bodies of water, including watering ponds on farms and ranches. They are also making noises about assuming control of dry or seasonal creek and river beds.

Meanwhile The Border patrol has become a nuisance to Arizona ranchers whose property abuts the buffer zone between the US / Mexico boarder They’re doing things like cutting fences or leaving gates open without so much as a “by your leave.” 


These supposed events are concerning because they’re in general, never picked up by the main stream media but are reported in local area papers. On an individual basis these seem like minor local issues but when you view them from the “orbit” of the internet it does start to look like a quiet conquest.

With government oversight, come government control. With government control, come fees, fines, and increased taxation (whether it’s called a tax or not.) This seems to be the source of the underlying embers that almost burst into flames at the Bundy ranch.


The FDA is being reported as sticking their noses into a long standing arrangement (100+ years) between Beer Brewers and farmers regarding grain. The Beer uses the grain to make beer, then the waste material is usually given to farmers / ranchers to mix with feed stock. This arrangement takes care of the waste without requiring anything other than a farmer / ranchers willingness to haul the used grain away.

Now, the FDA is wanting to regulate this equitable arrangement in the name of public health even though there has never been an instance where the public or the animals have been harmed. Some old traditions bacme old traditions due to the test of TIME. It’s not in the best interests of Farmers or Ranchers to engage in an activity that is detrimental to their livelyhoods. So does the FDA really need to be involved? Probably not, but you can expect for their fees and inspections and whatever the hell else they’ll do to drive up the cost of a beer, and possible the cost of food too.


The newest revelations about the IRS internal memos?

Just WHO is Lois Learner afraid of? She claims she’s in fear for her life and that’s why she doesn’t want to testify. REALLY? Can’t her employer The United States Government protect her & her family? Or is it the US Government that she’s afraid of?

The Ukraine?


Does anyone really believe that Vladimir Putin is concerned in the least about what President Stompy Foot thinks? Don’t get me wrong Putin is not a nice guy but he’s doing what he things is best for his country ( Or Himself) and he’s not in the habit of asking permission. 

Potential for World War III?

There have been some writers comparing the flashpoint issues for WWI and WWII to what’s happening in the Ukraine.

I’m not sure that I completely agree with their assesment that WWIII could be in the offing but the correlations are interesting to read. I doubt Putin would move it to an all out war against NATO but hey no-one thought a strange little houspainter would end up Chancellor of Germany either.

President Obama’s trustworthy polls?

This one cracked me up. Approximately 60% of Americans believe that Obama is actively lying to them one way or another. Now that’s really gotta piss President Finger waver off.


The President was on TV again today defending Obamacare and as usual took the opportunity to reiterate that Republicans are BAD and that their continued desire to revisit Obamacare isn’t in the public interest. Whoo Hoo 8 million people signed up. Lets see, there are approximately 313.9 Million people in the US. Does that mean a whopping 3% of the population signed up. Whoooo impressive!

I’d have been more impressed if this 8 million had ALL been previously uninsured people instead of poor schmucks that lost their insurance and had to find something on the exchanges.

I’d have been more impressed if there wasn’t a recent editorial by a lady that had called something like 92 doctors in New Jersey only to find out that her shiny new obamacare card wasn’t being accepted because the doctors didn’t want to deal with the smaller payments obamacare would provide for their services, and the increased overhead and oversight from the government.

I’d be more impressed if, instead of Pres. Stompy shaking his finger at Republicans he’d actually listen to what the vast majority of Americans are bitching about regarding having their health insurance screwed with.

I’d really be impressed if ALL of Congress, including that idiot Harry Reid had to sign up with Obamacare through the exchanges. (Hey Harry, let see if you’re smart enough to use the damn internet shall we?)


I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. I feel like I’ve walked through the looking glass into bizzaro world.