I was about the say there wasn’t much news.

I scanned the headlines over my first cup of coffee this morning, and thought, “Nothing New.”

Then it hit me I’ve become inured to the humdrum normalcy of protests, active shooters and people being insane.

I’m amazed how quickly that happens.

Black Lives Matter are still protesting. Even with the addition of Jesse Jackson and the events in Chicago, their protest didn’t even cause a twitch on my radar. I still believe that as a group they’re pretty irrelevant, their point is overblown, and the movement itself is built on a narrative of lies.

Ironically, the one shooting that BLM might actually have a valid point about is the Chicago shooting. Unfortunately, their constant droning over black men that actually did take the cops on, and lost, has overshadowed potentially valid cases of police crossing the line. Which suggests that there are probably not as many cases of “Cops gone wild” in the United States as the BLM movement would have us believe.

An active shooter in a planned parenthood clinic in Colorado didn’t cause much of a twitch on my radar. What did catch my attention was that LAPD heightened security around all Planned Parenthood Clinics in Los Angeles. Uhh LAPD I think, regardless of what the Southern Poverty Law Center would have you believe, Pro-Lifers are probably not as likely to execute co-ordinated terrorist attacks as say, Daesh.

The insanity on US college campuses isn’t causing any twitches either. There have been reports of “Troll” sites setting up White Safe Spaces on the internet. Turns out the “Troll” sites are actually real. Many of them have been set up by non-white students out of concern for their white friends, who have weathered hostility and have no places to even discuss their concerns or feelings.

The investigation into the Paris attack continues. Brussels was locked down for much of the week. Sweden and Norway have announced that they are going to reduce the number of refugees they accept. Since Sweden is at maximum capacity, I was wondering how they’re going to accept anyone else at all. Then I read Swedish authorities are considering renting cruise ships to house the refugees. Once again, I wonder if I could be a refugee. Cruise ships? Ski Resorts? Beautiful forest retreats? Sounds like a nice situation to me.

The thing that blows my mind about all of this is how easily and quickly so much becomes… if not unimportant, relegated to the background noise of our lives.

I suppose it’s a function of the over-saturation of media in our lives. That’s what I hope it is, I’d hate to think that I can become jaded after just a few news cycles.

OH Shut the hell up! Shut the hell up!


Whiney, Humorless, Self Important, spoiled little college students, I’m personally sick of your shit. 

I’m fairly sure the rest of the nation and the entire fucking planet is sick of your shit. If they’re not now, they soon will be.

You’re bullies, & you know it…

Pretty damn soon someone is going to push back against your childish whining and complaining. Personally, I can hardly wait. Be thankful it’s not going to be someone like Tank Girl

Before that happens and a bunch of innocent people get hurt, why don’t you take this moment to get your asses back into classes, (which some of us never had the money or opportunity to attend because we were living hand to mouth,) and let the rest of your fellow students get back to concentrating on getting what they can out of their education.

If college is so demeaning, dehumanizing, and racially charged that you can’t see anything except racist overtones — perhaps you should go home!  That way you can stop supporting the corporate, sexist, racist, patriarchal, system that is keeping you down.  

OH? You don’t want to do that? You want doctors of color? You want more diversity in the administration? You demand to be able to deprive someone of their hard earned career because of the color of their skin? You want inclusiveness WHILE you’re telling the white students that you’ve forced to march in your cause, to leave your safe spaces?

Well fuck you!

You whiney, weak willed, marginally educated, loads your mommas shoulda swallowed, need to realize nobody hands the rest of us anything!

We have to pay for it. We have to keep paying OR we’re out of the fucking street homeless and hungry while you little cum stains are bitching about dead people whose visage or name offends you because of something the said or did 100 years ago or their name is on the side of a building or a street name or whatever. And you do this from the safety of a warm dorm when other people from your own communities go to bed in the cold, in cardboard boxes, hungry and alone.

If you were the real social justice warriors that you’d like to paint yourself as you would be organizing protests about lack of services for the homeless, the poor, the mentally ill, hungry children in this country, and any of a long list of ills that happen every day.

You’d be baking cookies and dinners and you’d be delivering those meals to the hungry from the backs of your Priuses.

You’d be screaming bloody murder about lack of medical care for those who are truly at risk, rather than the color of the doctor providing the medical care, at the campus clinic.

(I honestly find it hard to believe that all the doctors at a college clinic are white. I suspect there’s a fair mix of Indian, Middle Eastern, and Latino caregivers. All you have to do is open a phone book to the M.D. section and you’ll see a demographic that is anything but white only. So I call bullshit on the Occidental students claiming they need doctors of color. Which by the way is about as racist as me complaining about how tough it is to find a white male doctor.)

You’d be asking questions and making suggestions instead of demands.

If you were demanding anything, it should be answers about why drug companies feel justified cranking the cost of some drugs up by1500% and why those same drugs are sold in other countries for pennies. Why the cost of medical insurance keeps going up and why the cost of medical care is spiraling out of control.

You’d be demanding answers about corruption in our government and corporations and how the collusion between the two entities serves to widen the economic divide between the various people in this country instead of bridging it.

You’d be asking why American education is so poor and why so many of you can’t write or do math. You’d be seeking to make sure that 5 years from today damn few students entering college required remedial reading, writing, or math classes.

You should be finding ways to make more with less instead of bitching about how wasteful people were in the past.

Bitching about the stupidity of the past is like blaming a two year old for using crayolas on the wall of the nursery. Folks in the past were wasteful because they didn’t know what we know now.

Bitching about their ignorance in ALL things serves no purpose. You’re all here NOW, make the best of what you’ve got and incorporate what we know now into your actions. Don’t forget… In 200 years students sitting on some campus will be shaking their heads at YOUR ignorance.


You spoiled little brats should be studying very hard to find solutions to the situations that lead to the injustices you’re bitching about instead of blatantly inflicting the same harm on others.

No matter how richly their ANCESTORS may have deserved retribution, punishing descendants of an formerly oppressive group does absolutely nothing except breed resentment and / or hatred, and then the cycle repeats.

I realize all these concepts may have caused your little minds to be triggered out of your safe spaces. Some of you may be choking on the froth of indignation, and perhaps a few of you have suffered irreversible brain damage caused by attempting to actually think. 

So for all of you…

I’ll fetch a rug.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the TV show Archer, Woodhouse often fetches rugs to aid in the disposal of bodies and sometimes simply the disposal of drugged or passed out hookers.)

Thank GOD I don’t have kids in College


In addition to worrying about their safety, I’d be losing my mind wondering what the hell they were being taught.

I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for me as a parent to not know if my 60 to 80K per year was being spent actually teaching my child something useful in STEM, or “Real Journalism” (as opposed to the yellow journalism we’re accustomed to), or Law.  

I know I’d be PISSED OFF to find that instead of sitting in classes that were on topic or studying their ass off in the library my kid was wasting my money marching with a radicalized inarticulate element preaching nothing but victimhood.

I’d be heartbroken knowing that due to the color of my kid’s skin the members of “The Cause” are guaranteed to turn on my child no matter how supportive of “The Cause” my kid was.  Sooner or later my kid would be cast aside because they no longer served a purpose or no longer met the racial guilt test.


Worse would be learning that my kid was being intimidated into participating in protests because otherwise they’d be shunned or punished as the New York Post is reporting.

I’d pray that my child was strong enough to call me saying, “Dad I need to come home, I’m dropping out of college until I can get accepted somewhere education is at the top of the agenda.”

Actually, if my kid called me with that message, I’d be so damn proud I’d be on the next flight to wherever they were, and my rental car would be a freaking U-Haul. We’d turn the move home into an adventure which in itself is always a learning experience.


I suspect that a lot of parents are thinking about this stuff right now.

It begs the question, How long will universities last if the paying customers stop paying? What happens when parents tell their kids “Go to the local community college.”  

If I had a kid in Yale, or Columbia, or The University of Missouri I’d take them aside during the Thanksgiving holiday and tell them to come home.

We’d find another college, even if that meant a completely on-line solution or sending them to Europe for their education.

The decision wouldn’t be about racism, it would be completely about the quality of education. The bang for the buck spent, and the appearance that these colleges have lost their direction and with it, their prestige.


What good is a Columbia, Yale, Claremont or Mizzou degree now? Don’t these degrees fairly shout to business, “Hiring this person will lead to strife and overblown accusations of inequality,” can a business take that kind of risk when they’d be better served hiring an equivalent graduate from Azuza Pacific, The University of Texas, SNHU, or University of Phoenix?

The alumni associations must be pissed off beyond belief.

What must Yale Grads be thinking? I know one, and I owe him a phone call. I’ll have to remember to ask.

You know, American Business has been saying for years that they can’t find qualified American graduates for positions here in the US.

Up to now, I’d dismissed these claims as nothing more than an excuse to hire H1B1 employees in a traitorous attempt to pump up the bottom line at the expense of our country, our workers, and essentially creating a new “slave” class.

In light of recent events, maybe American business has a point. Maybe our colleges and universities aren’t turning out graduates capable of doing the jobs. If that’s the case, then sending your kid to Europe for college is about the only option if you want them to have a shot at getting a job here.

It’s damn scary to think that our country may have fallen that far into the shitter. Have we become a delusional country believing we’re the best, when in fact the sun is rapidly setting on us? Are we doing nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

If so, what happens now?


UoM Follies

As the follies continue at the University of Missouri and now Yale, I think it’s safe to say a fair percentage of the country is scratching their heads in abject confusion.

I know I am… 

After all, just how much responsibility does a University have in creating safe spaces? In my naive thinking, I sort of assumed that the University was expected to be responsible only for what happened on University property. 

Silly Me!

Apparently,to the crop of social justice warriors on campuses today, they expect their playpens to extend outside the confines of the University Property.

give me muscle

To recap,

The Student Government President, a black gay man, got called a name by someone in a red pickup truck OFF CAMPUS!

Yeah, just let that sink in a moment.

Then when the protests started, Two trucks “Intimidated” protestors by driving by with confederate battle flags somehow attached. It’s not clear if we’re talking about actual flags here OR if we’re talking about some kind of decals on their rear windows, and the trucks happened to be on a legal street driving along minding their own business.

I’ve seen about 10 photos of 10 different model trucks accompanying this part of the story. Which leads me to believe that if it happened, yet again none of our special snowflakes took a picture. That in itself is unbelievable given that we’re talking about a narcissistic generation that routinely puts their most intimate moments on the internet for all to see.

Then there is the report of a poop swastika in a dorm bathroom. As was pointed out yesterday with 3600 cellphones on campus you’d expect at least ONE person to have taken a time/date/geotagged picture of the poop. Yet there is no photo, not one, providing any substantiation of the aforementioned swastika.

Hunger Striker

Then there’s the anti racist hunger strike being staged by a kid who’s been at college for 8 years and whose father made 7 million dollars last year. This kid apparently grew up in a house bigger than Warren Buffet’s home, which is in the same area.

More Recently

Reports of the KKK prowling the campus at night. Uhh WHAT? There probably aren’t enough Klansmen in the vicinity to stage a dinner much less a rally or good cross burning.  

Later reports confirmed that the supposed KKK presence was in fact the fevered hallucination of Guess who? The Student Government President who claims to have been called a name in the first place. 

Are we seeing a pattern here? Anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

This whole mess is starting to sound more and more like the story of Rosewood.

Although the way the lies are told and then unravel it’s sounding like an episode of Lucy.  Luuuuccccyyyy, you got some ‘splain to do…

We now have seen

1 University President <— Resigned

1 University Chancellor <— Resigned

1 University Professor <— Resigned.


The resignation of the professor is particularly sad because this guy was simply trying to do his job… You know, TEACH!  Instead he’s bullied because he wasn’t going to cancel class or an exam due to rumor.

Even when the available information from the campus police said that there was no credible threat, this professor was expected to cancel class.  When he didn’t, he’s called a racist, threatened, bullied, and finally decided that he simply didn’t want to be affiliated with the University of Missouri anymore.  

I’m guessing here, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Social Justice Warrior crowd began making credible threats against this professor and his family.  White Privilege MY ASS!

Montag F451

Then I read today that the SJW crowd somehow felt that the University President hadn’t responded properly to Ferguson. I admit that one rebooted my brain. 

What is the proper response?

Should the University President BURN down the fucking school in solidarity, how about just the books? 

What exactly does the SJW crowd at the University of Missouri really want? What is actionable, what is realistic and do these SJW folks understand that there is no-one with a magic wand that can change the world, or people with a swish and flick?

The end of white guilt ?

White people shoulda thought of this years ago. White guilt is going to be eliminated, not because any of the issues actually get fixed, but because the trigger words for white guilt will have lost all meaning.

This country is racist, That town is racist, This person is racist, That college is racist, The police are racist, The media is racist,




Cursed.jpegIt reminds me of the scene in The Mummy Returns where one of the bad guys is grumbling at another bad guy “This is Cursed, That is Cursed,” and starts pointing at random objects “Cursed, Cursed, Cursed!”

Of course all three of those bad guys come to a nasty end at the hands of their employer, The Mummy. Nonetheless it stands as an example of what happens when you overuse a word.

After a while the word loses all meaning and no-one pays attention anymore. Oops! The Mummy just ate you.

College-Campus.jpegSince I mentioned “trigger words” I wonder where the White safe space is? Where on college campuses can oppressed fearful white student go and not hear the incessant “trigger word” of their assumed guilt.

Oh yeah, there aren’t any spaces like that. Not anymore, even though there used to be. They were called college campuses. Ironic that once the Campus was the bastion of freedom of speech, free exchange of ideas, and an opportunity for young adults to mature while coming to grips with the world in a place of safety.

Today however that feeling of safety has been reduced by nothing other than Social Justice Warriors run amok. Now it’s perfectly okay to terrorize people who are symbols of oppression even if they themselves are not oppressors, and never have been.


Unless those people happen to be followers of Islam / Daesh.

Then it’s forbidden to say anything at all, regardless of the horrific oppression of women, the enforced control over women’s bodies, the enslavement of children for sexual purposes, the murder of people who believe in a different version of God, the murder of gay people, or simply those presumed to be gay.

Speaking out against these horrors is racist, leaving a large percent of the population with a WTF look on their faces.

Yes, I just conflated Islam with Daesh. I did it on purpose and in this particular way because there’s not much difference, and because Isis, was an Egyptian goddess and I’d like to see her name restored to her.

My point is, that amidst all the noise and craziness of tiny events and small affronts, we’re losing sight of some really important global issues and simultaneously devaluing the impact that certain words should have.

If you call someone a racist, that word should have impact. It should mean something and is supposed to be a word that invites censure of the person being described as such.

If everyone is racist, then no-one is. If everyone is special, then no-one is.

What has brought this particular train of thought to derailment in this blog, is the recent dust-up at a Missouri college. Apparently the football team is threatening to strike unless a white university president is removed.

ap-university-of-missouri-protests-grow-after-athletes-jump-in.jpgI’m sad to report that Monday, the rabid crowd got their wish, the president resigned.

BUT was it his fault that there was name calling? That some drunken frat boy yelled the “N” word at members of a black student organization?

That two trucks drove by a student protest flying Confederate Battle flags? That someone made a swastika of Poo in a Dorm bathroom?

NO! It wasn’t.

confederate-Flag-in-a-truck.pngRegardless of what many people apparently would like to think, white people are not all controlling, omniscient, all powerful beings.

This president’s ONLY failing in this matter was that he happened to be white.

That is exemplified by one of the student groups issuing a long list of demands that read like random sections from a drunken reading of Mein Kampf. (I know kids, you don’t know what that is and you’re afraid to read it because it was written by Hitler and might trigger you.)

The standout demand was they wanted the university president to acknowledge his “white privilege”. Which to me is akin to nothing short of saying “I’m a racist, and all white people are racists. Please kill us and burn our societies to the ground. Then bitch at those of us that survive because you can’t charge your damn iPhone.”

Whatever investigations this university president may have initiated to get to the bottom of the events didn’t bear fruit within the requisite 15 minutes demanded by a campus full of short attention span morons.

No white people were randomly dragged forth from a dorm to be punished by the mob for their complicity in institutional racism. The crowd demanded instant action and heads of the offenders on pikes.

Funny story. There once was a little town in Florida called Rosewood. The town was almost exclusively black and it’s people lived in relative peace with churches, stores, a turpentine mill and sugarcane mill. In all respects it was a nice middle class town.

In 1923, in a completely wrong misguided quest for instant “Justice” white men lynched a black resident of Rosewood because a white woman who was having an affair told a lie.

Seems the woman had been smacked around by her lover while her husband was at work. In an attempt to explain her injuries she claimed a black drifter had beaten her and she implied she’d been raped.

Predictably, people lost their damn minds. The folks in Rosewood justifiable organized to protect themselves. The white folks organized to essentially compound their screw up and began combing the countryside for black people and burned virtually every structure in Rosewood to the ground.

The town was abandoned and never rebuilt.

I learned about Rosewood in junior high school, in Florida… You know that place everyone likes to call redneck and stupid???  

The lesson about Rosewood was that misguided “Justice” is NOT Justice at all. Lies have consequences, People shouldn’t rush to judgement or punishment, because if you do without due process and obedience to the laws we all have a hand in creating, you create far more damage than good.

Rosewood isn’t just a lesson about racism. It’s a lesson about how panicky and stupid people can become if they become a mob and have a target.

When there were no heads on pikes and “frontier justice” didn’t happen… After all, HOW are you going to track down random individuals who may or may NOT be students of the university? The ONLY conclusion the SJW crowd could come up with was that the president of the university must inevitably be a racist, and therefore part of the problem.

At this point the social justice crowd has demonstrated far more institutionalized racism than a few individuals yelling nigger, or being artistic with shit.

The first event; The student government president who is black, claiming someone in a passing truck (were they students?) called him bad names,” has yet to be verified.

Yet the mere suggestion that nothing was being done was enough to start an inevitable cascade of insanity. Unverified as the allegation is, and will no doubt remain, I wonder if there was some conflict between the Student government president and the University president.

Was this a revenge situation that got out of control? We’ll never know because with the resignation of the offensive white sacrificial goat all investigations will stop. Case closed, we got our man and he was punished.

The only thing we have to show for all this angst is a man who happened to be white was persecuted, bullied, and intimidated, into leaving his job and potentially losing his career with no proof of wrongdoing, apparently only because he is white.

KKK.pngI call that pretty much the definition of racism.

Good job! Students of the University of Missouri. The only thing you didn’t do was march in sheets with torches, burning crosses on lawns.

In related news this morning, The Chancellor of the University of Missouri is also resigning. There had apparently been complaints of various types against him.

Given that the students are now running the show and are on a roll, why don’t they just demand degrees and finish the job of devaluing American College degrees to toilet paper.

Based on the “Critical Thinking Skills” demonstrated by these and other “Thinkers” in the SJW crowd college diplomas clearly aren’t what they once were.

And in Other Ironic news…

South by Southwest canceled panels on gaming harassment due to — Wait for it — Threats of violence.

One of the organizers made this observation.

We had hoped that hosting these two discussions … would lead to a valuable exchange of ideas on this very important topic,” he said. “SXSW prides itself on being a big tent and a marketplace of diverse people and diverse ideas. However, preserving the sanctity of the big tent at SXSW Interactive necessitates that we keep the dialogue civil and respectful. If people can not agree, disagree and embrace new ways of thinking in a safe and secure place that is free of online and offline harassment, then this marketplace of ideas is inevitably compromised.

You know, when you can’t even talk about an issue, fascism is already the rule of the land.