I Hate Employee Surveys

They’re always biased to having you answer their questions as if everything is wonderful.

That makes me mad because; why ask the questions if you’re trying to skew the answers so that you get the results you want? It’s the same as polls in politics or telephone surveys.

But this survey… 

Well it was very annoying. SO I decided to answer the questions brutally honestly. OK, maybe I was a bit more brutal than was necessary.  

I was, absolutely truthful. The company management is rife with micro-managers, and there is absolutely nothing that will keep me there any longer than is absolutely necessary.

I work for a Micro-Manager on steroids. I’m not unbiased about answering questions about the management.

Hopefully my biased answers will balance out their biased questions.

Still little forward motion…

IMG 0774

The insurance company is still trying to determine if they’ll fix the car.

The police report is still not in the insurance company’s hands.

My car is at a 5 star rated repair facility, I saw it yesterday and it broke my heart again to see it. But I needed to get stuff out of the trunk.

The woman that ran the red is still claiming that I ran the light (The maid doth protest too much.

I expect at any moment to receive notification that I’m being sued I’m sure there’s going to be some ambulance chasing attorney who’ll tell her she’s going to get big bucks from the guy driving the nice car.

I’m not worried too much about that but it will be an annoyance. You know, just one more thing to rub salt in the wound.

I had a nice therapeutic massage on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning when I woke up, my BP was down by 10 points. It is amazing what muscle tension will do to your body.

I slept pretty soundly Wednesday and Thursday night. Still hurting sometimes but definitely feeling and moving better than I was the week after the accident.

Now I know

For years I used to wonder why the traffic and driving in Los Angeles was so bad.

I know the answer now.

It’s San Diego drivers visiting Los Angeles!

I’ve come to the conclusion that San Diego is actually a training ground for Pace Car drivers.

Yes You read that right. All Pace Car drivers must come from San Diego. This is the only place I’ve ever been where consistently drivers accelerate or decelerate to maintain a rolling road block.

At first I thought the people were playing games but it’s not gamesmanship, it’s the way these people normally drive!

I’ve actually sat in an honest to god traffic jam here, that was caused by nothing more than two 18-wheelers, one gardening truck, an RV and a couple idiots in cars.

10 miles of open road ahead, and bumper to freaking bumper traffic stuck behind them. And YET, not one of these morons would accelerate change lanes and let other people by.

This place appears to be the training ground for NASCAR pace drivers.  This wouldn’t be that big an issue except that there isn’t a need for this many pace-cars.

But then there’s the demolition driver wannabes. These are the folks that exit a freeway, make a right and cross 4 lanes of traffic to sit in the center lane instead of continuing their insane driving where at least they’d get the hell out of the way. But noooo, these folks after all the craziness are driving at 25 miles pers hour when the rest of traffic is doing 55.

This also explains why most cars in San Diego have dents and dings.

I think a great business investment in this area would be a body shop. But given all the regulations on paint, and prepping materials for doing bodywork, you’d probably go broke paying off the inspectors.

First day back to work.

Pain killers at 1/2 dose get me through the day.

Gonna try sleeping without the muscle relaxers tonight. But got the heating pad against my lower back right now.

Feeling pretty damn old… I used to be able to shake stuff like this off with no effort. As someone I knew once said… Time is the predator that stalks us all.

Been looking at replacement vehicles, just in case Wolf can’t be repaired.

That’s gonna be pricey, BMW or not. But I’m trying to keep a positive attitude that something will work out.

Maybe a 4 door and doing Uber. I’d have to get my work schedule changed but it might be a way to bridge the gap. Alternatively, maybe it’s time for a life of crime!!!!

So that’s the report for today.


Day 5 after the accident. The Insurance company is still waiting for the police report. The woman who ran the light is claiming that it was I, not her that ran the light.

I did the obligatory recorded statement for the insurance company yesterday, recording my account of the accident. My car is supposedly heading to the reapair facility in Riverside for it’s assessment, still don’t know if it’s totaled or not.

I’ve been looking into replacement vehicles and unless my insurance company is really on the ball, I suspect I’m going to be driving a rust bucket from the 1940s. 


On the plus side, It may mean that nobody will mess with me on the road. On the negative side, I’ll have to deal with inevitable car repairs over and over again.

But being on pain killers isn’t all bad. At least I’m not hurting so bad I can’t see straight. 

Been thinking about just using the bike, but right now I don’t have the strength to get it off the center stand. We’re not even going to talk about the decreased reaction time or balance issues that the drugs are causing.

Yup, I’m going to need a car. Right now I have a rental provided by the insurance company, but that’s a time limited option.

I’ve come to the conclusion that San Diego is not for me, and it’s not been a good year. I’ll chalk that up along with other mistakes I’ve made in my life and now it’s about figuring out how to move on. 

As you might be able to tell, the drugs are interfering a bit with my thought processes. I’m kind of random in my thinking.

It’s funny, after the accident it’s been hard to think. I’m not sure what’s causing that. It could just be stress, the doctor seems to think that I’m going to be alright but it’s weird for me to be unable to just think straight.

I’m at my house under the carful watch of the dog. He knows something is up and is checking on me regularly. Nice to know I’m important in someone’s view. 

I’ve decided I’m going to take tomorrow off. That allows me to not have to sit in Friday traffic to get to Escondido. It also allows me to have another day of rest. 

Unfortunately, it means that I’ll be dinged again for taking a day off, even though I’ve explained what’s going on. But hey, they have a Zero Tolerance policy. So perfection is all that is acceptable.

I had to laugh yesterday because when I finally got ahold of someone in HR one of the first questions they asked was to determine if I’d been in the accident on company business. Yeah, I get it but really? You’re concerned about limiting your liability when an employee is just trying to find out what the procedure is to take a couple of days off after being injured? God! What cold blooded people. 

I think that’s one of the biggest things we’ve lost, in our country. Humanity! Yeah we’ll bitch and wail about someone in another country being mistreated, but we have no compassion or kindness for the people in our own country who deal with really tough issues every day. I know… Let’a blame Trump

I saw that LAPride is going on this weekend, and they’re going to have some kind of rally to protest the inequity they perceive with the new pres. I can’t understand what the hell they’re talking about. Nothing has really changed, this president is like the old president. Nothing new.

I was watching the James Comey testimony yesterday. A lot of it sounded like a rehash of all that had gone before. I did have one take-away though. Comey was documenting ever encounter with President Trump. I think that’s a good idea for me to implement with my boss… I don’t trust him any more than Comey trusted Trump.

Enough of my ramblings… Just figured I’d update what’s going on.

The whole day has been spent…

Cleaning up someone else’s mess.

I’ve been on the phone off & on since 6:30 AM PST

Insurance company, rental car company, towing company, insurance company, trying to reach someone in HR at the POS company I work for.

I kinda need a couple of days off give the way I feel but NOOOO! Not one person in the HR or benefits dept could be bothered to call me back. So much for being able to access your benefits, one of which is supposed to be having time off when your injured. 

While my injuries are not severe, I am in a lot of pain and would like to know how to activate or access those benefits without being penalized for being absent.

Typical of the fucked up chaos that is that company.

Yeah I’m hurting and cranky but I’m expected to be sitting at my desk with a smile on my face at 5AM tomorrow. I suppose this is how they force you to show up. I really have come to hate working there. Bad management, bad supervisors, poor organization, and no assistance whatsoever.

So now I have to decide take another “occurrence” risking being fired, or show up hoping I can keep a lid on my temper.

I’m going the Scarlett O’Hara route… “I shall think about this tomorrow.”