Memorial Day-

water-rain-raindrops-dropsWoke up to rain. Cool breeze coming through the window. I’ve got to get ready for work but I’d really prefer to stay home, curl up in bed and listen to the rain.

On the plus side, the air will be clear of dust and pollen. On the down side there’s no doubt that this is going to spur a bunch of plants to bloom. This of course means that my sinuses will be wadded up later in the week and into next week.
I’ll take it though… Of many things I miss from the East Coast, Rain tops the list.

Don’t forget to think of the many military folks who didn’t come home, and their families today. Take a moment to remember them and pray that they rest easy.

Regardless of your beliefs about the reasons for the various battles our country has been involved in throughout the years, the men and women who didn’t come home made the ultimate sacrifice in service, not only for our country, but for us.

Veitnam VetIf you’re visiting a memorial or cemetery and notice a grave marker in disrepair, clean it up. It might just mean the world to someone who visits later in the day.

Today is a day to put politics aside, pay your respects and if you see someone that’s hurting or alone, invite them to your BBQ or picnic.

These folks shouldn’t be forgotten.


First days off in 2 weeks, and I’m sick.


Sinuses are a mess, general body aches and I’m super tired, and honestly I feel like Crap!

Yesterday, I thought it was just that I was tired but today I woke up feeling pretty nasty. I have to head back to SD today so that I can be at work tomorrow.  Yippee!

This sucks and it’s going to suck worse tomorrow at work.

The only thing to do is head back to SD early and try to get more sleep.

So much for my “Weekend” 

I hope yours is a better one.

See ME! Dammit!

In my long and mostly fruitless job search one thing became abundantly clear. The internet is not the job-seekers friend.

Dice, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and the myriad other sites serve only to give false hope, waste the job seeker’s time, mask real opportunities, and further isolate people seeking positions from companies with actual positions available.
“Now Hiring” signs don’t mean “We’re Hiring here at this location.”
“Now Hiring” means, “Go to our website, fill out an application and maybe we’ll get back to you… Probably not though.
But there’s something else I’ve recently been considering;
The Frustration!
Jobless americans

In times past, you could fill out an application at a particular location, and then check back with the same location via telephone to find out if you were likely to be called in for an interview.
Now you check back on a website, but what you get is something like “Under Review”, then you check with the website a few days later and the status is “Closed”.
Okay, fine, but couldn’t you have just sent an email rather than forcing us to log back into your system, and navigate through surveys about our satisfaction with the application process?
Job seekers

For God’s sake, most company’s SPAM us with truly useless shit all the time. Surely, a form email telling an applicant that the position has been filled, isn’t too much to ask.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
After 4 or 5 hours of that fruitless grind, plus filling out endless applications and personality surveys, (85 pages of questions in one case.) It becomes soul crushing.
As the unpaid bills mount up, you’re wondering when you’re going to lose your home, and while yet another “Placement Agent” blows smoke up your skirt… Well, you might tend toward getting well and truly;

As I’ve expressed before, the internet is a way to isolate us rather than unite us.
The internet allows corporations to ignore their customers while maintaining the illusion of being helpful.
Your call is important to us, Please hold for the next available incomprehensible offshore representative. Most of your questions can be answered online by visiting www.wedontgiveadamn.com
The Walled Gardens of corporate hiring processes allow CEOs speaking before congress to make the case, “There aren’t enough qualified workers.”

The suits speaking in front of Congress have stats to back up that claim. They in fact, aren’t lying when they say they need more H1B1 visas. The data holds up, because the information they have, is generated by their HR department, and their HR department has such narrow focus, that no out of work American workers are even considered.
After all, very few American workers seeking positions are recent graduates of Bangalore Technical University! But there are plenty of H1B1 Visa applicants who are.

It’s safer and easier for an employee to pass something up the chain of command than to make a “wrong” decision about anything.

Hiring decisions are no longer at a manager level where the Manager of a department can say, “This person is qualified enough. What they don’t know, they’ll pick up in a week or so, and the PERSON, the human being, would fit nicely in our corporate culture, and my department.”
Instead a manager must sit, or more often a designee sits in a committee and the group decides who gets hired, much like the decision about who gets to be prom queen.

The frustration and anger simmering in America today is not, as South Park says, “They Took R jobs!”
It’s “We never got the opportunity to even be considered by anything other than a computer system or some Orwellian group think.”
We’ve taken the humanity out of employment, and business, which simply feeds the cycle of frustration and anger.
We need to start dealing with each other as people again.
Facebook friends are not actual friends, if you’ve never met them in person. Twitter friends are nothing more than names.
If you’ve never met the people behind the screen do their opinions really matter?

Interesting Coincidence

Since I’ve disconnected from job search sites and taken myself off headhunters emailing lists, I’m no longer getting SPAM emails.

In fact, I haven’t gotten any crap emails for weeks.

This makes me think…

Stop spam email 1

I always knew “Free” probably comes with strings. But I never imagined that job search sites and / or headhunters would sell candidate information to unrelated industries.

Yet that’s exactly what appears to have happened, at least empirically.

For all I know some government or governments cracked down on the folks that have been plaguing us with SPAM.

HAHAHAHAH! Government doing something like ENFORCING the law?!?

I gotta find out what they’re putting in the coffee around this place.

Although I suppose that some governments actually DO enforce the laws in their countries. Ours just isn’t one of them.


If any of you gentle readers have accounts on linkedin, dice, or monster, and you’re of a mind to experiment. Try closing and deleting your account. Then see if your SPAM levels drop. 

If they do… then perhaps it’s time to arrange a boycott of those sites.  Target has taken a hit over the bathroom dust-up, what would investors say about losses mounting in a web service that’s supposed to be helpful.

Just curious…

Laundry Day Blues

One of the difficulties of apartment living…

Aside from being able to hear your neighbor fart! is that if you want to wash clothes you’ve got two choices, maybe three.

I’ve lived here for almost 2 months and I have yet to be able to actually do laundry here at the complex. Literally all of the washing machines and dryers are in use all the time.

I’ve been humping my clothes back to my house in the mountains. I’ve got big tumble machines and a whole house water softening system up there so stuff comes out clean and soft without much need for fabric softeners.

Down here, the water is hard and all the machines are top loaders.

Why has this become an issue?

Because the company has finally told me what my schedule is going to be, and in order for me to transition to the new schedule I’m going to be working at least 8 consecutive days.

SOOOO I really need to do laundry.

I could find a laundrymat, or a cleaners and have them wash my clothes, and it might come to either of those two options.

I can’t really blame the complex, It’s full of really old people. The may be my age but they’re OLD in mind and spirit. I’m an old soul but I don’t consider myself old!

These folks think old and when it comes to things like shared washers and dryers they think nothing of putting 3 small items in each washer.

So much for efficiency!

Anyhoo I’ll try again later perhaps when the next door neighbors start their nightly scream fest. I’ll be awake then anyway.

I can’t imagine what they’re going to think when I have sex here.


Ya Know… Mother Nature you can be a real pain!

For the past four weeks, I’ve been having my car washed over the weekend.

And every single Sunday night it’s rained. Not the gully washing, rinse your car off kind of rain. It’s the misty congeal the pollen and dust in the air onto your car kind of rain.

So I get to have my car all nasty and streaky for the rest of the week.

Mother nature, Thanks for the rain… could I make a little request?

Could you hold off until midweek? Please?

I like the rain and all, but i’d like to get through at least a couple days in San Diego where I enjoy a clean vehicle.

It might even be nice to be able to drop the top on the way to work or on the way home.