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Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore

I’m no fan of Trump.

I think he’s a bully. If he wins the nomination I’m honestly not sure what will happen. Obviously, it will become a race between Hillary and Trump. That being said how the hell do I vote?

Cast my vote for Hillary whom I believe should be indicted for criminal behavior against the United States of America OR cast my vote for a guy who is, at best is unsavory and at worst is a nasty bully?

Do I not vote at all? 

I’m not convinced that is the right course of action either. Not participating doesn’t actually register a disagreement with the establishment.

I think the serious question that needs to be asked is WHY are so many voters turning out for Trump?

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I think this speaks to a serious dissatisfaction with the status quo. How many of us over the past 24 years have found ourselves voting for the least objectionable candidate?

This isn’t what our electoral process is supposed to be. We should be voting for the best candidate. The candidate that is best able to unify us, and provide guidance not for themselves, select groups, or special interests, but for all the people in this country.


Who do these candidates represent? 

We the People? Or more likely the power elite…

Clinton is certainly associated with the Washington Elite. Trump is obviously connected with the wealthy power brokers and I question, if he had to decide between the people or the power brokers of American business which would he choose?

I suspect that the people would lose.

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The problem is We The People can’t take another four years of losing.

So where does that leave those of us who want our country to be unified and moving forward?


I once described the kind of person I wanted as a president. 

Ambassador Sarek

My thoughts on the matter haven’t changed.

I want a president with the following qualities; a statesman, honesty, conviction, and honor, someone for whom logic, not emotion and rhetoric, is first nature.

Thus far I’ve seen nothing even close to that from any of the candidates.

If he were real, I’d vote for Sarek in a minute!