While the local news people were losing their minds over a 4.x that was more of a roller than anything else. The dogs didn’t even look up.

The glass ornaments on the Christmas tree didn’t even tinkle together.

In other words Big Deal! So What?

When I first moved here 4.x was not even anything to bat an eye about. But it’s been so long since we had regular quakes folks are easily freaked out about it now.

Good! maybe there will be an exodus from California and the freeways will open up.

The REAL issue is the weather in the middle of the country.

Their llittany of problems reads like Elmer Fudd’s lyrics in What’s Opera Doc.

Norf winds bwo, Sowf winds bwo, Storms, Thunder, lightening strike, SMOOOOG!

It would be funny were it not so unbelievably tragic.

Those folks went from rain and being in shorts, to tornados, then sleet, then snow and their neighborhoods were wiped out.

Merry Christmas!

Meanwhile our talking heads blather on and on and on about a little shaking that may have done a little damage.  As always California newscasters need to have a little perspective.

For New Years all I want is newscasting that is factual, accurate, and not spun for entertainment.

I’m not holding my breath!