Not that I’m complaining…

I have a loaner BMW 328i.

It’s brand new, with an automatic transmission. I don’t like BMW automatics. The shifting is clunky, and somewhat unpredictable. The car itself is floaty, even in the super sport mode. My car on the other hand is low to the ground, and tight.

Most new BMWs are equipped with automatic transmissions. There is some speculation that from here on out if you prefer a manual transmission you’ll have to order it special, as opposed to having to specify an automatic. I personally think this sucks.

I expect a soft floaty ride from a Mercedes, unless you’re talking about a super high end AMG. I don’t expect that kind of ride from a Beemer.

BMW’s are supposed to be “drivers” cars. This 328 is nice, but it doesn’t feel like a BMW. In some ways it feels more like a Chevy Impala.

I can’t see spending the cash for a 3 series if this is representative of the new era Beemers.

If BMW wants to sell cars, they should give people like me ‘M’ versions of something, as loaners.

On the plus side, the car place called to tell me they think they’ve found the problem. They have to order parts and I probably wont see my car until Tuesday.

That will be a happy reunion. Maybe I’ll make a Palm Springs run.