Black Friday

no, No, NO!

This is not for me. I have no desire to deal with crowds anymore stomping on my feet as we all trudge to the next so-called bargain.

Crowds are one of those things I just can’t take as I’ve gotten older. Disneyland is a nightmare for me. Enclosed malls during mall wide sales or Black Friday are horrific.

So what little christmas shopping I do, I prefer to do on a weekday with a friend of mine and we’ll turn it into a lunch, drinks, and a completely enjoyable shopping experience because we’re at the shopping center for lunch, not the actual shopping.

I’ve seen images of the crowds wrapping around electronic and toy stores. I can’t help but notice how very desperate the people in line look. Last night the news was showing people waiting to get a 49” TV for $149. All I could think was, “Really?” Do they have any idea about the quality of the image or is it just about the size?

I’ve got a 55” I bought in 2009 and I shopped TVs for a long time before deciding on this one. I can’t imagine just seeing a “deal” and running out to stand in line hoping that I’d be one of the lucky people to grab the TV before they sold out.

Back in ancient times… a.k.a. the ‘80s I remember looking forward to shopping with a group of friends on what has become known as Black Friday. We’d go out, and enjoy wandering the malls together. Back then, it wasn’t as crazy as it is now. The parking wasn’t a demolition derby and walking through a lot wasn’t taking your life in your hands, people were still generally polite and obeyed the rules of the road. I guess those days gone forever.

Ahh, nostalgia.

I did take advantage of one Black Friday deal, I purchased a little bit of software at 1/2 off. I’d been hemming and hawing at it’s normal price but then seeing the price this morning I figured aww what the hell.

I guess that means I’m not completely untainted but at least I wasn’t standing in line with a crowd.

Enjoy your shopping.

You can all thank me for being one less person on the road.

Cash donations gratefully accepted!