Purged some really old blog posts

Mostly the blogs were from my really old blog

I’m still testing the new blooging tool. I still like it mostly, however the media handling is very different.

There are times when I like to use photos that I’ve already uploaded to the blog. In the other package, I fire up the media handler and then browse the library of photos in the blog directory.

In this package, thus far I haven’t found a media handler that performs the same function as the one from the other package, much less a way to access the photos already available in the blog.

I can probably learn to live without it. The photos I reuse are relatively few in number, but I do like being able to browse the library before I go hunting the web for something new.

As I was looking at the older posts, I found a lot of broken links. I’ve fixed those as best I can in the posts that remain, so hopefully you won’t see anymore blank image holders. I make no guarantees.

Besides, why are you going back in time on this blog? You should know by now too much of a good thing will make your eyes bleed.