The blog post about the negative impacts of virginity has been preempted by rain.

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Originally, I was going to post about the strangeness of deranged criminals using their virginity as an excuse to commit mass murder.

Then I woke up to the sound of rain on the roof.


I still think it’s weird that the Santa Barbara, and Oregon murderers made their virginity part of their excuse for murder. Being a virgin isn’t a reason to kill a bunch of random people.

I ask, what kind of screwed up philosophies were these guys operating under? What prevented them from having that first embarrassing, bumbling naked romp with some girl that thought they were cute? What prevented them from finding a sex worker to guide them through their first experience?

Las Vegas is easy to get to, and prostitution is legal. I’d bet a full service weekend in Las Vegas is a damn sight cheaper than the cost of an arsenal.



Waves of rain wetting the ground but not so heavy that it’s running off into the wash. The dogs and I are here in the living room with nothing powered up except the computer just listening to the rain on the roof.

At some point I will need to get chores started, laundry for example, but for the moment I’m content to sit here with my cup of coffee and the rain.