I may well regret this…

OSX El Capitan

But I’ve got backups.

Yeah, There’s a new OS X afoot and as I type this it’s downloading to my computer.

Many claims have been made about this iteration of the OS, I’m hoping just a few of them are true.

One of the claims is that the your computer will seem faster. Well I suppose that it actually could be faster because the OS isn’t as computationally intensive. This update is a mostly “Under the hood” kind of update. I’m looking forward to the new Metal features. Metal is supposed to put more of the rendering into the GPU and free up the CPU for other tasks. Fine by me!

If I can get another couple of years out of my computer I’m a totally happy camper.

I’ve backed up all my data, Freed up a memory stick, and done all the checking I can, to make sure this is a smooth upgrade. 

Fingers crossed and all that! 

On the other hand… If this all goes to hell in a hand basket I’ve got a fall back plan. Reload and restore. No, it’s not likely to be R&R but I’m up to the challenge.

This is going to take a while, the update is 6.08GB And I’m seriously damaging the monthly data allotment. On the other hand I’m downloading the update and sticking it on a thumb drive for later use by the other member of the house, and perhaps one or two clients that are afraid to click on “Upgrade”.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.