There’s just too much in my head


There are some of you that will say there’s not enough in my head, as in I don’t have a full deck.

Well you may be right.

The past couple of days, have been days where I’ve got a ton of cool stuff running around in my head but I can’t seem to grab any one of those things and hang on.

I know I need to focus and yet the more I try to force the focus the more scattered the thoughts become.


I think it’s time to clear the noggin.

The question is, HOW?

It was as I was pondering this question that I flashed on Rollerball with James Caan.


There’s this scene where he’s letting go of all kinds of things. His best friend is brain dead, and the corporations have taken his wife away and given her to a more popular player. He’s sitting in his apartment watching recordings of happier times and decided to let it all go. He presses a button on his remote and the recording of his wife freezes then dissolves.

Which led to the question, “Do I have what I need to create animated GIF’s?” The answer to that question is the flashing text above.

I need to find that button in my brain.

I know electroshock can reset an errant brain. I think that’s probably a bit drastic.


Sex can do it sometimes but the last time that worked for me required a weekend at a resort I know of, where… well, lets just say there are times when some of the classics of Rome are re-enacted, sans the killing of emperors, senators, and burning of cities.

Then I flash back to James Caan and wonder why Scott Caan wasn’t in the remake of Rollerball.

Then I’m back to the pondering of resetting my brain.

And then I realize I’ve gotten up 4 times to go get a glass of tea and keep getting lost between here and the kitchen!

I’m beginning to think my muse is having a speed run pumping all kinds of stuff into my head.

That orgy is looking better and better all the time!