A friend asked me to write a description of my perfect presidential candidate


This friend was calling me out about occasional “Bashing” of President Obama and candidate Hillary.

Given the insanity of this election cycle, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of not commenting on the candidates. God knows there’s a LOT to comment on,  I’ve been doing my best to ignore it all.


However, I was thinking about my friend’s question. At first I wasn’t going to go through the exercise but suddenly I found myself like the computer “DeepThought” from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “My circuits are irrevocably committed to computing the answer to the great question”

Soooo I came up with this.

I think you misunderstand me. I don’t give a flying fuck the gender, color, sexuality, or religion of the president. I have ONE requirement!

The President MUST SERVE the wider interests of the American People. ALL THE PEOPLE, not focus on cause célèbre of a few. 


This is not simply an Obama problem, multiple presidents have focused on smaller issues because they were castrated  by partisan politics when it came to fixing bigger issues.

You asked what my perfect candidate would be? Picture GORT from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (the 1951, Michael Rennie, Patricia Neil version) Or I’d take a Vulcan. I want someone who is completely non-partisan, who has read Gandi, Marx, Nietzsche, Seneca,  Homer, Aristotle, and Hitler, (But not just them, I use them as illustrative of breadth.) 


I want someone with a broad historical / philosophical foundation who might have a shot at understanding what the founding fathers were trying to create and the ills that drove them to try this experiment. I’d like someone who could recognize bad ideas from a historical basis. I want someone that is driven to make things better for everyone, not just a select few. BUT I also want someone that is a capable warrior preferably who’s been in battle and knows first hand that war shouldn’t be the first tool but who understands that sometimes it’s the only path.

I want someone strong, fearless, and kind. Someone that is untainted by politics, lobbyists, wealth, or scandal. He or she should ideally be atheist but still respect the quaint ideas of all religions, pandering to none. This person shouldn’t be afraid to speak the truth however popular or unpopular that truth might be. (Of course that means that the American people wouldn’t elect this person in a million years.) I want a realist and someone who can explain simply and concisely why they’re choosing a particular course of action.


That is my fantasy elected official. I’ll vote for the candidate that most closely meets those specifications. Which is why at this point I say neither of the two parties have presented anyone worthy of my vote.

My friend suggested that I use this as a blog post, and here it is.

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