Kudos to Microsoft

Office 365

I’m now the proud owner of an Office 356 subscription.

Generally speaking I”m not real thrilled about the subscription software model. Adobe’s Creative Suite for example, is obscenely priced.

Most of the virus software packages are likewise obscenely priced on a year by year basis. There are exceptions, but in general the well known vendors are overpriced for what you get. Not to mention that their updates and scans are ridiculously slow.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that for $100 a year I can buy Office 356 from Microsoft and have a five seat package that includes iPads and iPhones too.  Add to that the value that for as long as the subscription is current, you get the latest and greatest version of the Office suite, plus an online version that works very well. 

Needless to say, I was skeptical. You know the old saying,  “If it’s too good to be true it probably is.”

But after reading the fine print, I dropped the hammer and now have burned 3 seats of the five seat license. Don’t get any ideas, I’ve got plans for those last 2 seats…

I’d been using the “Preview” version of Office on my Mac for a while and was very impressed. The final version of Office for the Mac is a pleasure to work with. I’ve been impressed that the Windows version and the Mac version work so much alike that it’s easy to forget which machine you’re working on. 

What am I saying here? 


You’ve done a good job bring the two platforms together and the price is absolutely right.

Thank you!

If you’re reading this and have been sitting on the fence about a subscription to Office, just pony up the money.

You’ll be glad you did.