OK now we have marriage…


Now that same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.

It’s time for the “GAY COMMUNITY” to meld with the rest of the communities at hand.


The HRC and GLAAD need to go away, donating their funding to the ACLU.

It’s time for the gay world to act like everyone else.

Blend into suburbia, buy houses, get your white picket fences and live happily ever after. I hope the divorce rate isn’t as high in the gay world as it is in the straight world. But people being people I suspect that therate will be the same if not higher.

Oh sure, there are still a few issues to take care of. 


There is still discrimination in housing, and employment in some places. That however, is an issue that the ACLU needs to champion.

The point is, the time of gay specific organizations has passed. I hope that the gay community doesn’t follow the NAACP path. It’s already far too common for gay folks to scream discrimination.

I’m hoping that instead of maintaining  a separateness, the gay community joins the larger community of America, I have faith that the majority of gay folks will do just that.

However being a realist and knowing that “Victimhood” is very profitable, I’m not holding my breath that GLAAD or the HRC are going away anytime soon.