Really Jeb?


Mr Bush, you were never a contender for my vote. I don’t think this country needs another Bush in the oval office.

But after saying Americans need to work more hours…

Yeeeerrrrr Outta here! Nothing further you may have to say is worth my time.

You’re saying you want to continue the unrestricted flow of illegal immigration, and increase the number of H1B1 visas while you have a ton of unemployed American citizens, and at the same time you’re saying American workers need to work more hours?

With all due respect sir… KISS MY ASS!

In my job, I had to BEG and I mean BEG, then bend over the bosses desk and offer my asshole for the pleasure of the managers, just to be able to use my earned vacation time, which was a paltry two weeks. Oh, and I wasn’t allowed to use those two weeks consecutively, because of “business issues”, so NO European vacation for me!

While many americans are working 80 hours or more a week on salary with no overtime, you’re selling the American worker out, adding to your obscene wealth and you still have the audacity to say Americans need to work more hours???

You sir are a bigger moron than I originally thought. I didn’t think anyone could be that stupid and still be able to speak. Your one claim to fame is…

You’ve proved me wrong.

Now terminate your presidential run go sit your ass on the patio of one of your many mansions and shut the fuck up!