Xbox Live Gold – Your time is past!

Xbox 360

I have an Xbox 360. I even like most of the games. I don’t play a lot and I almost never these days play with other folks online.

I enjoyed playing online when a bunch of guys I worked with would play pretty much every night. I don’t really like playing an online game with a bunch of people I don’t know.

Since Microsoft kinda screwed me with their damn “buy our credits” then converted those credits back to cash, then wouldn’t let me spend the cash that I had on account the way I wanted to spend that cash. I gave it some serious thought and decided I didn’t need to have an Xbox Live Gold thingy.

Xbox One

So bye bye!

Then I was looking at something else about the game consoles, and noticed something very interesting. PlayStation apparently doesn’t charge it’s users to have an account that provides those users the ability to spend money on sony products, services, and games.

Humm isn’t that interesting…

I have a number of xbox games. Many do not have PS4 equivalents but many more seem to be available on the PlayStation. Even the Xbox One until recently couldn’t… (more like wouldn’t) play the older Xbox 360 games. So if you wanted to upgrade your console there was no compelling reason to stick with Microsoft.

Xbox Live Gold

You know, I’ve got a BluRay player that’s dying I wonder if it makes sense to just replace that unit with a PlayStation 4.

When I cancelled the auto renewal of the Xbox Live Gold account @ a cost of $69 per year, Microsoft’s web site asked me why. I clicked the little button next to an answer like Not getting value based on the amount of play. I wonder if they’re listening or are they still thinking their outdated paradigm will give them more revenue?

I’ve notice that some of my friends are using Xbox One. I’ve noticed a more significant absence of my friends from the Microsoft gaming platform in its entirety.

I know most of those guys have PS4s too.


I think they’re simply playing games on a system that’s at least equal if not superior to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, where the cost of the games is the same and the long term cost is lower. If you’re like me and only play once a week or so you’d be better off with a free system, or a pay as you go kind of subscription. A lot of the guys are in the same situation.

It’s time for Microsoft to revisit the whole situation and remember that the gamers aren’t just cash cows.