Hey Comedy Central, Its time for “The Nightly Show” to GO!


Larry Wilmore is about as funny as a finding out you just went down on someone with an antibiotic resistant venereal disease.

The sad part is that he thinks he’s funny.

I thank God that I have an “OFF” button on my remote control, each and every time I hear this guy open his mouth.

Comedy Central you need to stick with interesting stuff that is actually funny.

Key and Peele for example are experimental and sometimes I plain don’t get it, but they’re worth watching because when they get it right, they’re funny as hell.

I watch your network to laugh, South Park, Futurama, & your stand up comedians usually make my day. Do what you do well, keep us laughing!

SouthPark WavingShot

The Nightly Show is absolute SHIT!

If I want cynical, comedic news, I’ll watch CNN.

Even Tosh.0 is better than Larry Wilmore & The Nightly Show. My fingers burst into flames typing that!

Call this guy and his show a #FAIL and move on.

Or you can keep registering God knows how many people pressing the “OFF” button…

Your Choice.