God is Great… But apparently his “Warriors” leave much to be desired!


So did ya hear this one?

Two guys get all dressed up in body armor, with so called “Assault Rifles” (Probably some variant of an AR-15) go to Texas…


…Hop out of their car at a cartoon conference and start shooting up the place. 

They’re taken out within 15 seconds by a traffic cop armed with a Glock .45.

One officer is slightly injured, treated and released.


It reads like a bad three stooges script. Kinda what happens when Curly and Schemp have contract issues.

TEXAS! ????

With the possible exceptions of a Neo-Nazi rave, or a KKK Rally, I couldn’t imagine a worse place to do what these two geniuses attempted.

Well the moron count for the weekend is -2 and the virgin ass count for the demonic goats of hell is +2.


Oh, didn’t you hear? Satan is far too busy to personally fuck every ISIS martyr, so the goats that these guys fucked in life, are now getting sweet revenge in Hell.

“Whos your Daaaaadddyy now? BITCH!”

The media is tying themselves up in knots trying to blame Pamela Geller for this “outrage.” I guess they’re pissed off that Geller planned for the possibility of violence and that the police did their job. Perhaps the police did their job too well, the media would probably be happier if there were a bunch of innocent folks dead inside the venue. 


Two dead Jihadis on hard Texas pavement normally wouldn’t even cause my news radar to twitch, what caught my attention is the media attempting to blame the would-be victims.

You know, the innocent folks inside the building? The folks enjoying their first amendment right to free speech? If I have to listen to CAIR mouth off on the news about how abused they are, then they sure as hell can AVOID a place where a bunch of folks are looking at cartoons, or Art, or listening to an anti-islamic point of view.

Based on the islamic behavior we’ve seen in France, England, Germany, Italy, and other areas of Europe, I find myself asking if Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders are absolutely right in pointing out the elephant in the room.


That’s going some distance for me. Not because i believe Geller and Wilders are wrong, but because Wilders creeps me the hell out.

Has anyone else noticed that he looks like one of the kids from Village of the Damned, only he’s all grown up? I keep expecting his eyes to start glowing.

As long as he’s on our side I guess it’s ok… Its still creepy.

Anyway, I’m sure the great state of Texas has told Pamela Geller’s organization “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”