Ahhhh That’s nice… You could’a told me about it sooner!

I’m very fortunate to have some really smart friends.

Unfortunately, those same friends sometimes forget to share really important stuff.

So rather than complain about my friends lack of sharing… I’m going to share with you.

As I’ve written recently, ads, popups, and all the tracking crap on the internet has gotten completely out of control.  We’ve all told our browsers to block ads, popups, and everything else we can.

Blocking popups can sometimes be a problem because some sites actually use pop-ups in the way they were intended to be used, instead of as a means to display an ad for the latest dancing dildo from ronco.

Ads in general aren’t a big issue & I generally don’t mind seeing them. Until they become so intrusive that I can’t read the web page I want to read.

Its become insane, ads for everything I’ve EVER looked up are flashing around the perimeter of the page leaving me a 1 inch wide strip of text that I actually want to see.

Apple addresses this in part on iPad, iPhone, & Mac with their “reader” view. This strips everything out of the page and presents clean easily readable content. The problem is, I’ve not found a way to turn “reader” view on all the time by default.  (I’ve often thought that would be bliss.)


So after yesterday’s post about the jpg that was nothing more than a link to a malware infested site.

A friend contacted me this morning and after several exchanges asked if there was a program like ADBlock for the Mac.

“ADBlock? What the hell is ADBlock?” I think to myself.  


Surf the web without annoying ads


Surprise, surprise surprise! They make a version for Safari!

“Damn straight, I want to download it!”

One simple manageable extension to safari and Bliss

It also displays how many ads it’s blocked per page. 

REALLY Breitbart, 17 ads on a single page? Do you think you’re being a little excessive???

While the application counts the ads… I don’t see them! 

Blessings to the folks at Adblock Plus!

To my friends using this application…

Speak up sooner!

You all know I run a very vanilla system but I do take a look at applications and stuff that you suggest…

I might think you don’t love me or something, you sadistic bastards!