Maybe Jeb is the better Candidate…


I doubt he can overcome the Media and the family’s legacy.

Look, during George H Bush’s presidency, there were a lot of questions. Followed by 8 years of the Clintons. Then we had George W Bush for 8 years during which there were many questions, and honestly a never ending drone of main stream media pundits bitching about his presidency. 

There are a couple of things that I admit I liked about George W. He knew how to respect and honor the Servicemen in his security detail. He brought back uniformed military at the doors to the White House which the Clintons had mostly done away with. 


Initially, on 9/11 I thought he was an ass because he continued his visit in that classroom. In retrospect I think I admire it.

If he’d jumped up and run out of the classroom, those kids would have thought they’d done something wrong. As President, George W would know that his people were collecting data, and trying to figure out what was going on, how big a threat we were dealing with etc. He’d be privy to any and all information if he was on AirForce One or in a classroom finishing a visit with children.

George W has passed mostly out of the public eye, I’ve noticed news articles from Texas describing his charity work with veterans and what appears to be a more relaxed George W. being a decent human being. I’ve grown to like him.

The problem is, Jeb Bush will never be able to step out of his Father and Brothers shadows. No matter what decision he makes about anything, he’ll always be compared to them. There will always be people assuming that he’s the avatar of the elder Bush’s.


My mother had an intense dislike for Jeb Bush while he was Governor of Florida. She really hates Rick Scott and refers to him as Valdemort.

I think Mom hated Jeb primarily because he was about controlling government spending and improving education without raising taxes to do it.

That meant that the administrators in the Florida schools wouldn’t reduce their salaries or refuse to take a raise but they would instead make sure that the teachers didn’t get raises and that classroom supplies would be in short supply. The administrators would then tell the teachers it was because of “budget cuts”.

The thing is, “budget cut” implies money is being taken away. Not allocating MORE money to a budget is not a cut, its keeping the budget constant. Why do the media and many Democrats describe keeping the budget flat as a cut?


Looking at Jeb’s record on Wikipedia I don’t think he was all that bad a Governor.

He reduced taxes, reduced the size of the state government vetoed 2 Billion in new spending, (a large part of which was a high speed rail boondoggle), and increased Florida’s financial reserves from 1.3 Billion to 9.8 billion.

My Mom was probably upset as an educator that he vetoed 6 million in grants to public library pilot projects to create homework centers, and create web based high school texts in Tampa.

Given that we’ve seen how horribly wrong that kind of thing can go in the Los Angeles Unified School District iPad debacle, perhaps Jeb was right. 

He used his line item veto to stop that pilot program, maybe the documentation he read about the project led him to believe that it would be money wasted. It didn’t mean that he’d never support a similar program. It meant he didn’t think that particular program was a good investment.


The really sad thing is after reading his history, and the things that he’s championed, I’ve begun to think Jeb might actually make a good President. 

I just don’t want to hear the incessant bullshit about him being a “Puppet” or an extension of the Bush Dynasty for the next 5 years. 

Perhaps we need someone completely new, and unknown. Someone with vision and who’s committed to hope and change.

OH WAIT! We’ve been down that road already TWICE.

This country is without question more racist and divided than I can remember since the 60’s. Due in part to all that “Hope and Change”.

Maybe Jeb should be given another look, no matter what the assholes in the main stream media say.

One alternative is that you could elect me as President!

If the newscasters are freaking out about Jeb now… Wait ‘till they get a load of me!