New Years Eve 2014


Here it is, the end of the year.

It’s strange, It hasn’t felt like too much like the holiday season and sure doesn’t feel like the end already.

I guess that’s just a tribute to the weirdness of the world in general. Ya gotta admit that this year has been a roller-coaster and not a particularly fun one.  For me spending part of Feb and all of March in Florida was nice despite the reason I was there.


Aside from some of the “odd” driving there, I actually like Florida better than California. That wasn’t always true but now I think Florida is a hands down winner. (Yeah… make of that euphemism what you will.)

I like Kentucky, Tennessee, and most of the Southeast quite a lot. I enjoyed speaking English, and for a change, not having to engage the “Citispeak” filters to understand what was being said to me. I appreciated the accent-less newscasters of the South.


One of the funniest contrasts for me personally is that FL was settled by the Spanish, has a large Cuban population, and yet not ONE of the newscasters down there broke into Spanish pronunciation when they said “De La Cruz, or Ortiz, or Espinosa.” Even if it was their own name. I found myself wondering what that was about. From a California perspective the utter lack of PC was, well refreshing and for the first time in YEARS I was actually relaxed and at ease.

Interesting when you realize just how much energy constantly second guessing yourself to make sure you don’t offend accidentally takes out of your day. I felt better in Florida emotionally, physically, and spiritually than I have in decades.

I think that is something that bears further investigation in the New Year.


We’ve had lots of crazy stuff this year.

The Middle East drawdown has been reversed (“There will be no boots on the ground. Well I meant to say except the advisors, but they won’t be in combat roles. Well, they will be in combat roles when necessary.”)


Obamacare has proven to be a major pain in the ass, and promises to continue to be a hemorrhoid for the foreseeable future. Oh by the way, hemorrhoids are not covered that will be 12,000 dollars please.

  • NewImageClimate Change a fact
  • Climate change not so much a fact
  • Benghazi
  • Obama Vacationing
  • The NSA
  • The IRS
  • Obama Playing Golf
  • Lois Learner emails lost, then found.
  • The CIA
  • Malasia Flight
  • Passenger plane shot down over Ukraine
  • Putin annexing territory
  • NewImageObama Vacationing
  • Putin Ignoring Obama
  • Holders’ resignation
  • Obama Playing Golf
  • ISIS ISIL or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves at this moment
  • Palestine attacks Israel
  • Obama Vacationing
  • The lie swallowed by the UN that Israelis are mean and killing innocent Palestinians
  • A torture report that we largely didn’t give a shit about. Wire the towel heads up and kick up the voltage!
  • NewImageObama Vacationing
  • Kids flooding the border from Mexico
  • Scandals
  • Ebola
  • More lies
  • A serious butt whooping for the Democrats
  • The betrayal of the American people by the Republicans
  • GamerGate
  • NewImageObama Playing Golf
  • Campus Rape
  • The Fictitious war on women in the western world. Ignoring the factual war on women in the Middle East and Africa.
  • The Hidden war on men
  • Amnesty
  • Obama playing golf
  • Ferguson
  • NewImageHands up, pants down
  • Al Sharpton inciting riots then backing away from the chaos HE CAUSED
  • riots
  • Can’t Breathe
  • FBI Confirmed North Korea hacked Sony
  • FBI confirmation called into question by REAL computer security analysts
  • NewImagePolice shootings
  • Obama on Vacation, Playing Golf
  • Open season declared ON the police
  • De Blasio tossing the cops under the bus
  • De Blasio ignored by the cops…

All the while the drone of the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, and other main stream media telling us that everything is getting better in stark counterpoint to what they said before the last commercial break.

And that’s just what I remember…


This is what we have to show for the year, nothing resolved, our country more divided than I can ever recall, and nothing that begins to look like leadership from our leaders.

Honestly, I’m pretty disgusted. I’ll be glad to put 2014 six feet under.

I look forward to a new year, hopefully a much better year.

I have few resolutions.


Get back into shape

Keep the “News” to a minimum, and with it dial down the noise in my world. The down side is that my blog posts may become far less frequent.

Decide if its time to jettison Twitter from my life. When something is more of a downer than uplifting, maybe its time. That’s the place I got to with FaceBook. Since getting Facebook out of my life, I haven’t missed it one bit.


Simplify my existence

Find a decent job

Write my second and third books

In the Immediate future however…

This evening, I’m going to get myself a stiff drink, watch the boob tube, and comfort the dogs when idiots start honking horns, shooting guns, and setting off illegal fireworks.


What about you?

What do you have planned for 2015?

As always, Be safe.

Don’t drive if you’ve had one too many.

I look forward to blathering at you in the new year.