I’ve been quiet.

NewImage.pngBecause I’ve really had nothing positive to say.

That’s not entirely true.

There are tons of good things happening in my life.

I’m looking for a job, a friend appears to have secured new employment and while that doesn’t directly help me, it does give me hope.

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut in part because whatever I’d say would sound like complaining.

I pushed “Publish” on the blog post yesterday because I’d already written the piece and when I re-read it decided that it was pretty much what I wanted to say.

There are many things about the Santa Barbra violence that I’m thinking through.

My heart goes out to all those involved. it’s a tragic situation and there should have been something in place to provide intervention before things escalated to the point that they did.

Many of the pundits and wags are spinning their evil little hearts out and all sorts of groups are trying to use the tragedy as a cause célèbre to drive their agendas.

I think this is despicable. More offensive to me personally is that the facts about the event are being distorted and made to appear as something much larger than they are.

Rather than ascribing outlandish theories to support an agenda, let’s be human and bury the victims in peace.