Ugh! What a political hangover!


Maybe I should have been drinking while I was watching the SOTU address.

There were a lot of other folks on Twitter that were playing drinking games while they watched the President.

I’m saddened and disheartened when I hear a President say “I’m going to bypass congress to push my agendas forward.”

All I can think is “WHAT?”

How can any president stand before congress and the American People and make a statement like that?

Worse yet, was that Congress applauded. 

I couldn’t help but wonder what they were applauding about?

That they no longer had the burden of working together, because the President was going to do what he wanted anyway?

That the erosion of the separation of the various branches of our government was one step closer to a dictatorship?

No one in that room, Democrat or Republican, should have been applauding our President saying in effect; “I have no faith in our ability to get the job of government done, so I’m going to ignore Congress.” 

That kind of thinking, and the acceptance of that kind of thinking scares the hell out of me.

If you carry the Presidents line of reasoning to it’s furthest conclusion, you start to see other people from history who thought that they, and they alone could chart the best course for their Country and their people. Almost without exception, that path is a dark and bloody one.

So how have we come to this place?

Obviously Congress hasn’t been working for a long time. Partisan politics have divided not only Congress, but the country as a whole.

President Obama isn’t the first Democratic president. I’d say, in my opinion that he is the most divisive.

The next election cycle, we need to boot the Representatives and Senators that aren’t doing their jobs, out of office. 

That’s the way to get things done.