Happy New Year

I was working on a post yesterday. It turned out to be a post that I thought was a bit of a downer, so it went into the bit bucket about 9PM last night.

There’s enough negative stuff in the world and more than enough people recapping it, so why waste my new years eve doing the same.

I got one Christmas Miracle though.

Justin Bieber is retiring! This is a proof to me that there is a just and merciful god! Now if only all the other train wreck celebrities would take the hint, there might actually be peace on earth.

I can dream can’t I?

Today is a quiet day.

IMG 0148

I’m cooking the annual Spanish Bean Soup.

Unfortunately, I’m also cleaning the oven since it’s a nice enough day to have the house open. (That wasn’t planned but I apparently spilled something in the oven over the past week.)

We all know how much I hate hearing smoke alarms.

My downloads are almost complete. That’s a story in itself. I meant to buy the remainder of Season 7 of Dr Who, and also wanted to buy the 50th anniversary show.

WhatI instead bought was all the 50th anniversary mini series and celebration stuff but have been downloading this purchase for 3 days. I still haven’t seen the 50th anniversary show It’s of course, at the bottom of the list! LOL

Maybe I’ll get to watch it tonight.

The neighborhood is unusually quiet. I don’t know if that’s because people really tied one on, or if it’s because I’ve become so used to the sound of heavy construction equipment that now when the neighborhood is “normal” it seems strange.

The construction is complete, the wash looks like the surface of the moon. The county assures us that they’re going to be seeding and planting in the spring and fall. Looks like they’re planning wildflowers along the banks of the wash in spring and then next fall they’ll be planting trees and shrubs that are indigenous to the area.

Most likely, the planting will bring some wildlife back. We’ve been missing the quail and the rabbits for the past few months. Maybe by next Christmas somethings will be more normal.

I hope that everyone has a bright and Happy New Year.

Be Safe.