I sat down to write…

I had something in mind, then I read something else on a news site on the web.

Now I can’t remember what I was going to write about. The news piece I read wasn’t controversial or badly written, it was actually kind of blasé.

But I suppose what I was going to write about wasn’t completely developed and so… evaporated like rain on hot asphalt.

Now, after looking at a blank page for far too long, I’m hungry.

Sigh, OK I’ll go get food and then come back to seeing what I was wanting to write about.

And once again… 

My mind is as blank as this page. Just a little static, but nothing more.


The DOW has been a bit of a roller coaster the past week. Twitters IPO appears to have been successful. 

But that’s not what I was going to write about…

I noticed The President apologized to the people for their loss of healthcare coverage that they were happy with and could afford without government subsidies.

The bigger questions for me are if law was supposed to make it possible for all Americans to be covered, Why is anyone falling through the cracks?

Why are the extremely poor and elderly may finding that their coverage is significantly reduced or completely unaffordable even with subsidies?

How is it reasonable at all to cancel plans that people could afford and tell them that they need to go shopping for more coverage that they can’t afford? YES! I subscribe to the theory something is better than nothing.


My healthcare plan is very expensive for what it is. I’ve got a deductible that is really high and the plan only covers 80%.

I really feel for those folks receiving cancellation notices, I can’t afford to pay more than I’m paying. I sure as hell don’t have the stomach to go through all the insurance bullshit again in less than a year.

I’m also a bit put off that the so called “Good” plans have all kinds of coverage that for instance elderly folks don’t really need. A 65 year old couple isn’t likely to need pregnancy coverage for example. So why are they having their insurance plan cancelled because it doesn’t include that coverage? 

I’ve heard proponents of Obamacare calling the plans being cancelled “CRAP” plans.

I don’t see it that way. I see it as the ultimate in capitalism. People purchase the plans they can afford with the options that most closely match their anticipated needs.


After all, Obamacare made “Cadillac” health plans bad things too.

Hell if I had the money I’d purchase a “BMW” healthcare plan, you know something that included weekly massages (with happy endings) and guaranteed cloning & transfer of my consciousness  to a new body every 20 or 30 years. 

No doubt that would really piss off the folks striving for a more socialist “everyone is equal” health care system.

Being a single male, I don’t need a mammogram, pap smear, or pregnancy coverage. I notice however that coverage is a little light when it comes to my cock and balls.

The only “sanctioned” (covered) therapy for prostate cancer is surgery which leaves the patient incontinent, sterile, and impotent .

I’m thinking, if it ever came to it I’ll take the cancer and fuck my way across the globe. Or I’d pony up the cash for the minimally invasive therapies, completely bypassing my insurance and therefore not getting my moneys worth out of it.

That’s another entire discussion dealing with the pendulum swing caused by men’s mistreatment of women in our society that persisted until the mid 80s. We all know the equation, Men = evil, greedy, sexual predators. Women = Justice, valkyries of virtue and light.

I’ll remind you that my government mandated COBRA coverage was almost $700 a month. That’s more than I was paying for my car and within a couple hundred bucks of my mortgage. I can’t pay that kind of money for something that isn’t providing a tangible benefit every month.

Most young people can’t either.


A 20 year old working at McDonalds, but not working enough hours to have company paid health insurance faced with a choice between paying rent, buying groceries, and putting gas in their car, or paying for healthcare is going to say, “screw healthcare” every time.

If that same individual is paying for school you can be absolutely sure they’re not going to pay for healthcare. Particularly, if they’re squeaking by financially and not able to be a full time student. 

I remember making those choices… I always chose rent (having a place to get laid), gas, (cause going out meant getting laid), then food (drink enough coffee and you can do without food for 3 maybe 4 days.)

Today, I’m in better shape than many people. Getting my healthcare policy was a stressful, long process. Made more stressful because I didn’t want to run afoul of the new law dictating that I must have health insurance.

Yeah, for the most part I’m a legal beagle. I don’t want to give the obscenity our government has become any reason to come looking for me. I pay my taxes, obey the laws, and keep a low profile, all I ask in return is that the government leave me the hell alone.


They only caught Capone because he wasn’t paying taxes, and every hooker knows you always pay your taxes, the IRS pimps gotta have their taste.

Eventually, if the government keeps on it’s current course, it will have the power to observe every aspect of my daily life. My hope is that by the time they get there, I’ll be so old that they’re not going bother themselves with the likes of me.

Funny isn’t it? A year ago that statement would have been dismissed as the ravings of nut job wearing a tin foil hat. But in light of the revelations about the NSA, IRS, and god knows how many other government organizations it doesn’t sound quite so crazy.

Orwell was off by a hundred years… he should have called the book 2084.

Oh… I see this is one of my Randomized posts… Hummm, maybe I should be wearing the tinfoil hat!

But that isn’t what I was going to write about.

Since it’s not coming to me… I’m just going to go with what I’ve written.

As soon as I press “Publish” I’ll no doubt remember what it was.

But you’ll just have to be left wondering…

Ain’t senility a stone bitch?