And in other news…

In another case of “I’m not going to be responsible for my actions” a man in Tennessee is suing Apple for his online porn addiction. I saw a news piece on this the other day and thought it was a joke… Apparently not!

Here is a link to the article in Time


The short version is that this idiot, instead of accepting responsibility for his own actions. Has decided to tie up the courts time because he can’t keep his hands off his PeePee, or his eyeballs off the naughty websites via his internet connected device.

More properly he should blame Apple, his internet provider, and the porn sites themselves. My guess is that he was using his iPhone from Sprint or AT&T surfing porn all the time and has decided to blame Apple for his problem instead of just owning it.

But Apple is the richest most easily identifiable target, especially if you’re hoping for a big out of court settlement.

He says that Apple should install a content filter in it’s browser to block all internet porn. But says nothing of other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. This leads me to believe that he’s after nothing more than a big settlement. Why hasn’t he named Microsoft in his suit, or the United States Government, or CERN for creating the technology that is responsible for fueling his addiction?

Porn sites ask if you’re 18, if the site is a pay site they use your credit card to verify it. 

This guys “Content Filter” is an impossible dream. The sites change URLs so often that even services specifically designed to locate and put these sites in a blacklist database can’t keep up. These services are 100% dedicated to the task 24/7 and still fail to catch all the sites.

The only way to effectively insure that someone acknowledges the “Dangers of internet porn” is to ship every device with a disabled browser. Then force the customer to go to the additional step of getting an unlock code.

Which by the way, wouldn’t have stopped this guy from engaging in his addiction. 

Do you know you’re going to be an alcoholic before you have your first drink?

By this guys logic all alcoholic beverage manufacturers should require that you sign a declaration of understanding that you might become addicted to their product. Imagine the fun that would be. Signing something every time you tried a new beer.

I’m hoping that this guy gets thrown in jail for contempt of court, and wasting the courts time.