Oh for the love of …

Really? The article linked below really pisses me off. Less than 24 hours after California began allowing Same Sex Marriage again, some fuckers in another STATE are filing to halt  them.


This is all these people have to do with their time and money?

How about feeding the poor that they go on about all the time. How about providing alternatives to abortion by giving young unwed mothers a place to stay, and paying for the delivery of their babies in a hospital.

But NO, these people choose instead to spend millions of dollars to fight a battle that more and more normal people have no interest in fighting.

Gay people do the following just like everyone else;

Pay Taxes

Work their asses off

Buy homes

Raise children (Through adoption, or quite often children from previous marriages)

Contribute to the economy

Serve in the military

Become police

Fall in love

Are protected by the Constitution

Deserve equal rights

Deserve equal taxation

Deserve equal protection under the law

Shouldn’t be forced to live as third or fourth class citizens

Deserve the right to inheritance.

Are entitled to their deceased spouses social security and insurance

Are entitled to their joint savings and deceased spouses retirement accounts.

These things and something like 1000 other rights & privileges are conferred instantly by a Certificate of Marriage.

These are things that straight people take for granted. Don’t even get me started on what marriage… The holy union… that blessed by God, or gods, event really was. (Spoiler… POLITICS! Dynasties! Power! Control! Dare I say it Sexual Slavery! )

Gay people using the system of “the Same but different” AKA civil unions still have to spend 10s of thousands of dollars to secure the same rights.

Even then, THE STATE or Nasty Family members can still walk in and simply take a lifetime of work and planning away.

That can’t happen with a marriage.

Here’s a shocker.

All the conservatives out there who are screaming about same sex marriage should consider this.

While conservatives talk about the Government being too involved in the lives of average people, those same conservatives will tie up in court, (You know the Government) a simple proposition of equality.

Think about this;

Gay people in this country have fewer rights than islamic terrorists or  Illegal aliens when it comes to marriage, inheritance, and building lives together.

Most gay people are citizens. They’re sons, daughters, nieces and nephews, neighbor kids that mowed your lawn. They’re Eagle Scouts, and Girl Scouts, Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, and friends. Gay people are woven throughout the fabric of our society and yet somehow they’re always Less than…

Where are the rights of Gay people?

Given, taken away, Given, taken away.

How would the Über conservatives like having their freedom of speech or religion taken away, then given back, then taken away then given back?

African Americans are not innocent in this either. Gay people stood for equal rights in Selma, and Memphis. They marched with Dr King, they believed that equality should be equality for all.

Yet here in California, African American voters swayed by religious fervor from the pulpit managed to narrowly pass proposition 8. It’s been suggested, that had the black voters not showed up at the polls in record numbers, proposition 8 would have failed.

How can it be that equal rights really means equal rights for only some?

Does anyone remember anti-miscegenation laws?

Yeah, there was another time in our history when two people who loved each other couldn’t marry. 

The funny thing is that many of the arguments used to justify that contemptible law are in use today to justify laws against same sex marriage.

Gay people can’t be expected to behave in any way except than with an “agenda”.

They are being persecuted and deprived of their right to equal protection under the law, Of course they’ll behave like a civil rights group. Of course they’ll continue to fight, to protest, to stridently demand fairness.

Before you seek to deny equal rights to someone think about how you would feel if the roles were reversed.

Gay people aren’t out to destroy society, they’re only demanding full and equal participation.

Shouldn’t citizens of this country be afforded equal rights ahead of Illegal immigrants? (You know folks who broke the law crossing our sovereign borders without permission?)

Think about it. Then tell me again why gay people shouldn’t be pissed off.

Update 6/30/2013

As you can see I’m pretty passionate about some things. (Like you didn’t know that)

I generally identify more closely with conservative values than with liberal values. I suppose in this instance I’m squarely in the liberal camp. I don’t like being in the liberal camp, I feel dirty.

My overarching beliefs are in Liberty, Equality, and Justice. I was taught to ask the question, “Where do my rights end and another persons rights begin?”

I believe that individuals know what’s best for them in their lives, and that anyone who seeks to deny any individual any of their rights is to be viewed with great suspicion.

I truly have a problem with the conservatives who in my opinion are hypocrites. These are people who want my help in protecting the constitution and the bill of rights. Then, because of their personal hang-ups or philosophical disagreement  would arbitrarily “cherry pick” groups who enjoy those protections.

My philosophy is that you can’t pick & choose which rights will be accorded your fellow citizens. We all must be equal and we must all defend each others rights. 

(This belief does not preclude assigning a subset of basic rights to non-citizens who are legally visiting our country. However the subset of rights should be those that are internationally agreed to and accepted. You know, the same as visitors are treated in other foreign countries.)

So I was fired up that an out of state group would even think they had a dog in this fight.

They don’t.

I’d respect them if they’d take all that money they’re going to spend on beating the dead horse known as proposition 8 and instead fund improvements to orphanages, or mental health facilities.

I know they’re not going to do anything that reasonable or altruistic, but I’d love to be surprised.

Update 2 6/30/2013


The Gay Marriage opponents FAILED to obstruct gay marriages continuing in California. The article is linked. So you can read it for yourself.

It looks like Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy gave them a smack down by denying their petition without comment.

I guess now these fuckers will spend their money somewhere else to deny rights to someone.