A really nice morning in the mountains.

IMG 0172

Despite the fires burning, more or less in the area… it’s a nice comfortable day.

I’m sitting outside on the deck writing having my morning coffee.

According to the ‘net the Powerhouse fire has greatly increased in size over night and more evacuations have been ordered. I really feel for those people.

It’s no fun having to leave your house not knowing if you’re ever going to see it again. There’s no way to take all your possessions which leaves you trying to choose those items, & mementos that are most important.

I know, I’ve been there…

For me, it’s about grabbing the computer and backups first. Most of my pictures are digital anymore and to loose them would be as devastating as having lost all my negatives in 2008. Most of my books are digital and I can download them again. music is likewise mostly electronic. 

After the house burned, I consciously or subconsciously started making choices that led me to easy replacement of things like that. 

Sitting here typing my yard has been invaded by a covey of quail. Two parents and 4 to 6 chicks. A bunny has also come to the fence line eating tender shoots.  I do enjoy the mountain. 

IMG 0173

Friday night the winds were kicking up enough that we could smell the smoke from the Powerhouse Fire. Last night and this morning we couldn’t. Looking out towards Victorville it’s really hazy.

I had to relocate. The sun was finally clear of the trees and not yet high enough for the umbrella to be effective. I was starting to feel it on my arms & legs. Before I burned I figured I’d best get to some cover.

Yeah, I’m a little random today. Sundays are for randomness and quiet. 

I couldn’t get a camera to take pictures of the critters in the yard. It was funny, as long as I didn’t look at them I could hear that they were going about their business. Rustling in the bushes, cheeps and other sounds. But the moment I turned my head to look at them they all froze.

When I got up to come inside every critter scattered. 

I guess I’ll have to be better prepared tomorrow.

Obviously, I’m purposely ignoring the scandals in Washington, and the Stupidity in Sacramento today. I really don’t want to get worked up.

IMG 0174

I’m planning to handle a SMOG check on my truck this week and then I get to spend a ton of money on registrations for vehicles. OH JOY!

That’s business for tomorrow. My only business today is enjoying the birds in the trees.

I hope your Sunday is as restful and relaxing as mine is.