Gotta Love the Web

I’m settling down last night for a well deserved sleep. 


It’s about midnight. I put the iPad down & plug it in to charge.

“Ding” the display flashes a message about me moderating a comment on the blog.

I enjoy comments.

Its always interesting to see what people’s take is on my sometimes lucid, more often than not chaotic thoughts.

This comment has a provocative subject line and is attached to one of my older posts. 

I couldn’t resist.

I get up, pad softly into my office wake up the computer. My computer is really grumpy when I wake it up late at night, then log into the blog site.

As I’m reading the whole comment I realize it’s essentially an advertisement. It’s for another web site selling items of an Adult nature who figured they’d get free advertising by commenting.

Say what?

Nothing is free Bucko!

Where the hell is my percentage? Where is my ad click revenue? Do I know these people? Have I been sent a catalog, samples, asked permission? Uh NOPE, No, No & No!

Needless to say, The originating server got banned.

Actually, my Hosting Service beat me to it. I guess the originator of this particular comment ticked off a lot of people. I didn’t even have to reject the comment, it was in the deleted items before I even got to it.

Gotta love the efficiency of the Hosting Service.

So here’s the deal, If you want to advertise something on this blog contact me. Lets talk and see if we can come to some arrangement that is mutually beneficial. Once that’s done, I’ll proudly put your links on the page.

… For a percentage

Gotta pay the bills somehow!