Feinstein on the back burner…


After a week of pain in my hand I’m typing again!

I don’t know what I did but for whatever reason I was having some serious problems moving my hand. Who would have thought that a sharp pain in the middle of your hand would cause so much interference just going about my daily life?

The pain was in the wrong position for stigmata so I’m relieved that I’ve not been called into the priesthood or anything.

I’ve been scanning the news and while there are many things that I probably should say I’m not going to.

I was glad to see that Feinstein’s gun bill wasn’t being voted on. I suspect that means that it will show up attached to some other group of bills that we really do need and thereby the old battle ax will have her way.

I can sort of understand her position on guns, early in her career she was first or second on the scene of at least two murders. That would have to change your opinion of guns and violence.

In my case it would make me decide to sponsor concealed or open carry that didn’t require registration. I’m a firm believer in the saying “An armed society is a polite society

She has a right to her opinion and beliefs.

What concerns me is that she’s likely to snake her bill into something else and that bypasses the purpose of our politicians voting on bills/issues in the first place.

I’m in favor of out politicians having to vote on each law/bill individually. I think that would stop a lot of the pork and provide a more transparent and representative body of law.

It will never happen though…