SOTU, not really impressed

There was a headline from a Florida Newspaper that said, “More of the same”, referring to the Presidents speech.

I tend to agree.


Rubios rebuttal was interesting because of the points he made, not that he needed a little water to finish his speech.

The media was showing it’s bias in a big way this morning. 

Had Obama taken a drink mid speech, the Media would probably have said little if anything other than “Well The President has been in meetings all day…”

But the way they were losing their minds this morning, you’d have thought Rubio grabbed a bottle of Scotch or something.

There was one CNN crawler that asked the question “Career Ender?” superimposed over a picture of Senator Rubio drinking some water.

Come on people. If you were listening to what Rubio was saying you could hear that he was getting dry throat.

How about we drop this insanity of our politicians being held to inhumanly high standards. 

President Obama isn’t the second coming of Christ.

Republicans aren’t the spawn of Satan.

Isn’t it enough that our politicians aren’t cheating on their wives (most of the time)? Isn’t it enough that they’re not embarrassing us as a nation (most of the time).

So Senator Rubio needed a little sip of water… Big Deal!

The more important question is did what he said make sense?

Is that why the Media seized on his drink?

Did someone in the media say “Hey, wait a minute… This guy just said the right things to galvanize the middle class into swinging Republican…” 

I hope not, I hope it’s something as simple as the Media being stupid and petty.