Busy day today

IMG 0593

Dropping the car off to have the front end repainted AGAIN!

Then off to EDD to stand in line so that I can actually speak with a human being instead of playing in their  telephone system and never getting anywhere.

I still can’t believe that after 5 hours of dialing, the best I could get was into their automated system only far enough for them to say they couldn’t talk to my right now and then they hung up.

It’s an effective system if you don’t want to deal with the public.

I’m planning to have the laptop with me so If there’s any time I’ll be trying to write. that is as long as the hives keep clearing and I’m not being driven mad by the itching.

Yesterday, there was a “Come to Jesus” meeting with the godbrat. He’s been doing shit like starting a load of clothing then saying that he’s going on an errand, Only to be gone all night leaving wet clothes sitting in the washer. It’s gotten under the other halfs skin because it’s just plan rude. 

I don’t like the saying “I’m going on an errand” which leaves the expectation that he’ll be back in an hour or two only to have him show up the next day. To me that’s on the raggedy edge of lying. It’s not fair, not acceptable, and honestly… if he was doing stuff like this at home I totally get why his step-mom was getting pissed off about it.

I honestly don’t think it’s malicious, the kid has all the attention span of a gnat. I can see how it would piss someone off because it’s essentially a cock block situation.

SO we’ll see if the “Come to Jesus” meeting has any effect.

Frankly I didn’t feel up to having the talk… I was itchy and irritated. That would have been a bad combination especially since I already have trouble knowing when to stop.

Hope everyones day is a good one.

Off to the races…