Sandusky Guilty… DUH!

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Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty by a Jury of his peers.

Sadly, the Appeals process will go on for years and in all likelihood Sandusky will spend very little time in jail and even less time in prison. That’s not to say that Sandusky isn’t entitled to the appellate process. It’s simply a fact.

After all the man is 68 years old. Realistically, how much longer will he live? 

Personally, I think he should be whisked to prison and at least be forced to be someone else’s bitch for a while. In my twisted imagination I can see a big Aryan Nation dude named Darrell saying “Down on your knees bitch… I know you know how to suck!” then the clanging of the cell door closing.

I do doubt that anything like that is ever going to happen.

Sandusky will likely end up under house arrest during the appeals process. His health will deteriorate, then he’ll be too sick to take the rigors of prison. He’ll probably pass quietly in his own bed, there will be a brief news blip about it and thats all.

Most of this is speculation on my part. I’m cynical, if he’d been anyone but Sandusky he’d already be rotting in jail. But fame does have it’s privileges.

Even Rodney King experienced how fame could mitigate punishment. After all how many times was he stopped AFTER he was beaten? Lindsey Lohan? She should have been in jail after her first defiance of a court order. Fame and notoriety may actually be more powerful than money when it comes to keeping someone out of jail.

There is another aspect to the Sandusky story. 

The victims… They’ve been living for years in invisible prisons. Their prisons are composed of shame, guilt, pain, and fear. I personally hope that they get the kind of help they need.

We all can hope that the lessons they learned from Sandusky, are lessons that they will not repeat when / if they’re ever placed in a similar situation. That’s a possible danger isn’t it? These guys having been molested, may in turn become molesters if they don’t get the right kind of counseling.

I hope that all of Sanduskys victims can find peace now.

Sandusky gets his day(s) in court.

Jerry Sandusky ©

Jerry Sandusky is finally having his day in court.

As his trial begins I can’t help but think about how difficult it must be for the young men involved to testify.

If as alleged, Sandusky did molest these boys he deserves the harshest punishment the law can impose.

If the law hasn’t got the stomach for punishing someone like this… I can think of a few dungeons that could use Sandusky in the same ways that he allegedly used the boys. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I firmly believe that everyones first sexual experience should be one of joy, humor, and fun.

Unfortunately there are 10 young men who allegedly never had that opportunity. In fact they never had a chance to discover what their sexuality might have been because someone they trusted and respected imposed his skewed twisted sexuality on them.

If proven guilty, Sanduskys’ betrayal of the boys trust and his stealing of their innocence is a crime for which I can find no forgiveness or excuse.

Let us not forget who Jerry Sandusky is.

He’s 68, self identified as straight, was an upstanding member of the community, reportedly a Methodist, and the adopted Father of six.

He’s the founder of The Second Mile which was a nonprofit organization for underprivileged and at risk children.

He was the assistant coach for most of his career at Penn State

In all he’s the typical all american guy next door who grew up in a time and culture where being homosexual was not a viable option. Then, much more than today the penalty was being ostracized, reviled, hated, and committed for psychiatric treatment.

The “treatments” of the time were notably gruesome. By any standard then… or now, such treatments are classified as torture.

None of this is meant to provide excuse for what Sandusky is accused of.

However being mindful of what being homosexual used to mean does provide a context for how someone like Sandusky could become as fucked up as he apparently is.

Sanduskys’ founding of The Second Mile is a particularly twisted element in this case. He effectively created his own private hunting ground and then used it frequently. Sadly the organizations charter to provide help to “At-Risk” children didn’t include protecting the kids from Sandusky.

This kind of twisted human is what comes out of lifelong terrified repression.

Yet, the crucible that forged Jerry Sandusky is exactly what the religious right, and the ultra right wing members of the Republican party seek to reinstate.

Had Sandusky been allowed to grow up and live without such fear and repression, would he have molested 10 young boys?

That can’t answered for sure. Perhaps it’s something to think about the next time you find yourself nodding and saying amen during a hateful sermon from the likes of Pastor Charles L Worley, or comments from politicians like Rick Santorum.

After all…

You have to think of the children.


A wonderful day for the GOP

Amy Koch and Greg Davis…. She was having an affair with a staffer, He was buying stuff at a gay sex store with tax payers money!

Both sure weren’t practicing what they preach.

Both had whipped up panic about how marriage would be destroyed by allowing same sex marriages and yet…

So gentle reader, what lessons are we learning?

How about the simple lesson that everyone deserves to share equally in the American Dream including marriage to the person of their choice regardless of gender…

Because we are all just as likely to fuck up our lives.