Now I know why TV sales are good this time of year

I watched the State of the Union address last night.

There were several points where I thought I was having a stroke, or that I’d passed into some alternate dimension.

There were some amusing tweets during the speech.

Joint Chiefs

The Joint Chiefs of staff didn’t look happy at all! Of course they must have been concerned about the 10 sailors being held at that very moment in Iran.

Yeah, Iran, you know the country that we’ve brokered a deal to reduce sanctions with? The country that regularly paints our ships and aircraft with targeting systems as we maneuver in the Gulf? The country that has nuclear aspirations and has repeatedly stated its desire to not only destroy Israel but the United States as well?

You know, the helpful friendly nation of Iran, our friend…

I’ll tell you what, if I were Obama I’d make sure I wasn’t alone with these guys. I felt the heat through my TV when Obama said he’d made the military stronger.

Trey Gowdy

Then there was Trey Gowdy. I guess that 7 years is just too long to be able to hide your true feelings and I can’t help but think Gowdy is right up there with the Joint Chiefs.

“Is that a mixture of hatred and disgust sir, or did you eat some bad baklava?”

I can’t imagine how many televisions were shot last night. When Obama leaves office, several things are likely to happen. Gun Sales will fall, Television sales will fall, and cord cutting will level off.

It might be a good thing this is President Obama’s last year.

Below is a small sampling of the tweets that caught my attention.


Blah Blah Blatty Blah, Blah Blah.


I couldn’t bring myself to watch the State of the Union address.

Honestly, I feel kinda bad about it. In a strange way I feel like I’ve somehow abdicated my responsibility to keep an eye on our government.

On the other hand, I was laying flat in my bed after having thrown my back out. (I’m completely unclear how I did it) I just couldn’t take the thought of getting spun up listening to Stompyfoot.

Even reading the after event articles from various news feeds this morning is to some extent disgusting. Split right down the middle, the left is praising The President, the right is essentially saying WTF?

I can’t watch an Obama speech without thinking of The Fifth Element and the character Ruby Rhod. Chris Tucker was fantastic at his parody of marginally talented performers and their entourage of sycophants.

No matter what Ruby said or did his entourage was always excited, in agreement, and willing to tell him whatever they thought he wanted to hear.

I can’t read or listen to the media about The President without seeing Ruby’s entourage in my mind’s eye. 

Some of the reports this morning suggest that The President turned on the media. Chris Matthews was apparently put off by the Presidents comments. I call it a classic case of a politician realizing that his old alliances are now meaningless, so why not start devouring them.

On the plus side we wont have to listen to many more of ‘ol Stompyfoot’s speeches.

I think the election cycle is fully underway and it’s going to be a seriously nasty one.

Nice day even with a heck of a drive

Had a dental appointment today. The last under my current insurance plan.

Thankfully I’ve got good teeth. Otherwise I’m sure that insurance would decline to cover me calling it a “pre-existing” condition.

My teeth, and gums are a bit sore. But I’m going to be fine even if I just want soft food tonight.

I barely missed all the excitement coming home, I passed a sign saying that “all the mountain roads were closed” it was a bit of a concern.

As it turns out CALTRANS was overstating the issue. The mountain roads into the Big Bear area were closed. Not all mountain roads.

The police say that they’ve cornered Christopher Dorner. Apparently, Mr Dorner has been killed in a fire in a cabin.

I’ll wait until the forensic report comes out.

I’m amazed that the Dorner issue has preempted the POTUS State of The Union Address on some of our local TV stations.

This is the first time I’ve created a blog post on an iPad. So if there are any really goofy typos… I’m blaming the iPad!

Signing off to watch the State of the Union.

Should be interesting.

Inauguration day


Couldn’t stomach it. I tuned in for a little while, a very little while. I saw the President trying to look interested. 

I know these public events must be trying for he and his family.

I actually feel sorry for him.  On the other hand he could have said screw it and not sought a second term. That would probably have underscored the futility and just how broken the government is to the American people. Perhaps that would have been a catalyst for real change.

But instead President Obama chose a second term in office. So there he sits with a mask of feigned interest on his face.

Where I in his position I’d probably be thinking of all the things requiring my attention stacking up in the oval office.

I’d be wondering just how far this pomp & circumstance was going to set me back and what time I’d be getting to bed.

The President looked really tired.

(Not to sound like Dr Who when he ended a Prime Ministers term with the words “Don’t you think she looks tired?”)

What is that old quote? “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

I hope this four years is better than the last.

I’m not overly optimistic.

Conspiracy Theories (Updated)

A very good friend of mine & I were discussing conspiracy theories in general over the weekend.

This conversation was taking place over a very nice bourbon after a pizza & beer.  One of the things that we touched on was the conspiracy theories surrounding large corporations, and our government.

He’d just seen a movie with a controversial take on the Twin Towers.  I need to sit down an watch the movie before I can really comment about it in great detail.

A “proof” the movie presented was that the Hijackers made really long turns in order to get their planes lined up for impact with the Twin Towers.

Since these guys were schooled in only the basics of single engine flight the question raised was how could they have controlled the planes which are complex marvels of technology.

My answer is; These planes are complex marvels of technology.

Yeah the hijackers weren’t trained pilots. They certainly had little if any knowledge of multi-turbine aircraft. So for me a more fundamental question is How did they even keep these beasties in the air?

Technology! The hijackers of 9/11 were aided and abetted by none other than the flight computers of the planes themselves.

Over the years since 9/11, attention has been paid to the perfection of the turn one of the planes made. I am not sure that turn is evidence of a conspiracy.

 It’s probably just evidence of a crazy jihadist radically yanking the yoke of a very smart plane and the flight systems computing that the requested maneuver wasn’t possible.

So the flight systems activated to counter an insanely impossible turn. The systems calculated a turn with as short a radius as possible and then executed that turn perfectly, ignoring the screaming moron who was sitting in the pilots seat at the time. That’s the beauty of fly by wire systems, computers cross check the pilot input.

The downside is that really skilled pilots trying to avoid a collision or other hazard have their input ignored too.

I’m not shooting down conspiracies or conspiracy theories. But I’m reminded time and again of Occam’s razor. Roughly stated, The simplest explanation is more often the correct one.

If in fact conspiracies abound, what is the end game?

If our government had planes fly into the Twin Towers and the towers were in fact rigged to explode, Why?

We had plenty of less dramatic excuses to invade various countries in the Middle East. There were a lot of bad people doing a lot of bad things… These bad people were carrying out attacks against our embassies and within the territories of our allies. An attack against an Embassy used to be considered an act of war. According to treaties with many of our allies, mutual defense against enemies is like… line 1 of the treaty.

So if we wanted to have a war in the Middle East we didn’t need the excuse provided by a bunch of morons flying planes into buildings. We could simply have started fielding troops and in all probability there would have been countries… our supposed allies condemning us for doing it… OH Wait!! They did…

IF we were after oil, we had every opportunity to just take it after we were in the Middle East. Honestly, I wish we had.

We’d already been yelled at by the UN. Lots of countries were calling us imperial expansionists and calling for sanctions against the evil American Empire.

We’d already paid the price for committing the “crime”, we might as well have plugged our sippy straw into the oil fields and kept pumping until we pulled up sand. But I’m not all that nice a person…

I think if in fact conspiracies are normal, then the end game isn’t 10, or 20 years out… I think you’re looking at timescales 30 years or more into the future. Oh sure there will be intermediate events in the shorter timeframe but those smaller events only lead to the big finale.

The President may have actually given us a clue about this broader system in his SOTU address.

For better than 20 years American corporations were given tax benefits FOR moving their operations offshore and simultaneously many of them were given incentives by the governments of the countries that they relocated their operations to. Can you say double dipping?

Now The President is calling for tax incentives for companies to return operations to this country. And he called for additional tax incentives for companies that set up their returning operations in the areas previously decimated by OffShoring. Extreme urban renewal? hummmmm?

Now we know a possible goal of the game. Corporations can increase profits for 20 years on the backs of the American Taxpayer and then when the parasitic load becomes too great… The corporations can return to America and be hailed as socially responsible American companies.

I’ve suggested for years that Out Sourcing is at best not good for our country, and at worst it was treason.

I’m not a big believer in conspiracies. I find it hard to believe that large groups of people can execute conspiracies without blabbing.

On the other hand…

Woodward and Bernstein had it absolutely right….

Follow the money!

———— Update —————

I just watched the movie my friend was talking about. Then I watched another one. I have to admit that the inconsistencies each of these programs asks about is interesting.

Damn! Now I’ll be wondering if  maybe conspiracy theorists have a point….

For me, the basic “Follow the Money” rule rings truer than ever.

Who gains what? What is the long term gain? These are questions that the second documentary asked and presented plausible explanations in answer to the question.

I think there should be a corollary to the “Follow the money” rule, if the money isn’t obvious… then follow the bodies.

OK I wasn’t going to but I can’t help myself SOTU

I have to ask myself where has our President been for the past 3 years? Am I the only one that was sitting on my couch worrying about the power it takes for me to turn on the big screen who was saying DUH!?!?!

Being one of the unemployed The President was speaking of, energy consumption is a concern. But of even more concern was that our President seems to just now realize that Offshoring may be bad for economic growth. Again… DUH!

How completely disconnected is our government from We The People ?

For the first time in 3 years the President actually sounded Presidential 

Had our President acted this Presidential during the entirety for his presidency, I’d have a far different opinion of him.

Who was this man?

Why hasn’t he been around more?