Uh OH, Guess White people are going to be driven into poverty…

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It’s only fair, right? After all White folks MUST be punished for their hard work and success.

All you young white males out there.  GIVE UP! You’re fucked!

Learn to drive that forklift, and don’t forget Military Careers are gone now too.

Whatever you do, you’re not going to be allowed to work in technology firms anymore. Probably should look at leaving this country too. I hear the Russians, Germans, & Chinese, are looking for skilled technology workers.

Here’s the deal. During the past few months, Silicon Valley has been called upon to release “Diversity” reports and BIG surprise… Those reports are showing that overwhelmingly White Males, followed by folks from Asia, are at the top of the food chain in technology.

The latest report is from Twitter.

Honestly I don’t find this at all surprising. I noticed a long time ago that the Captains of industry were predominantly white. It actually makes a kind of sense. The civil rights movement was in full swing only 50 years ago.

Black Sales Manager

If you factor in the time needed to improve and integrate the schools, and make sure that black kids had all the same opportunities that white kids had then get the black kids interested in education and prepare them for college… You still come up short. You have folks especially in the early years that simply couldn’t afford college so they didn’t go. Plus you had a mind set in the black community that wasn’t educationally focused. Those issues take time to fix. 

Figure that you lose 15 to 20 years while minds, beliefs, and financial issues get taken care of. Which leaves you with a good 30 or so years during which black kids were being educated right along side white kids. Then hopefully moving on to college. Which means that two maybe four groups of black kids have been educated start to finish through college, with all the same opportunities as white kids. So now they’re waiting in the wings to move up the corporate ladder.

Except that no-one is moving up the corporate ladder except H1B1 Visa holders. That’s another issue entirely.

Then along comes Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demanding to know why there aren’t more black faces in the pages of Forbes. 

Well, looking at President Obama’s management style perhaps we can see why there aren’t more African Americans in management. Having some experience with a supervisor who was far more interested in not rocking the boat and doing anything to keep peace, I can tell you, this isn’t the way to promotions. In any business situation, sometimes you have to take risks, and stand up for what you believe in. Not taking risks or maintaining peace at any price, makes you anything but management material.

Corporate ladder

It also tends to cause a lot of turnover in employees working for that supervisor.

Some employees have goals and want to move up the corporate ladder.  They can’t do that under a milquetoast supervisor because in addition to keeping peace at any price, this kind of supervisor also limits upper management’s view of their employees, Typically the supervisor takes all the credit for good work, and hangs an employee out to dry if a project or other work goes bad.

Lots of employee turnover tends to limit how far up the corporate ladder this type of supervisor can go. Which suggests management classes may be in order for African American supervisors and certainly for President Obama.

I don’t think this bad management style is a personal style choice, I think it’s endemic to most African American managers. I can only assume it’s a style born out of fear of losing a hard won job, there’s probably a psychology paper in there somewhere.

Which brings me back on point.

There aren’t that many African Americans in upper management for a couple of reasons.

1 Poor management style limits access to higher management responsibilities.

2 We’re still waiting for seasoned African Americans to come up through the ranks from entry level positions to upper management.

The two issues are inter-related but I think, subtly different.

These diversity reports are going slam midlevel white male workers the hardest. Regardless of these workers qualifications, they’re going to lose out to institutional racism.

Poor white people

The equation is simple, businesses fear bad publicity. Bad Publicity hurts the bottom line and so must be avoided at all costs. Even if the cost is hiring people who are not qualified for a job. It makes good business sense to isolate someone from management decisions and pay them a salary to look pretty, if their presence spares the company bad publicity.

It even makes sense to hire a lot of people who are unqualified or barely qualified for a series of jobs peppered throughout departments to make your diversity numbers look better. Some of the barely qualified folks will catch on and become good employees. The rest, a company takes as a write-off in productivity.

All of which means, White Males aren’t going to get tech jobs for the foreseeable future.

Gotta love a good Tweet War


While I was waiting to see the dentist on Monday, I saw a venomous tweet directed at an acquaintance. 

I thought “Wow, was it really necessary for that lady to call him a douchebag?”

I sent him a message that read “I see you’re making friends again.” 

I figured he’d laugh, and he did. 

What I wasn’t expecting was the venom from this lady who describes herself as a “balanced liberal” directed at me.

I suppose my levity wasn’t appreciated by her I ignored her.

My bud sent back greetings and said not to pay attention to her she did this kind of thing all the time.

I said OK.

Next thing I knew she was firing off all kinds of comments. Culminating in her, calling me an uneducated, hillbilly, redneck.

And threatening to report me to Twitter because my bud, said she was a bigot on par with the Aryan nation.


I said she was an insult to the Aryan nation. And she called me a racist, uneducated, hillbilly. 

I responded that she’d misunderstood.

Since the Aryans dogma (albieit hateful) was at least consistent and her dogma was inconsistent she would therefore be a insult to them.

After all if you’re going to insult someone you should be clear about it.

Then she got really nasty!

I was laughing, she was entertaining while I waited to have my teeth drilled.

She threatened to report me again and my Bud did it for her. I told her that If I ended up in the twitter gulag I’d be joining a long line of good people who’d been sent to the corn field. 

Then I came up with this,

I sent;

I find your characterization of my hillbilly kin as somehow “Less Than” in comparison, tantamount to HATE SPEECH and that I’d happily go toe to toe with you with the Twitter judges.

Suddenly she was gone!

I figured I could use her own rules couldn’t I?


As I understand Hate Speech, it’s speech that seeks to selectively call, imply or compare a group of people to something negative.

Usually the term hate speech is applied to negative comments about specific ethnicities. More often than not these groups are non European, but sexual preferences are also included in legal protections.

It occurred to me that so called “Hillbillies” might be considered a distinct ethnic group. As such they should be afforded protections against hate speech. One might also extend the definition to occupants of so called “Flyover States”.

Hey why not? 

Thiz means that the negative attacks on Conservatives, Republicans, or people of Faith, so common on Twitter can, and should cause the Gulagging of the liberals who so quickly and easily fling epithets and hateful comments toward these groups.


After all what’s good for one group should be equally applied to other groups!

I’m totally egalitarian about it.

I’m thinking I’ll try to get the next Liberal that attacks me gulaged using this argument. It might be an interesting test of Twitters fairness policies.

Worst case scenario I’ll end up silenced and that will give me a reason to bail on Twitter altogether.

God! I must be really bored!


It’s that time of year again


I live above the snow line. 

That means that unlike a lot of Southern California I really do see a change in seasons. Well usually, this year has been a very strange year.

We’ve had a couple of snowfalls and that’s great for the ski resorts and for the town itself.

The down side of having snow is that the traffic on the weekends is nightmarish.

I think it’s actually worse than Huntington Beach on July 4th. I can say that because I lived in Huntington Beach for a number of years and while I love the town and the ocean, I planned to be gone during the Summer.

There were days when it could take 45 minutes to drive 4 blocks. If I wanted a carton of ice cream, I walked because that was the only way to get home with the ice cream unmelted. 

Yep, walking to the grocery store was faster than driving.

I have the same problem where I live now.  Only it’s magnified a bit, see there’s only one major road coming into town and all it takes is one idiot who thinks they don’t need chains on an icy road to screw everyone.

The other problem that we have is people who think it’s perfectly ok to drive up into a neighborhood, park wherever they want and let their children run rampant through yards to go play in the snow.

IMG 0221

Aside from the general damage done to landscaping, there’s the liability issue. If one of these uninvited assholes gets hurt on my property, technically i’m liable. If they get hurt on the private road, my neighbors and I maintain, then all of us are liable.

So I find myself in frequent exchanges with our uninvited guests.

I want to give them a chance to leave of their own free will and hate to bother the Sheriff. But if they don’t leave I’ll make the call.

The exchanges always go one of two ways.

ME: Can I help you?

THEM: No we’re just here to play in the snow.

ME: That’s nice, there are several public play areas down just off the highway. You’re parked on private property and the rear of your vehicle is blocking the road.

THEM: We’re just going to be here a few minutes. We have children who’ve never seen snow.

ME: If the lady whose property you’re parked on, or the residents up the street who can’t get past your car decide to call the police you’re going to be towed. It really would be better if you went to the public play areas and then you could spend as much time as you want.

THEM: The traffic is really bad down there on the highway. Besides there are 50 people just down the block playing in the snow.

ME: Your choice, you’re telling your kids that it’s ok to invade a neighborhood without permission to do what they wish,  but that’s your business. Stay the hell away from the fence line my dogs don’t like strangers. Dogs on queue start barking.

The second way this conversation goes is 

ME: Can I help you?

THEM: No comprende

ME: No es amusment publico, Estans Casas private, Por favor vamanos.

THEM: FUCK YOU, We have a right to be here.

ME: Not really. This is a neighborhood and these driveways are cleared by the residents so that they have a place to park not so that strangers have parking.

THEM: Fuck You, come on lets go play up on that hill.


I soft peddle it a bit because on more than a few occasions the visitors have gone to their car or truck and pulled a gun on the homeowner asking them to leave. This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m sure that it will at some point in the future.

Sadly it’s the nature of the people we’re dealing with. Which is not to be construed as racist. It’s more a statement about people that feel they don’t have to play by the rules.

What bothers me is the subtext of these exchanges.

(I’ve even fallen for it a couple of times because I can see the little faces pressed up against the windows of the car and I really do understand how excited they are.

In the situations where I’ve fallen for it I’ve let the people park in my driveway and sent them out back to play. I’ve been repaid for my kindness with trash on my lawn, and in one case dirty diapers left on my deck.

The first exchange type, these people assume that I haven’t heard this story before.

I do understand the kids. They should have an experience and I really am torn about telling them no. It’s that old programming my parents gave me. Children are to be protected and cherished and is it really any skin off my nose to let ’em play in the snow out back?

But come on, You’re using your kids to con me… 


I didn’t have anything to do with making your kids. Perhaps if you, or your wife / girlfriend  offered to entertain me I’d feel differently.

Like all men I’m about a little sexual gratification. Someone on their knees in front of me, might persuade me to change my mind.

You’re telling me that traffic is bad?

Look dumbass I know traffic is bad because I can’t leave my house!

Weekends and holidays I plan to stay put because I know that it’s going to take me minimum 2 hours to get home if I go more than 20 miles away.

The second exchange type is just as bad if not worse.

They start the conversation with a lie. They try to make the dumb white guy think that conversation is useless because they “Don’t understand what he’s saying”. 

When I try to converse with them in Spanish suddenly we have a miracle… They speak English just fine.

In both cases these people try to justify their actions (which I contend they know are wrong) by using the teenage fall back

Everyone else is doing it” 

I’m so tempted to tell these folks what my Mother used to tell me.

“20, 50 or 100 people it doesn’t matter, if they all jumped off a cliff would you?”

Recently we actually had a proof of that statement at a lake near here.

As it turns out the answer is yes for some people. There was a situation where people were sledding down a short embankment then out onto a partially frozen lake. 12 of them ended up in the water and one of them almost drown / froze to death.

The amazing thing about it is that there are signs in multiple languages saying that the lake is dangerous and that you shouldn’t walk on the ice.

Even as the ice on the lake was cracking and people were falling through into the water below. More and more people were walking out onto the lake to see what was going on. Some of them obviously stepping over cracks in the ice. 


I digress, the message these people are giving their kids is that they’re entitled to take what they want.

They’re saying that it’s ok to violate the social contract that says you respect other peoples privacy and property, if you’re tired of sitting in traffic and you want something.

At the same time these people will bitch loud, long, and hard if they feel even the slightest affront to their perceived rights.

Implicitly, these people teach a double standard. Their rights are important but no-one else’s rights matter.

Worse they’re teaching the very racist message; “because you’re brown you don’t have to obey the rules.

It’s been suggested that everyone in our town pick another town down the mountain on a particular day. Then we saddle up with our picnic baskets and our bathing suits and simply occupy an area. 

We’d go have a nice party in some random neighborhood, use their pools and park all over the place, in driveways, on the streets, wherever.

Then when the cops showed up … and they would. We’d show the homeowners pictures of our driveways, and streets in the Winter time.

Maybe that would drive the point home.

More likely, my whole town would be in jail…

I saw this little jewel on TOWLEROAD a while back

I’ve let this one steep a while since I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to be quite this out there. But I’m thinking aww what the hell?

I’ve gotta file this one under the WTF category…

Friend of Norwegian Mass Murderer Anders Behring Breivik Thought He Was Gay, Closeted

Read more: TOWLEROAD

I have to ask what does this guys sexuality have to do with the fact that he’s on trial for killing 77 people?

This guy has confessed to committing the murders but claims that he did so to protect his beloved homeland and culture.

The piece also comments on the fact that Breivik had a nose job “so he could have a more “Aryan” nose”. So what?

I’m not sure what the attorneys in Norway are trying to prove.

Breivik, had he been the leader of a revolution that won… would be described as a liberator and hero to his people for protecting the purity of Norwegian culture.

However since Breivik was acting alone he’s perceived as a nutcase and murderer. Now it looks as if the Norwegian court is trying to marginalize the crime and his stated reasons for committing it by painting him as a vain, closeted homosexual who acted out.

This suggests to me that perhaps Norwegian society isn’t ready to consider that they may have a larger problem…

They’re hoping that the Breivik case is a “one-off“.  Perhaps it is.


But what if it’s not?

Lets look at this another way…

What kind of social pressure, cultural change, and abuse does it take for a vain, closeted homosexual to make, plant and detonate a bomb, or pick up a rifle and start shooting people?

The Norwegians had a bit of civil unrest several years ago because one of their cartoonists drew a picture. That picture while protected under Norwegian free speech rights still had to be apologized for. The artist still had to flee his home. The Norwegian government, instead of expelling those who sought to deny the artist his rights made concessions to a radical minority.

The imposition of foreign cultural taboos on a society will inevitably result in unrest. 

Vivid examples include Palastine, and Iran.

The Shah of Iran was deposed at least in part because his policies were too progressive, and  too Western. Apparently the religious infrastructure of the country perceiving a threat to their tradition, power and culture incited a coup. The ruling government then exiled all foreigners, nationalized all the resources and descended into an almost isolationist (from the West except for oil sales) period.

The Palestinians resented in 1947 and do to this day control being imposed on them by the West in the creation of the State of Israel.

I’m not suggesting that Breivik was in any way correct in what he did.

What I’m saying is that perhaps Norway should look more carefully at it’s rising nationalism and the factors that are contributing to it.

Otherwise the next  Breivik will organize an insurgent movement. Such a movement could easily be aimed at focusing Norways’ rising nationalism against the Norwegian government and all people that are perceived as a threat to Norwegian cultural values.


The Christian Science Monitor had an interesting article Monday.

With the ongoing controversy over the Trayvon Martin case, The article questions whether the Rev Al Sharptons call for sanctions against Sanford FL cross the line.

In a word…


Al sharpton

I have a number of problems with Rev Sharpton, and Rev. Jesse Jackson. Personally I think that they are the most racist public figures in America.

These men, in my opinion are right up there with any Skinhead, White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi, and possibly surpass the Klu Klux Klan in their racist behaviors. (Well maybe not… Burning images of Malcom X in white peoples lawns is really tough. The stencil work alone is a bitch.)

Now that I’ve made that extremely controversial statement, let me attempt to back it up.

Here’s Al Sharptons Wikipedia Page. It makes for some interesting reading.

Sharpton has been at the CENTER of quite a few racially motivated riots and other violence. For a so called man of peace, a Minister, and a Man of God… He’s apparently missed the memo from Jesus Christ to seek Peace.

Wikipedia calls his involvement in riot after riot “Activism“. I call it nothing less than incitement to violence and in several cases he engages in “Hate Speech” by any definition.

This man, were he White would be censured and censored.

He would be painted as a crazy, racist, anti-semitic, homophobe. The news media would dismiss him with a condescending “Tut Tut” and that would be the end of it.

However Because Al Sharpton is BLACK, he is allowed to occupy the public stage.

He’s permitted much wider latitude and his opinions granted much more weight because of his race. That’s racist on the part of the American Media, Sharpton himself is racist because regardless of the actual circumstance he will play the victim card and bang the “We’re so oppressed” drum.

Don’t you think for one minute that Al Sharpton doesn’t start every day on his knees praying for events like the Trayvon Martin case.

Think about it. Al Sharptons JOB is to trade on the simmering racism extant in America.

Before you assume I’m talking about white vs black racism take a deep breath and realize I’m talking about racisim from African Americans. Just because you’ve got more melanin in your skin than someone else doesn’t give you an automatic pass. Any racial group can be racist.

His donation income must skyrocket after any event in which he can grandstand and point to the evil white fuckers trying to keep African Americans down.

Angry Black people send their hard earned money to him in support of this or that cause, and all the while Sharpton collects his “salary” from that money and lives in a very nice home in New Jersey. All he has to do is trot out the “We are downtrodden, oppressed, victims of the Bastard White man” argument 4 or 5 times a year and the rest of the time he can sit home watching The View.

Jesse Jackson is surprisingly better than Sharpton. (I honestly thought Jesse Jackson was exactly the same as Al Sharpton. After reading his Wiki Bio I’ve discovered that I was wrong.)

220px Reverend Jesse Jackson speaking at the UN crop

Jackson has been at the center of a number of situations where racial tension was increased by his comments however his record is not as “Activist” as Sharptons. Mr. Jackson has done irreparable damage to a number of individuals based on accusation alone.

The case of the Duke Lacrosse team comes to mind. Jesse Jackson and many other African American leaders demanded the arrest of 3 White… (European American) men for a rape that never occurred.

It was only AFTER many months, the destruction of 3 mens college careers and possibly their lives, and damage to Duke universities reputation itself that the prosecutor dropped the rape charges.

Before the charges were dropped OVERWHELMING evidence had to be presented that showed at least one of the accused wasn’t even at the house where and when the Rape was supposed to have occurred. But the lacrosse players WERE arrested without evidence simply to appease the black community. This affair is completely contrary to the rule of American law which states innocent until proven guilty.

Jesse Jackson NEVER apologized to the men he tried to railroad to jail, and he never will.

Now Jackson and Sharpton are doing their level best to elevate their donations and their careers by destroying a town in Florida. They don’t care who they hurt as long as the town demographic is less than 50% African American. They figure “Whitey gonna take it up the ass.” Jackson and Sharpton get more media attention and with it, more money.

These guys have figured out how to make racism pay.

I find it ironic is that these African American leaders are inciting a LYNCH mob mentality in the Trayvon Martin event.

That they are doing this in Florida is all the more ironic.

In Miami, FL 1935 a homeless African American man whose only crime was knocking on doors to ask for food was arrested and subsequently removed FROM police custody. This man was lynched by a mob of white people with no due process, no charges filed and no trial. Some of the people in the mob were clearly visible in photographs taken during the lynching. None of them were ever prosecuted for the murder.

It is the Miami case and other horrific cases that my Mom pointed to when she was trying to teach me how wrong racism is.

My Mom didn’t make distinctions about who did what to whom, she simply said that “when people make distinctions, creating an US versus THEM mentality, bad things happen.”

No-one is immune from racism and all of us must try to recognize and curb racism wherever and whenever we see it. Now, I suspect that my mom would expand the lesson examples to include the murders of a gay couple in WIlton Manners Florida and Matthew Shepard.

The lesson is the same either way.

It’s a pity that these African American leaders weren’t taught the same broader lesson my Mom managed to teach me.

Then again, MY INCOME doesn’t come from fomenting conflict.

LA City Council Socialist Resolution

The LA City Council has recently demonstrated just how little they understand the freedoms insured by The Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This time they’ve decided not only what hate or sexist speech is but that somehow they can implement socialist controls on the local public airwaves. Unfortunately this dumbass resolution was voted on, and approved.

In One “Man on the street” interview a young lady said that this resolution is to “HELP” the radio station be “better”. I found her characterization interesting because of its similarity to dictators “Helping” people understand by placing them in re-education camps.

616 1305831266

This resolution is in reality targeted at a specific radio station in the Los Angeles region. KFI 640 AM.

Further, this resolution is aimed at Radio Hosts Jon and Ken. These guys are controversial and in the past month or two have drawn criticism for expressing their opinions about current events in particular about Whitney Houston. (Based on the coroner’s report saying that Ms. Houston had Cocaine in her system It appears they were actually right.)

Personally I think John & Ken are idiots. Some of the stuff they’ve said offended me on a number of subjects and as a result I don’t listen to their moronic show or their opinions. That being said, I have to defend their right to free speech and their rights to be idiots for entertainment purposes.

The LA City Councils response is a direct threat to the right to free speech.

Instead of seeking to squelch opinions that they disagree with, the LA City Council should be protecting the right to free speech.

The concerned council members should be appearing on radio shows to present the opposing view. After all they have the right to be heard too.

The Council members sponsoring this resolution are all African American. They are Bernard Parks, Jan Perry, and Herb Wesson Jr.

It could be argued that they are pushing their agenda because of an offensive comment that John and Ken made about Whitney Houston. (Yes I believe that the comment was offensive and disrespectful to the deceased and her family)



I think Rush Limbaugh got named as part of the resolution in a poorly veiled attempt to legitimize what would otherwise have been seen as simply African Americans in power leaping to “St. Whitneys” defense.

It was well known Whitney Houston had a very long history battling substance abuse.

Sadly this is often the price performers pay for their fame. This is an unfortunate reality and Ms. Houston had been addicted to crack, among other things for many years.

John & Ken characterized her as a crack “HO” on-air after her death. In my opinion the “HO” remark was uncalled for, unnecessary, and certainly unkind to Ms. Houstons family and friends.

However the other comments attributed to John & Ken aren’t necessarily out of line. They referred to Ms Houston as “cracked out for 20 years.” One of the pair then said, “Then you find out she’s dead and it’s like, really, it took this long?‘” Yes their comments are insensitive but not untrue.

I doubt seriously that anyone would be upset if something similar is said about Keith Richards when he dies.

It is interesting to note that John & Ken had characterized Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, & Paris Hilton in far more graphic terms and the good people in the LA City Council said nothing. Rush Limbaugh said seriously nasty things about Sandra Fluke and the LA City Council still said nothing.

It wasn’t until Whitney Houston was called a bad name, that the LA City Council became indignant.

New 2011 head shot

People vote with their wallets. This has been made abundantly clear by advertisers withdrawing their support from Rush Limbaugh.

Using legal mechanisms and maneuvering as the City Council has done is dangerous.

This misuse of legal force represents the continued erosion of the basic freedoms we are supposed to hold sacred.