President Stompy foot just doesn’t get it does he?

TPresObamahe president has called for calm, and trust in the face of ebola.

He’s cautioning the American public not to give into hysteria. 


Mr President, perhaps people would be more willing to trust you, your administration, and the government in general if you hadn’t lied to us again and again.

Just a few weeks ago you and the CDC said that ebola was hard to catch. Then we have someone come in from a country that honestly should have been on a restricted travel list and he’s sick. Then he’s at a hospital and dies, now two nurses have tested positive for ebola.


So Stompie, is this disease hard to catch or has your arrogance already killed thousands?

The math of a simple geometric progression is scary enough, but the potential for spread of this disease in a densely packed locale like a city is terrifying, especially since the fixed ratio is likely to be more like three or four if you account for family units or co-workers.

Most people think of the series 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128. That’s a fixed ratio of 2, a fixed ratio of 3 yields something like 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, 729, 2187. A fixed ratio of 4 gives you 1, 4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096, 16384.

It’s not unreasonable for the American people to ask if the genie is already out of the bottle. A sick nurse, on two flights in a closed environment at close quarters with a minimum of 140 other people…  Gee, that sounds like a freaking party! Sign me the fuck up! I’m surprised as hell that others aren’t showing symptoms, but the incubation period is still young!


You said, Mr. President, that you didn’t think we’d need an ebola tsar, yet you’ve assigned one.

You said the CDC had it under control, but they’ve said they screwed up.

You’ve said that the troops we’re sending to Africa to battle ebola will not have contact with sick people, but now we’re learning that apparently they are going to be assisting sick folks in the temporary hospitals.  What are you going to do if our troops get sick? You’re needlessly exposing our troops to a situation that they shouldn’t be in.

You’re concerned about imposing a travel ban because we need to help the people of Africa. You’ve told us that a travel ban will harm the people of Africa by restricting the flow of aid, that’s dishonest on it’s face. We can send all the aid we want to Africa, we just don’t have to allow anyone from the restricted areas to COME HERE.

Golfy Stompy

Your Oath of Office says you’ll put the needs and safety of the American people first. Imposing a travel ban is a simple direct way to do that, as is closing our southern border (which you have consistently FAILED to do.)

We won’t even discuss your failure to take, ISIS or as France has decided to call them Daesh, seriously, or your subsequent authorization of bombing in Iraq and Syria. 

Really President Stompy, Why should I or the rest of the American people trust you?

I’m not hysterical about ebola. I’ll tell you this, I’d think twice about getting onto a plane right now.

I’ve caught the flu more times than I can count on planes. The flu is a pain in the ass, ebola is worse so if I don’t have to fly, I’m not going to.

President Fail

Technically I don’t even have to fly to get ebola. I can simply kiss someone that was on a plane and who now has flu like symptoms, its flu season we’d think nothing of it, and we’d probably wait to get treatment because a lot of us are still having so much trouble with our medical insurance that the concept of seeing a doctor is simply too daunting. The delays in seeking treatment, could result in more exposure, and the spread of the virus before it was even reported in a particular area.

This is because Mr. President, you’ve failed… again, to put the safety and wellbeing of the American public first.

You may well have created an America that rivals third world cesspool countries, time will tell. Regardless, your presidency will be one for the history books. 


Well this is a first


For the first time in six years I agree with President Stompy Foot.

It’s either a miracle or the end of days.

The president has been quoted as saying that the world is a messy place and always has been. He’s right. Further, the president has said that our awareness and feeling that things are very bad is due in large part to social media.

Again, I agree. 

I’ve recently come to believe, (recently being a relative term) that our connectedness actually leads to an overall feeling of hopelessness and perhaps even depression.

I’ve written in the past about my reasons for closing my social media accounts and also choosing not to watch the news. I’ve been known to go for weeks at a time not even reading the newspaper or online news sources. Honestly, the saturation of our world with all the evil that people do could make you long for a fifty mile wide meteor, or a plague. 


Sure, you’re likely to end up just as dead as everyone else but at least you’re likely to be able to witness a bunch of really evil people getting their comeuppance.

Really, would any of us shed too many tears if a meteor obliterated Washington D.C.? I didn’t think so.

I’ve written before that I wouldn’t mind seeing something similar happen to the evil fucks in the Middle East. I could easily picture myself lying on my deathbed seeing the talking heads reporting “The Horror”, and questioning why no-one was able to detect or stop the awful rock from space, then laughing myself to death.

A scenario as I’ve described is however, unlikely to happen.

So we continue to focus on our twitter feeds, and keep up with people we’ve never met on Facebook or LinkedIn, or Instagram, or any of the myriad of other distractions brought to us second by second on our computers, tablets and phones. Some of us are so distracted and focused on our phones that we’ll walk into fountains in shopping centers. Then we’ll try to sue the mall for our public humiliation claiming that there should have been a taller rail… To protect us from our OWN stupidity.

We’re too connected.


Who hasn’t been on the phone, or at the doctor, or in a dentists chair, then had someone calling repeatedly? I recently had a professional do EXACTLY that. I was in a dentists chair and my phone began ringing every 30 seconds. It was the same person calling again and again refusing to accept that they’d have to leave a message.

Eventually the dentist put the tools down, and told me to answer my phone. I simply turned the damn thing off. I was so angry that had I spoken to the person trying so desperately to contact me… I would have been far less than professional.

 As the dentist smiled and resumed his work, you know, the work I was paying professional wages to have him do, all I could think was “I’m not going to deal with the person or his company in the future.”


As I read about president stompy foot’s comments this morning, I couldn’t help but think that he’s damn lucky we’re so distracted, fractured, upset and confused by social media and the cacophony of noise in our lives.

If we weren’t, we’d have nothing better to do than pay very close attention to him and his cronies in Washington. 

I doubt any of the people in the government could stand that kind of scrutiny.

Let me explain…


Americans not wanting Illegal immigrants is not the same as Americans not welcoming Immigrants.

I know the subtlety is easily lost in the endless politically correct churning of the mainstream media.

Immigrants are by definition folks that have gone through the process of asking for permission, and filling out endless applications to move to the United States.

They are patient, and law abiding, they’re generally looking for a new life and willing to assimilate into the fabric of our great nation. Often they are escaping the oppression of a government or political system that punished them for being who they were, for having dreams, or for disagreeing with totalitarianism.

Generally, these people do not wish to bring the ills of their former nation to their new adopted country. They don’t seek what they had at home, they seek a future of freedom and opportunity. (Unless they’re Muslim… another story entirely.)

BN DP115 border M 20140708123255

Illegal Immigrants may want many of the same things, but there is one major difference and lots of little differences between the Illegal Immigrant and the legal immigrant.

The major difference…

The Illegal Immigrant has, as their first act in a new country broken the law. There is NO discussion here, no excuses, it’s a matter of fact. Crossing the border into another country without permission is illegal. Therefore an Illegal immigrant has broken the law.

Many, though not all illegal immigrants are simply criminals in their own country and seek to escape justice by hiding among the shadow population in this country. These folks bring their criminal ways with them.

Enforcing a closed border, Unreasonable?

HITSHOME 20140702 113013

It’s not unreasonable to want to defend our border. It’s not unreasonable to send folks packing because they snuck into the country.

What is unreasonable is not enforcing the laws of this country.

It’s unreasonable to distribute Illegal immigrants across the nation, free them on a promise, and then expect them to show up in court. Particularly if those illegal immigrants are underage children. It makes no sense that our government is essentially asking minors to enter into a legal contract, in a country whose laws they don’t understand.

In the current climate where we have borders that are not secure, and our government secretly distributing illegal immigrants throughout the country, members of my own family are being placed at risk.

Images 1

Yes… a cracker, honky, lily white, (gasp) conservative male has relatives that are of Latin American decent. 

They’re children, they’re American citizens, and they’re AT RISK!

Follow this scenario.

My elderly parents shopping with their grand children who tan very well, encounter folks that are angry about the lawless illegal immigration that our government is allowing.

This angry mob points to the kids, demanding to see their immigration papers (which of course as American citizens they neither have, or need.) My Dad gets pissed off and tries to protect his grandchildren then sustains injury. Meanwhile my Mom attempts to escape the mob only to be called to account for harboring Illegals!

The kids are traumatized and have seen the ugliest face of humanity, all the while not understanding what they did wrong. (Because Unknownof course they did nothing wrong!)

The scenario above isn’t beyond possibility. Especially if our government continues to sanction and assist illegal immigration. Eventually Americans are going to get pissed off and when they do a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt.

I feel for the folks who want to come to this country, I really do. That being said, I absolutely am 100% against having our borders unsecured, any and ALL amnesty programs or doing anything with the illegals involved in our border crisis EXCEPT returning them to their country of origin immediately.

For me it’s personal.

I believe it is totally unconscionable and dangerous to Americans, for the Obama administration to harbor these people, and ignore the will of the Citizens. 


Really? Republicans are in a dither about a True Blood characters comment?

Pam 1024

True Blood is a TV show. These characters are fiction and what comes out of their mouths is a story.

That being said, and being a bit of a True Blood fan I found the comment to be consistent with Pam’s character. 

Pam Said “My god I look like a republicunt,” and she did. She looked like one of the trophy wives seen all too often in the theater of American politics.

She said this in private to Eric who is dying of a vampire disease. It was typical Pam, she tends to drift toward gallows humor.  Pam is plain spoken and tends to be a bit crude. She’s also vicious when pissed off, yet fiercely loyal to her family and friends.  Like all vampires she’s drifted over sexual lines and explored the unknown. I think this is simply a function of being old in the True Blood story line.

So I have to ask why the hell the Republicans and Conservatives are freaking out and taking offense  at what Pam said. I won’t even mention the insanity of the Conservatives only NOW commenting about the homoerotic overtones contained in True Blood. If they find this sort of thing offensive they probably should have stopped watching True Blood oh… four or five seasons ago.

Don’t they have something better to do?

More interesting is that instead of laughing it off, OR perhaps realizing that the show reflects the general view of Republican conservatives and addressing that image problem. These people are wringing their hands in the media. Really????

Apparently Sarah Palin was invited to do a cameo. She declined, so we’ll never know what that cameo would have looked like. I personally could see a scene where Mrs Palin pulled a big assed .357 out of her purse and started shooting the Yakuza that were hunting down another character. That would have been fun, and allowed Mrs Palin to squeeze off a couple of shots for the 2nd amendment.

Who knows, Pam might have liked Mrs Palin.

So Republicans & Conservatives… Stop embarrassing yourselves over a piece of fiction. 

More importantly, Stop embarrassing me!

You know I was thinking about politics…


Now wait, it’s ok.

I was wondering why a happy go lucky guy like me who’d been able for decades to ignore politics, taxes, and all the foolishness, of the government suddenly got interested.

It’s counterintuitive as hell.

Then I started thinking back, remembering my life before my interest in politics.

I was busy, I had lots of work, the companies where I was working were competitive and only cared if you could do the job, not the effete university from which you’d purchased your diploma.

For that matter diplomas actually held weight. A degreed individual was actually someone that you could go to for answers to real problems. Instead of the narrow-minded stovepiped “specialists” we have today.


Time spun on, and I was still working, although the jobs were getting less plentiful. I didn’t often notice the politics and most of what I did notice was scandal or unbelievable stupidity. But politics was infiltrating my life year after year.

Five years became ten, ten became twenty, and well… you get the picture.

Flash forward many years to now, and I realized that politics has simply become all encompassing and intrusive. Its everywhere and there is no escape.

It’s not just politics it’s highly polarized politics charged with divisiveness and fueled by a willingness to ignore anyone else’s opinion regardless of the validity of a dissenting opinion.

And that’s whats drawn my attention, its this complete dismissiveness of the other guy that pisses me off.

So now I find I can’t look away even if I want to.  Its sort of like looking at an accident in progress, you want to look away but you just can’t bring yourself to close your eyes until after you see the horror.  That’s our political system these days a disaster in progress.

Kind of a sad commentary when you think about it.

Holy Shit! I can’t believe I saw this.


President Obama threw the Iraqi government under the bus today. 

I have NO love of Iraq but I can’t help think, since they are supposed to be more or less our allies that we’re supposed to help them when they ask for our help.

Obama just said, “You’re on your own.”

I just noticed a report of 200 US government civilian contractors that are trapped and holding an airbase with weapons and ammunition left behind by fleeing Iraqi security and military personnel. These folks have been holding their position since Wednesday and were in the process of evacuating.

Did the President just tell them “You’re Fucked”?

Lets see 200 Americans at a 5 to one ratio of Gitmo prisoners… HEY! Obama will be able to keep at least ONE of his promises.  To get back the contractors, he’ll be able to close Gitmo. Surely that will be something all the Obama ass kissers will be crowing about. 

I can see Nancy Pelosi telling all of America what a successful, honest and wonderful President Obama is.

The president is doing more to cause the world, and our allies to mistrust us than anyone I can ever remember.

We need to start leading again.