On this Memorial Day…


I know that it’s not Veterans Day but I think that we should say thank you to our warriors today nonetheless.

I want to thank my brother for his service. I love you bro, you’re a good man and I know Dad was prouder than shit of you.

To everyone else active duty or not,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for believing in We The People.


Thank you to my friends & family who are no longer with us for their service. I humbly pray that they rest in peace and are not forgotten. 

John, I miss you, love ya man. Keep the beer cold and the party hot I’ll see you again.

Dad, I miss you and I love you more than I said in life. I think of you often, and god knows I’m trying to be a good example of our family. A little nudge in the right direction from time to time would be appreciated.


Grandpa E. You were like the Tanks that you drove in WWII big and rumbling. I didn’t understand you very well, But you loved me and that was all that mattered. 

For all those who have given all that I didn’t personally know.

Thank you for my freedom, my rights, and the thousand little things that I take for granted every single day. I may not know your names but you’re my heros anyway.

Have a very loving Memorial Day.


Give a vet a long strong hug. They’re remembering lost friends and need to know they’re loved, respected, appreciated, and that we’re grateful to them.

Sad to see… Marines in urination video charged.

Back a while ago I wrote about a group of Marines Urinating on dead Taliban insurgents.

I stand by every word I wrote then and I’m going to stand by every word I write now.

I’m disappointed in the brass at Marine Corps Headquarters.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Marines. I love all my Marine friends and by extension their trusted Marine buddies.


I’m disappointed that the Marine Corps Brass pursued prosecution, and that they’ve seen fit to initiate corps martial proceedings against any of the Marines involved in this incident.

I can’t help but feel that the Marine Corps HQ has become a bunch of pussies who are more interested in looking good on TV and to the Media than backing up the Men & Women serving in the ranks.

Yeah, I just called the top brass pussies! I’ll take my beating if it comes to it.

(You don’t insult a Marine or the Corps without recognizing that you might have to pay a price.)

I’ve been involved through my friends and family on the periphery of the Corps for a very long time. Granted, not so much over the past 20 years or so.

I can’t imagine the changes that have gone on to allow this kind of political BullShit!

At most this incident should have been a slap on the wrists for those involved.

We are supposed to have a higher standard than the Taliban / Al Qaida fucks.

But Court Martial? I think that’s seriously over the top.

There are other charges, some of which are more serious… but frankly it sounds like someone had to dig deep into the UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice) to find something to charge these guys with. Which suggests that someone was demanding butts on the wall to appease someone.

As I’ve read several of the articles I found myself wondering “What about the Moron that posted the video in the first place?

Surely that person brought shame and embarrassment to the Corps. Doesn’t that warrant at least a “Conduct Unbecoming” charge?

I’d hoped that this whole business had been settled behind closed doors. You know, the guys involved got spanked then got told to go out and kill more Taliban.

I’d honestly believed that some salty Marine in Washington had told the asshole liberal politicians to go fuck off. Sadly, I guess not.

Politically Correct doesn’t exist on a battle field. Get over it and move on.

Why do we never learn?

I caught an article this morning reporting that the CIA is funneling arms to the Syrian rebels.

Have we learned nothing?

We did the same thing In Afghanistan. Yes, the Russian military got beaten back… in the process we created an enemy that 12 years later we began fighting. 

Frightening isn’t it? Only 12 years after the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan we were there again, this time as combatants. We’ve been there for a decade. 


So here we are AGAIN! 

We, along with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, are assisting in arming and I’m assuming providing tactical training to the Syrian Rebels…

To what end? 

We claim humanitarian reasons, the fact is many of the Middle Eastern cultures have a vastly different ideas about what humanitarian means.

When are we going to learn that interfering in the internal political affairs of other countries is not in our best interest?

Part of our involvement stems, I’m sure from UN directives.

I’ve noticed that when it comes to UN peace keeping missions it’s the American Military and by extension the American Taxpayer who’s footing the bill.

Yet the very countries where the UN has placed our military in harms way often hate us with a bloodlust that borders on insanity.

I find myself asking again and again, whats in it for us?

Food, oil, gold, silver, aluminum, coal, any raw materials? Uhhh NO!

But there’s a mountain of debt that gets racked up with each little peacekeeping action.

Personally I resent having to pay for the clean up of some despots mess. I might feel differently if I paid $1 a gallon for gas and our military budget was completely covered.

I’ve long thought that our military should be a palms up mercenary force. If the UN wants us to bring peace to an area… Then they or the afflicted country should foot the bill, not the American people.

In the case of Syria… If the Syrian government could pay for our services then I say we send our military in to stop the rebellion. If the Rebels and their supporters can outbid the Syrian government then our military fights on the side of the rebels.

We’d make no judgement about the conflict. We’d take the money do our job and we leave. The smoking ruins and collateral damage would not be our concern. 

If the equation was as simple as the services of the US Military goes to the highest cash bidder, I wonder how many conflicts would end at the diplomatic table before they ever started?

The world wants us to be their Police… Fine. Even cops get paid.

Been following the Hubub over the “Marine Kiss”


I think it’s freaking neat!

By now most everyone has seen the photos of the Marine arriving home from Camp Leatherneck and kissing his boyfriend. For those of you that haven’t seen what all the hubub is about I’m including the

That the photos went viral is surprising but then again it’s “new” in the public eye.

I’ve been cruising through the various blogs and news reports and smiling that the majority of comments are pretty positive. After all who wouldn’t want to be greeted with passion, love, and joy by their loved one after 6 months apart?

The negative comments are surprisingly venomous but thankfully few.

What is astounding is that some people have a tough time differentiating between religious dogma and the law.

In a few instances I’ve been unable to keep my mouth shut and have added to the comment stream.

One of my comments is as follows.

To those of you who’ve described this homecoming as “nauseating, sick, degrading, they should be arrested, he should be thrown out of the Marines” etc.

You do realize you’re essentially coming down on the side of oppression don’t you?

Why would you deny two consenting adults their personal “pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness” as described in the Declaration of Independence?

Have these two adults done anything to deny you your own pursuit of the same? I think not. One of them is willingly and actively working to protect those very rights for you.

Perhaps you should think about that before you seek to deny freedoms from your fellow citizens.

17064408 SA

Here is a link to one of the news reports from The Miami Herald. This one has an active comments thread, I’ve been checking on during the day.

Joe My god has a similar story. As does Rex Wockner.

I’m sure that in a fairly short time this will be as commonplace as any other homecoming scene.

For the moment… It’s generating a heck of a media tempest.

To Dalan Wells and Brandon Morgan, if they ever stumble upon my little patch of the web…

Well Done guys. Welcome home Brandon. I hope you both have all the happiness you deserve.

Thank you Brandon for defending me and thank you Dalan for giving Brandon the homecoming he deserved.

Now both of you… GO PLAY!



I can’t believe it… I actually agree with Rick Perry about something.

This is very scary, I agree with Rick Perry.

Did my apocalypse pager go off and I missed it? Nope! No page and the batteries are good.

Which is to say, that like a broken clock that’s right twice a day…  Even ultra conservative candidates that I mostly disagree with can make a reasonable point.

There’s another point too. Unlike a lot of the left, I still try to listen to what people say even if I think they’re full of shit or I disagree with them so deeply that listening to their point of view is a white knuckle experience for me.

White knuckle,  not because I’m afraid… but because I want to jump out of my chair and slap the shit right out of them…

I did find it interesting that the reporter while apparently a bit to the left, allowed Mr. Perry to complete his thought and even made a reasonable observation about the ubiquitous nature of video / information flow and how it can work to our detriment.

On the other hand if our media spent nearly as much time trying to spin this minor event as exactly what it was.

1. Time honored tradition since the first proto-human bashed a rivals skull in with a rock. 2. A minor mistake by a bunch of amped up young men.

Then the world would have said “meh… so what”.


Thanks to MRCTV and Breitbart.com for the link.

I find myself wondering how much of the lefts response is plain old penis envy?

I’d personally characterize a lot of the left (male or female) as being dickless.

I can still proudly write my name in the snow…

How about you?

This is an Ooops… Not an international incident

I saw this on Joe my gods, blog. The outraged leftist comments on Joes blog prompted me to write this..

Marines have been videoed apparently urinating on dead Taliban 

I’ve got a couple of things to say about this.

Yeah, it was wrong.

Devil Dogs, I totally love you. Please, y’all need to remember that every moron has a camera up their ass these days. Be more careful in the future. What ain’t seen on TV… didn’t happen…

This doesn’t diminish that it’s kinda bad to disrespect the dead, if for no other reason than as Americans we’re supposed to have higher standards of behavior. Remember guys, Lead By Example.

On the other hand… I totally get it.

2 minutes before…. those Taliban fucks were spraying and praying. They were aiming AK-47s and whatever else they could at you and tying to kill you.

You guys put the fuckers down and did your job. You took it a little personal that those Taliban guys wanted your heads on their walls and you responded personally by pissing on ’em.

Here’s where I’m going to get into trouble with my liberal politically correct friends.


I’m so sick and tired of the liberal assholes in our country acting like our military is some kind of evil super criminal.

Lest we forget… 

(I’m not even going to mention the terrorist acts committed worldwide by
Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives. I’m not going to mention that the Taliban and Al Qaeda would happily rape a girl or young woman then Stone her to death for having been raped. Or that torture and slavery are completely fine with the Taliban and Al Qaeda… As long as they’re not on the receiving end… Nope won’t mention it at all.)

I will remind you all that these Taliban and Al Qaeda fucks have desecrated our dead repeatedly and in far more gruesome ways than pissing on the bodies. 

Our soldiers bodies have been dragged naked through the streets of (Insert name of Middle Eastern Shithole here.) decapitated and the separate body parts rigged to explode.  If the Taliban and Al Qaeda kill off American recovery teams by blowing up the bodies of fallen Americans it’s the joyous will of Allah. 

Good men and women have been defiled in any number of ways before and after, being killed by devout “peace loving” Taliban and Al Qaeda “Soldiers of God” 

Don’t forget the young man who Had His Head Sawed off… not chopped, SAWED off LIVE for the benefit of Al Jezeera video. “Slow Decapitation of a live American sent to help rebuild Iraq… Be sure to tune in at 6 and make sure the children are watching. Allah be praised.” (I know I won’t forget. After that, I had and will never have mercy for anyone in the Middle East.)  

How about a good solid reporter also beheaded because he wanted to make sure that the American Public had a first hand account of what our troops were doing at our behest. 

What about our soldiers burned and hanging from bridges in Baghdad 

FUCK the Taliban and Al Qaeda! Fuck those motherfuckers, anyone who supports them, and the camels they rode in on.

Those sons of bitches, should be thanking Allah every day that we haven’t given them nuclear power… Pointy end first that is.

My question is this…

Why does it seem that American Media invariable spins stories against our military?