Another rainy day (NSFW)

Yeah, it’s raining in Southern California. 

I’m not complaining at all. It could be snowing in which case I’d have a heck of a day ahead of me. 

It’s been raining since last night, I don’t even know how much snow I’d have been looking at having to clear if it had been cold enough to snow.

Fortunately, it’s been in the 40s here so not only do we get that nice sound of rain on the roof, but it’s also cleared most of the snow and ice that remained on the street.

I like snow, but I love rain. 

This has been an abnormal California rain too. It’s been real rain… not that stupid misty piss that we usually get.

This has been the kind of rain that would rinse the dust off your car instead of turning the dust to mud. Unfortunately my car is in the garage…

I’m noticing that some of my neighbors trees are greening. No leaves yet but the bark is taking on that green hue that heralds the coming of spring.

Seems a bit early but it’s the trees problem not mine if they bud early.

I just killed another social media account.

This one was a more male oriented site. I woke up this morning to a half a dozen “buddy” requests, and a “Free” 3 day trial.

I was a member but not a paying member. This was the first time in a long while that I’d been able to wander to all the areas of the site.

In my wandering I discovered a few things. 

My profile picture was not me. WTF?

The country and state associated with my profile wasn’t correct and after fixing it 3 times only to have it randomly change to some other country I gave up.

Then as I was looking at the buddy requests, I noticed that most of these “People” didn’t have completed profiles.

Then I noticed that they had “Buddies” that were the same as the “Buddies” I had and that in any cases the “Buddies” had the same pictures associated with 4 or 5 different profiles. 

The more I poked around, the more things just didn’t add up.

This site used to want something like $90 a year to be a member. Recently I’d noticed that they were only asking for $25 a year and that the “Buddy” notifications were coming in every day.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get wild and nasty and I might even pay $25 a year to meet up with some similar minded individuals.

But I’m not going to pay any amount of money to be inundated with computer generated friend requests. From profiles that aren’t real.

Heck I can wander out to half a dozen free porn sites to enjoy computer synthesized stimulation.

Not that theres anything wrong with that… But if you’re looking for friends, and / or playmates you’d like to know that you’re not spilling your guts to a Turing test.


If someone is going to offer to wrap their lips around my dick… I’d like them to be real.

That’s not to say that cyber sex or electro sex can’t be an absolute blast.

I’ve done both and had a rocking good time. I’ll do both again too… yeah. it was that much fun.

However, feeling warm flesh yield to the needs of my dick is the best. Pumping a hot load into a sexy willing partner is awesome.

Given the choice between a sexy living human being touching me, and a cold machine… I’ll take the human anytime.


This of course doesn’t rule out androids.

Believe me if androids ever become a reality I’m going to be first in line to try one when they start making  sexbots!

So I’m a pig… what are you going to do start an android right group?

Oh well, another social media site bites the dust, at least in my book.

I do wonder why it’s so very difficult to meet someone that would like to be friends and perhaps a bit more.

I know it’s not my breath or lack of deodorant … Over a social media site neither of those are problematic. Do you think it could be my personality??? 


This is a good day to write, put on some  sensuous music, jerk off if I feel like it and just enjoy the day.

In looking for photos to add a little pizazz to this post… I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to take pictures the next time someone is blowing me… 

Then I’d have something to remember the event by, and would probably have better subject material. 

Hope your day is as interesting as mine.

Something that I’ve noticed lately


Occasionally, I’ll wander through adult ads.


What I’m looking for is people with a similar mindset to my own, for friendship.

There are a LOT of flaky fuckers out there! To most of you, that probably comes as no surprise.

One of the things that has recently struck me as weird is how many ads apologize for specifying a racial preference.

OK, ok…  some of the ads I peruse are FWB (friends with benefits) in nature. Hey some of the kinky stuff people are into is amazing! I wouldn’t mind someone that I could hang out with and have some more intimate fun with.

I’ve noticed this growing trend to say something like;

I’m a white person looking for other white people. I’m not into black, asian, or hispanic, sorry that’s just my preference.

I’m frankly confused by this apparent need to apologize for stating a preference.

I personally am not attracted to fat white people, or people with poor hygiene, or people with heavy tattoo work. I make no apologies for that. I’m also not attracted sexually to black people and it’s a very rare asian or hispanic person that I even entertain a vague sexual thought about.

SO What?

Just because we’re forced to live in a kumbaya “We have to love everyone, and everyone should feel good about themselves” mediocre country, doesn’t mean that I have to share my friendship… or my bed with everyone.

When I talk about being someones friend it’s not in the fair weather sense.

I’m not particularly needy I can be quite content on my own. That doesn’t negate the fact that I’m a social animal and would appreciate the companionship.

I want to build my circle of friends. I can be a very good friend, you know… the kind of person that you can call at 3 am to pick your drunken ass up at a coffee shop or some chicks house when things went badly.

I expect the same kind of reliability of those that I call my friend too. 

DSC 1397cropped

When it comes to sex… I try my personal best to never be mediocre about it!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with stating your racial preferences right up front. It saves everyone time, prevents misunderstandings, and potentially hurt feelings.

This is not being a racist!

How the hell are you going to perform in bed with someone that you’re not the least bit attracted to?

I suppose if I were an Escort or prostitute I wouldn’t have any ground to stand on. Mainly because I’d be in love with the Green color of Money!

But in my personal sex life I can afford to be picky.

So lets all grow up and stop apologizing for shit that you can’t change and accept that all of us have likes and dislikes and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Butt Toys

Yeah You read it, Yeah I said it.

[I’ve decided to write mini-reviews of items that catch my attention. Personally, I hate jumping in blind and spending $50 to $200 on a toy only to find out that it’s cheaply made, or simply don’t live up to expectations. So take my review in the spirit in which it’s meant. These are my experiences your mileage will probably vary.]

The male butt can be an amazing source of pleasure. I discovered this as an adolescent, but shame and social taboos kept me from really enjoying all that my butt could offer until well into middle age.

Many men, straight and otherwise have been introduced to the pleasures of anal stimulation by their significant others. I’ve known many women that loved “turning the tables” on their men.

Done right, someone stimulating your prostate can add a whole new dimension to sex and orgasm. You want a mind blowing orgasm? Have someone or something massaging your prostate when you cum. I guarantee that you’ll come back for more.

Whether you have a partner or not,  I can suggest a couple of fine toys.

My current favorites are the Aneros Progasm Ice and the Lelo “Billy”

The Progasm Ice is a great toy.

Having used the Aneros MGX for a while, I wanted something a little more interesting. I can heartily recommend the Ice.

One of the things I didn’t care for with the MGX was the perineum tab tended to be a little too sharp. Not like it cut or anything but it just dug into the perineum a little too aggressively for my tastes.

Dimg progasmice

The Progasm Ice is a different animal altogether

As you can see in the photo the front tab has a nice round ball and provides pressure and stimulation without digging in.

The Aneros toys are deceptive.

They look like nothing at all… yet, used properly these devices can take you to a hands free orgasm.

They’re powered by your own body. As your anal muscles contract, the Aneros presses on your prostate when causes another contraction and so on until you’re blissed out and cumming.

There are conflicting reports about health benefits of having your prostate massaged. Some people swear that prostate massage is essential for good prostate and sexual health. The medical profession seems less convinced.

Billy deep blue mv

I can tell you from my own experience, that prostate stimulation and massage just feels damn good.

Since I’m all about feeling good, as long as my prostate isn’t damaged by whatever is being done to it, I’m a happy man.

My other favorite toy for prostate massage is the  Lelo “Billy”

The “Billy” is pretty darn close to perfect if you’re into powered pleasure.

(I’d never seen a Lelo vibrator until I was shopping with someone very close to me who purchased one for his wife. I was impressed with the design and wondered if they made something for men… Short answer is Yes. )

DSC 1459

The curve is perfect and angles right at the prostate.

The diameter of the “Billy” is just right for beginners to butt play as well as the more… uh experienced user.

The controls are easy to use and the 5 programmed pulse modes combined with the variable speed of the unit make for a wide variety of pleasurable adventures.

This unit is well built, rechargeable, and a whole lot of fun. The “Billy” is a little pricy but looks like it’s going to hold up well.

I personally like the pulse mode. I have no doubt that everyone can find something to make their butt happy.

I’m thinking about giving one of these as a gift to my brother… Well Actually I think I’d have to give it to his wife… I’ll probably have to include 20 or 30 feet of rope so she could tie him down and force pleasure on him!

Combine either or both of these toys with a big healthy dose of Spunk Lube and you’re good to go for playtime either alone, or with your mate.

Spunk Lube has become my go to lube for general play. Whatever you’re sliding into your partner Spunk gives you a silky smooth ride. I’ve had no trouble with condoms or toys and as advertised Spunk cleans up easily.

The problem I suspect most folks have with toys, is the expense.

It’s not like you can walk into a store and try a toy to decide if you like it.

So you look at the item carefully and then you make the call. If you’re lucky the item in question works the way you hope.

I got lucky with these toys,

I hope my review helps you get lucky too.