When 3-ways go right they’re a lot of fun!

Hell.pngI’m sure I’m going to hell.

I’m equally sure that I’m going to be in good company!

Got involved in a little 3 way action recently and while we weren’t doing anything too wild and crazy, aside from being naked and aroused with each other, we all ended up satisfied.

naked6.jpgIt felt good to touch and be touched. It felt good to engage in simple play instead of pulling out implements that would make Torquemada and the Marquis de Sade, envious. I’d guess that the reasons for their envy would be different, In his pictures Torquemada looks like a man seriously in need of a blow job.

The Marquis on the other hand looks like a party animal.

In any case, this situation was particularly nice because of it’s spontaneity and simplicity.

oral-sex-221010-large_new.jpgJust sex, no expectations of love, romance, or anything beyond NSA (no strings attached) lets’ get naked and get off.

I’d bet if you asked men generally what they really want, they’d say simple NSA sex regularly would do them just fine. Regardless of if they were in a relationship or not.

They’d probably say that the occasional 3 way involving their spouse would be A-OK too.

To frame this in the context of Christmas, each new person I get to see naked and have fun with… Well, It’s like opening presents on Christmas Morning.

ChristmasCard2.pngFun, Exciting, and you’ll never know what you’re going to get.

I suggest opening as many presents as you can, and be a present to other folks too.

Now I’m off to go shopping

The cold from hell is finally abating

For those of you that have The Cold. I give you hope. The light you see glimmering at the end of the tunnel is not necessarily an oncoming train or “The Light” you’re supposed to go into when you die.

After two weeks of misery, today I’m finally feeling more like my old self.

This has been the worst cold or flu I’ve had in many years. And to add a little spice and variety to the wonder that the virus brought into my life. The damn thing was morphing as it progressed. It’s a tease too, I’d start to feel better, then wham! A whole new set of symptoms. Then about the time my body would get a handle on those symptoms, pow! Something completely new.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been chilled to the bone with my teeth chattering in a sleeping bag, while the ambient temp in the house was 70° F. I spent a couple of days where I was too hot with the temp in the house at 65° F. I’ve had my joints ache so bad it was agony to move my legs. That was followed up with body wide cramping of all my muscles. Through it all, my sinuses were producing all manner of gothic horrors (I had a club handy just in case the kleenex started moving!) and the coughing and hacking left my already painful ribcage feeling like I’d been in a violent car accident.

How do I know I’m on the mend? The same way every man knows they’re getting over something… I’m thinking really dirty thoughts and want to just get NASTY.

Ladies, that’s the way we work… As we get sick we want to screw because we know we’ll feel better for a little while and if whatever we’re coming down with kills us, well at least we went out on a good note.

All men want to have an unseemly grin on our faces in our caskets. I personally want to have a dirty smirk so locked on my face that my mother would blush and my spouse can’t have it jackhammered off. I want my last hurrah to be etched on my face and so dirty that folks seriously consider a closed casket. For the sake of the children, don’t ya know.

Once we survive the disease, we want to screw to declare to the world that we’re awesome, victorious, and our genes are worthy. Besides it makes us feel better. ( are you seein a theme here?) Ya just have to picture a big silver back gorilla and you’ve got a snapshot of us and what makes us tick.

So, I’m off to pound my chest, or whatever else seems appealing.

Don’t give up hope, The Cold doesn’t last forever.

It just seems that way.

The problem with 3 ways, someone is almost ALWAYS selfish!


By now you’ve all figured out that I’m a contradiction.

On the one hand I’m somewhat conservative, on the other hand, in some areas I’m uhh… adventurous. “Yeah that’s a good word I’ll stick to it.” There is rarely a clear cut predictor about where I’m going to come down on any particular subject.

Love it or hate it my reactions are almost always “Interesting”.

Recently, I met someone who is interesting and adventurous and we ended up in a 3 way with my partner of many years. This isn’t the first time and likely won’t be the last.  This time however, I was in a position where I was a little more disconnected than usual.

A good time was had by all (I hope) but one of the things I noticed was that in a 3 way there is no room for selfishness.

The absolute best 3 way I’ve ever been in was a situation where everyone was all about giving and enjoying the pleasure of giving. This was in my very early years and I naively thought, “sex would always be like this.”  In that situation, not only should the “Needy” not apply… They weren’t allowed to apply.

This more recent situation was a bit different, and once again I was the one forced into trying to keep all the balls in the air. Ahem so to speak.

The point is, a 3 way can be really awesome for one, two, or all three of the parties involved. But one should always be mindful that sharing is important. You shouldn’t allow a situation where only one of the parties is catering the the wants and needs of two of the parties exclusively.


Ok so you want something inserted… Great! How about remembering to give a comforting touch, or a kiss to whatever part of another person you can reach?

How about remembering that the person driving the two massive latex instruments of insertion now, no longer has a hand free.

How about appreciating that the “driver” here might be using both hands, and a thigh and a knee to bring pleasure to two of you but that the “driver” might be completely off balance and while they’re enjoying watching you squirm, they might also like a little help with balance, particularly if you’re thrashing all over the place.

How about remembering that this act of gymnastic legerdemain might be very uncomfortable and should be rewarded with a comforting hand or mouth, and that it’s in your best interest to keep the practitioner of these gymnastics engaged and intensely pleasured so that they are able to more easily forget about the cramping and joint pain they’re experiencing.


You’d think that all these things would be self evident.

Even if they’re not, you’d assume that when one of the people who happens to be tied up, comments on the gymnastics with surprise and lust shining brightly in their eyes. That the other participant might decide to discontinue being selfish.

Alas, your assumption would be wrong, such was not the case.

In retrospect it’s obvious I tied the wrong person up. Live and learn!

What I learned was that I need additional rope, a ball gag and a sturdy chair in the next room!


The next 3 way is going to involve tying up the selfish party in another room and then having wild monkey sex with the person who appreciates my tender mercies.

Just once in these situations… I’d really like to be the one who lays back and fucking enjoys being serviced!

Just once!!!

I should say however, I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had for anything.

I love busting a nut as much as the next guy, but having complete control of two people in the throes of sexual anticipation, joy, depravity, ecstasy is a total rush!

And yes… I’ve probably crossed the TMI line with this post.

NSFW This is Officially the 666th blog post.

Oral sex 221010 large new

So in honor of this auspicious occasion, I decided to throw something out here that is worthy of the number 666.

Here goes.

Like all men, I like to get my rocks off as often as I can.

I’m a master masturbator and I can absolutely say I’ve never had my hand fall asleep stroking my dick.

I have on occasion fallen asleep while stroking my dick but it wasn’t my hands fault…


Sex is one of those things that I don’t think I get enough of. I mean I could have sex… and presented with another opportunity 1/2 hour (or less) later I’m going to be interested.

Like most men I like having my dick sucked. I really like having my balls licked, kissed & sucked too. If someone is willing to do that on command then I’m totally into it.

Anyone who wants to suck my dick is welcome to do it. Just let me get comfortable, have a drink and you can crawl between my legs and stay there for as long or as many loads as you’d like.


I love standing above someone on their knees as they bury their noses in my pubes. I like the submission and at the same time knowing that they’re getting to do exactly what they want. My dick is their pleasure.

What I’d never acknowledged (even to myself) until very recently was that I like the power.

I totally get off on it.

Lick my balls! ” What a thrill it is to bark that order at someone and have them jump to it.

Suck my dick.” and have a willing supplicant allow me to hold their head and choke them sliding my dick in & out of their mouth and down their throat.


But shoving my dick down someones throat while I’m grunting and shooting my jiz into their waiting mouth and watching it back up spilling down their chin and dripping onto their body really gets my motor running.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to fuck too. Someone offering themselves to me begging me to penetrate them can be a real turn on.

I recently was in a situation where I got completely in the moment (so to speak) and something clicked in my head as I held a partners head and used their mouth & throat.

What clicked was This is fucking awesome I’m completely in control and they’re loving being taken. In fact the rougher I was the better we both seemed to like it.

In the end I was just face fucking them, bouncing my balls off their cheek and honest to god I was relishing their struggle to breathe.

When I blew my load they greedily sucked and swallowed. However when I got to a position that I could see their face, my cum was running down their face onto the pillow. I liked that they’d be smelling my jizz all night long.

I kept making ’em suck my dick even though I was softening, feeding the last of my load down that greedy throat.

Even now sitting here writing about it, I’ve got a semihard that’s dripping precum from the memory.

If you’re into it… I’m always looking for mouths open and waiting, the line forms to the right.

Let me put my bone in your throat.

What do you use Skype for?

Alright, I’m going to come clean… Well maybe not “Clean” but clean in the sense of confession.


I’ve never used Skype for anything other than tele-sex.

I’ve never had a conversation, video conference, or chat on Skype that didn’t involve images of my naked flesh being transmitted god knows where.

I’m not sure at this point if I heard the Skype ringing sound, that I wouldn’t start stripping due to Pavlovian conditioning.

I’ve set Skype up for people and helped them test it. So I’ve been involved in non-pornographic uses but I can’t say I’ve ever had a conversation with my Mom or family using Skype.

So is this what people use their computers, high speed data connections, and those high resolution web cams for all the time?


I’ve noticed that some Televisions have Skype like cameras and internet connectivity. I admire cutting out the middle man (the computer) and I suppose that arrangement would permit pole dancing as part of your virtual sexual escapades.

I’m amazed that complete strangers will say something like hey wanna skype? 

The next thing you know they’re showing you parts of their bodies they’ve never seen and you’re naked doing the same thing.

I can’t really fault it though… 

Images 1

It’s the ultimate in safe sex.

In some ways it’s better than real sex. You know that awkward moment after sex with strangers? The “What the hell do I do now?” moment when you’re not sure if your supposed to talk, or just leave?

Well with Skype, you just hang up. It’s a lot easier than telling someone their moneys on the nightstand and to lock the door when they leave.

Oh gotta run… Skype call coming in.

I never thought I’d do this…


I was having a massage a while back.

It was a very nice massage and I was warm, comfortable and nicely relaxed. These things are after all what you want as the outcome of a massage, right?

The masseur was working on my chest and then moved South. I sighed contentedly. Further South then a nice long sweeping motion over my hip bones and down onto my thighs. Nice!!!

The focus shifted to my shins and relaxing those nasty little tight muscles that lie right along the shinbone. I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately, I was blissed out.

The focus moved to the other leg and I was starting to drift to sleep. Another long sweep up my legs and both hands begin a nice massaging motion on my junk.



Not what I’d expected. The masseur was good looking and also naked.

When I’m getting a massage I prefer that both of us be naked. It’s just a lot less annoying than the rustling sound of fabric or the weird tickling effect of the hem of a shirt or shorts drifting across me. I hate that whole draping thing too, It’s pointless and distracting. Every time the drape has to be moved, it grounds me back in my body and interferes with my relaxation. After all I’m paying for a massage… it’s supposed to be all about me!!!

Having someone massaging my junk is also… well… nice yes, but distracting too.

What happened next I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams.

I said, “That’s not necessary, but thank you.”

SCREEEEECH!!!! Say What!?!?!

My brain and body Both looked (Metaphorically) at my mind like Who the hell are you? Where is the pig that’s supposed to be calling the shots?

Don’t get me wrong, It felt great.

But if I’m going to have sex, I want it to be about having sex, not that the other person feels they’re obligated. 

I’d have enjoyed having real sex with this masseur.


I think we’d have had a rocking good time but a hand job… on the clock… that’s not really all that relaxing or exciting.

Maybe I’m jaded, maybe I’m afraid that I’m not going to measure up? (Just how many other hand jobs have been performed today?) Maybe I’ve just been there done that, once too often.

I’ve gotten to the age where hurried sex with someone I don’t know isn’t something I particularly enjoy.

Now a room full of people… that’s a little different and seriously hot!  Uhhh excuse me….

Ok I’m back where was I? Oh yeah hurried sex with a stranger… 

Weird huh?

That’s not to say that I would turn down a frenzied blowjob from a friend in an odd place. But in general I want to get there slowly and enjoy the journey.

Today, I was reading the blog a buddy of mine writes and was intrigued to see that he’d written something very similar. Coincidentally we’re both the same age and have been around the block a few times. He wrote what I’ve only been thinking about. 

Maybe this is a function of aging. I’ve become more discerning and picky in recent years. Perhaps we all just get to the point that who we’re getting naked with is more important than being naked with someone trying to get our rocks off.

Maybe I’m getting less inhibited about actually saying what I want or don’t want.

God helps us all if that’s the case.