Welcome to 2017

As the new year dawns, I hope that you’re not nursing too bad a hangover.

In 20 days the new president will be sworn in, I’m sure that we’ll be hearing a lot about that in the coming days. 

There are going to be a lot of people that are very disheartened by this change, but the fact of the matter is very little will actually change.

Congress is already circling the wagons, and at the very least, one party has vowed to be obstructionist about any policies the new president might put forward.

Which means that the players will change, but not much else. 

If you’re one of those people who’s upset about the president-elect, I’d suggest that you don’t throw yourself off the 50th floor just yet.  I would however, strongly suggest that you settle down and realize that this is our political system.  If you don’t like it, or would prefer better choices for our leaders, (and who doesn’t?) Then make sure you’re engaged in the system, find a candidate to back, or run for office yourself.

I’ve often thought the I should run.  My Campaign Slogan would be “Hey I can’t do any worse! “

In the mean time I urge everyone to calm down and recognize that, it’s not raining fire, locusts, or frogs and it’s not the end of the world.

Who knows? 2017 might be a really good year, but only if you let it.

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

The weather isn’t frightful, but it has been raining in San Diego.

First time in many years that I’ve been working on a major holiday. This is a strange experience but I’m getting paid Time & 1/2 so it’s worth it.

Thankful for the iPad, I’ve watched Die Hard and am watching Die Hard 2, a couple of my favorite Christmas movies.

If I have to sit here in an office waiting for a phone call, There’s no reason for me to have to be bored doing it.

The new iPad with multi-tasking and the ability to have video playing in a small window is very cool.

Things are quiet here but all things considered I’d rather be home with myself family. I know… DUH!

Just a couple more hours and I’m outta here.

I hope that everyone is having a great Christmas.