After careful consideration and study.

The inevitable conclusion is, to solve climate change we must kill all humans!

After all, the California Delta Smelt, The Wyoming Sage Grouse, The Spotted Owl, and innumerable other species deserve to live in peace with their habitats intact.

As I’m sure you’ll all agree, the only viable solution is we must all die.

To that end, extermination booths will be set up in your neighborhood. When you see the booths, be the first of your friends to step in and die with dignity. It’s quick, painless, and fun!


Persons not stepping into the booths voluntarily, will be hunted down and shot.

Do Mother Earth a favor, kill yourself!

That’s what goes through my mind every single time I read about another EPA or BLM report describing the plight of some creature, in an attempt to guilt us into … WHAT?

Accepting Climate change is real? Irrelevant

Paying some stupid ass carbon tax? Pointless!

Turning over yet more control of our daily lives to a bunch of bureaucrats? There it is! That’s the reason for the guilt ridden landfills full of newsprint.


I get pissed off.

Species come and go all the time on this planet. They have done since before we came down from the trees, and they’ll no doubt continue to do so long after our bones and our civilization is dust.

Stop guilting us!

If we all resolve to live taking actions daily that minimize our impact on the planet, things will get better.

Stop pumping out children that you simply throw away!


That goes for you Catholics, and you folks in India too.

Stop rushing out to buy the newest latest and greatest of whatever widget is out this month to replace the widget from last month. Come on folks, how much packaging do we really need to fill our landfills?

If you’re so damn worried about carbon emissions… Allow next generation reactors to be built. Take a look at a documentary called Pandora’s Promise. I’m not saying base all public policy on one documentary, but stop dismissing a viable energy source out of hysteria not facts.

Here’s an idea, plant landscaping that is appropriate for your environment. Cacti are adapted to grow in the Southwest for a reason, your weeping willow and Kentucky bluegrass is not!


My point here is that we should all be less wasteful, not because it’s mandated, or because we’re terrified, or guilty, but because it simply makes good sense.

If you’re less wasteful, and adapt your habits to the natural world instead of trying to make the natural world adapt to you, things are likely to work a lot more smoothly. 

An additional perk is that climate change becomes part a natural cycle and it no longer has to be terrifying. It no longer matters if its man made or not, because we’re all by choice, making decisions that minimize our impact.

The alternative is…

For the good of the planet…


Update 6/10/2015

And once again I’m ahead of the curve.

I can’t believe that there’s actually a “Voluntary Human Extinction Movement”.




Human beings urgently need to wipe themselves out to avoid ecological catastrophe, the leader of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement has claimed.

In an interview with the Big Issue magazine, Les U Knight (pseudonym assumed) said that the extinction of humanity would be a good thing for the planet and that humans need to reduce their numbers before they run out of resources.

Mr Knight, who in his day job is a substitute teacher in Portland, Oregon, said that his main motivation for wanting to see the extinction of his own species was “preservation of Earth’s biosphere”.

“Diversity is the strength of the biosphere and the fewer species there are, the weaker it becomes. We’re pulling strands from the web of life and at the same time putting more pressure on it due to our increased consumption.”

He added that increased human population was making it harder to feed the poor around the world.

“People are not doing too well. Two billion people don’t have potable water, almost a billion are experiencing food insecurity – we used to call it hunger – it’s not a pretty world for half the people on the planet and it won’t be easy to improve their lot as long as the progress is gobbled up by our increased numbers.”

One solution, Knight said, could be for the West to introduce a “one child policy” banning couples from having two or more children, as China does, although even this may not be enough.

“One is twice as good as two as far as procreation goes but our population momentum would take a while to start decreasing. In terms of energy consumption, when a North American couple stops at two, it’s about the same as an average Indian couple stopping at 30 or a Bangladeshi couple stopping at 97. At least China has done a lot to control their increase. There would be 400 million more of them today if they hadn’t instituted their policy.”

Knight followed his own logic at the age of 25 when he underwent a vasectomy. He claims he “never regretted it for a moment” and “I only wish I’d done it earlier.”

“It’s dangerous having those wigglers,” he added.

If humanity does not voluntarily wipe itself out, Knight warned, it will face “involuntary extinction”, either through ecological catastrophe or nuclear Armageddon:

“The end of humanity would be good for humanity. That seems contradictory but as we phase ourselves out, the lives of those left behind would steadily improve. And those of us who don’t exist won’t know the difference.”

Not everyone is convinced, however. Dr Kristian Niemietz of the Institute of Economic Affairs told Breitbart London: “Apparently, Les U Knight believes that his statement is incredibly profound and thought-provoking, but it is really just a slightly more extreme version of the lame old eco-miserabilism which has been the conventional wisdom among Western ‘intellectuals’ for more than a generation. Fretting about overpopulation and overconsumption will guarantee you approving nods at every dinner party, but fashionable though those run-of-the-mill greenish views may be, they are theoretically and empirically wrong.

“Over the past three decades, we have seen a spectacular decline in global poverty. If you use the World Bank’s definition of extreme poverty – having less than the equivalent of $1.25 per person per day – then as recently as in the early 1980s, over half of the world’s population were extremely poor. Today, that share has dropped to just below one fifth.

“Poverty is not ‘caused’ by overpopulation. Poverty is the natural state of mankind. Up until about two hundred years ago, virtually everybody in the world would have been poor by the World Bank’s standard. It was only then that we began to grow out of poverty; initially only in what we now call the industrialised West, and over time, more and more countries joined in.

“Malthusians like Knight have an unrealistic view of economic activity. They see human beings as akin to locusts, but human beings are not just passive consumers of whatever they happen to stumble across. We are active problem-solvers, we are innovators, and we are producers.

“For example, the reason why the world can sustain a much larger population than ever before today is that agricultural productivity has improved so massively. It could improve much further still if we dropped our childish paranoia about innovative farming techniques like GMO, and if we moved towards untrammelled worldwide free trade in agriculture.

“Population growth is irrelevant. What matters is institutions and economic incentives. Countries move out of poverty to the extent to which they adopt the basics of a functioning modern economy: the rule of law, impartial courts, and secure property rights. They also need to allow the free formation of market prices, so that prices can act as signals of scarcity, providing incentives to overcome that very scarcity. With rising prosperity, we also grow more resilient to natural disasters, and we can afford to adopt production techniques that go easier on the environment.

“If we continue on anything like the current trend, we may well come close to the eradication of poverty within our lifetime, although doomsayers like Knight will no doubt find some other ‘impending catastrophe’ to moan about.”

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Tax day blues


Happy April!

Only 13 more shopping days until we’re fucked by the IRS again.

I’d suggest stocking up on personal lubricants that stay slippery for a very long time.

The IRS has been under fire and well, they’re likely to be wanting to pound out some frustrations!


I know, I know.

Without the IRS, the festering behemoth that is our government wouldn’t have money.

Money that they’d be able to continue to misappropriate.

Money they’d be able to use to pay off or support the failing governments of our enemies.

Who knows? Stompy Foot might have to close public parks and national monuments to pay for gas in Air Force One.  After all he’s got a “T” time at Indian Wells next Sunday.


Yeah, I’m for small efficient government, does it show?

Old Stompy Foot is at it again


I don’t admire the President’s policies or politics.

I do admire his single-mindedness of agendas. He managed to ram Obamacare down our throats apparently by capitalizing on weaknesses of the American people as Identified by Jonathan Gruber. 

Now, Ol Stompy is at it again. 

This time he’s intending to bypass Congress with an Amnesty plan which just a year ago he said wasn’t amnesty. We all know what this is and it’s got nothing to do with more voters, or helping the “Poor” immigrants. This is 100% about vindictiveness.

Obama ESB

The Democrats lost the midterm and got spanked pretty soundly. Stompy, is pissed off and he’s going to do everything in his power to punish the evil bastard conservative, American voters. Isn’t that what his whole administration has been built on?

Just look at the scandals

NSA — Spying on Americans (I’ll grant you that started after 9/11 but it shouldn’t have been continued.)

Weaponized IRS — Yeah Nixon was the first one to try that… As I recall that was part of what cost him the Presidency.

Isolation of certain members of the press for asking the wrong questions… Then subsequent investigation of those poor dumbasses by both the IRS and NSA. 

Now he’s talking about a flood of immigrants. Sure he’s going to say it’s just the folks who are already here.

But we all know that the flood gates will open and everyone will scramble to cross the border.  There will no doubt be a period of 30 to 60 days before the executive order takes effect, which will result in 1000s more unskilled people crossing the border. I mean how many gardeners, waiters, or fast food workers do we actually need?

(As an aside, when I wrote the line above, I thought, “jeezus man that’s a racist thing to say.” But I suppose if The President can refer to latinos as maids and fruit pickers I guess I’m not as far off as I thought I was. The irony is that when I was very, very, young in the South, we had orange groves and pecan groves full of migrant workers who happened to be black.)  

Of course The Presidents comment underscores for me just how out of touch he is with the average American. Maid? Really? I and most of the middle class wouldn’t know what to do with a maid if our lives depended on it. Hell, I can see myself cleaning up the house before the maid came in just so I wouldn’t be completely mortified. 

Maid? Yeah, right! Even when I was employed I had other things to spend my hard earned money on. Most of the time I was spending money just to make ends meet. I do my own yard work, make my own bed, cook my own food, and clean my own damn house, Mr President. I don’t come from the elitist background you apparently do.

Further, as I’ve asked before, what about the American kids of all stripes looking for that first job? Oh yeah, they don’t matter.

This seems to be all about reducing America to it’s knees, or creating a huge permanent Democratic voting block, or creating such racial polarization that the country tears itself apart. 

Does nationwide martial law suspend presidential elections?

Maybe this is just another stepping stone in Obama’s path to become a de-facto king.

Just one of those dark thoughts that flits through my mind sometimes.

By now you’ve heard…

Phyrewall 2014 Nov 06

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard that the Democratic Party has lost control of the Senate. They lost control of the House a while ago. Now it looks like the people have spoken again.

I for one am glad to see it. 

Personally I’d hoped that The President would take notice and realize that this was the voice of the American people. I’d hoped that he would take it as a sign that We the People aren’t behind his agendas and that he couldn’t bully us or Congress into compliance.

Then I listened to his press conference yesterday. 


Sad to say, The President still doesn’t see that deeply unpopular policies lead to loss of votes. Heck, all The President had to do was look at the Bush years. But apparently, he’s not one to pay much attention to history.

President Obama

The President will in all likelihood spend the remaining two years of his term as a lame duck. I doubt that he will be able to reconcile the rift that he helped to create between himself and the Republican party.

I do expect a flurry of activity on the part of the outgoing Congress designed to make the next Congress’s job much more difficult. I suspect that the Democrats will attempt to enact laws, change rules, and put various regulations in place to thwart any speedy changes when Congress resumes session in January.

Once those obstructions are cleared, I expect that we’ll see many new laws and modifications of old laws which will make the Republicans look like they’re very productive. The problem is, a lot of that “work” will probably be stuff the House voted on and sent to Harry Reid which then sat on his desk for who knows how long.

While the transition is going on, I expect The President to sign everything he can get his hot little hands on into law under executive privilege. 

I know, The President supposedly hasn’t used his executive privilege as much as his predecessor, but it’s not the NUMBER of times it’s the character of the use. Bush could have issued executive order that the White House toilet paper must be linen not paper. (That would be extravagant and wasteful but not criminal) The President has used executive privilege in ways that come very close to violating the Constitution.


So absolute numbers of Executive orders doesn’t really capture the tenor of the orders themselves, and is therefore an invalid measure.

I know, that will come as a surprise and disappointment to the talking heads in the Main Stream Media.

I’ve been enjoying the show the MSM has put on over this rout of the Democratic Party.

Watching Al Sharpton’s inarticulate grunting on MSNBC is worth having to throw my TV out after sullying it with MSNBC’s broadcast.

CNN was hysterically funny and their talking heads were stunned almost into silence as state after state reported Republican victories in Congressional seats and Gubernatorial races.

FrancesSalerno1 2014 Nov 06

I can understand the stunned silence, after all if you really believe that America is such a dark and terrible place it’s pretty much inconceivable that the party representing the right hand of Satan and all the ills besetting the country would be voted into office.

In some ways I almost feel sorry for the democrats.

They really, took a …. Well you know.

Election Day!

Gadsden Flag

Just a few more hours and the mud slinging will stop.

I don’t think mud slinging is a strong enough term, outright character assassination is more what these people are doing.

I’ll be very glad when all this is over. 

I’m heading out to vote this afternoon and then I think I’ll come home and watch movies all evening. 

I do wish I had a Gadsden flag T-Shirt. I think it would be appropriate to wear to the Polling place.

Even though this is a stinky election, please everyone go vote! Make your voice heard. It’s important to make our politicians hear us, especially when they get as deaf to their constituents as this lot have.

Bullet Dodged – Ebola in America appears under control


Not that my faith in our Government response is restored.

I’m glad that those who tested positive for ebola are on the mend.  I’m glad that the folks in TX don’t seem to have an outbreak on their hands.

Even though there is a Doctor in NY that tested positive for the disease. He was self monitoring as he was supposed to do. He was perhaps a little lax in that he was feeling a bit puny, but honestly I can see him perhaps chalking the fatigue up to jet lag. Once he realized he was symptomatic, he did the right thing.

I think I would have preferred that he be held in a quarantine situation, even if it was a home quarantine for the incubation period of the disease. On the other hand, were all travelers from affected areas banned, we’d have never had the issue in NY or TX in the first place. 

All that being said, we’ve been lucky. If ebola was more contagious, or airborne we’d be looking at a very different situation.

The best thing to happen from all of this insanity is that questions are being asked.

Procedures and policies are being reviewed and perhaps this whole event will serve as a reminder that our ability to travel the world in just a day or two does come at a price.  I’m happy to see that our airports are increasing their readiness for the possibility of contagious diseases. It’s prudent, reasonable, and serves to protect not only Americans but also international travelers from all countries who may be changing planes at one of our airports.

I was recently talking with friends who travel internationally often.

I’m not talking about travel to Europe or Japan. I’m talking about travel to tropical countries where there are diseases that can really do you harm or kill you.

Most of my friends don’t give it a thought. They don’t even discuss these trips with their doctor either before they leave or after they return. I’ll grant you, for some of these tropical diseases there are no vaccines, but for many there are.

When I travel on a dive trip, I’ll typically call my doctor, tell him where I’m going and ask if there are any boosters or vaccines I should have before I go.  A day or two later my Doctor calls me back and either says I’m good to go, or I should have X, Y, & Z updated or administered. Since I’m usually working with a long lead time prior to the trip, I’ve got plenty of time to get to see the Doc and have the vaccine or boosters at full effectiveness before I leave. To me, this is simply common sense. Apparently, lots of people don’t think about it.  

Heck, I even have a copy of my vaccination record in my passport. I figure if’ I’m taken ill while traveling, at least the local physicians might be able to eliminate the diseases I’ve been vaccinated against while they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong. Again, it’s about planning for the worst and generally having the best of possible situations.


After chatting with my friends, several of them decided to check with their doctors prior to their next eco-trips.

I hope that more people are paying attention to their vaccinations, and to their travel destinations. Unless you’re someone that can render aid to a disease stricken area, you have no business going there. Change your plans, why risk catching something or bringing something back? 

On the other hand, if The Zombie Apocalypse has to start anywhere, I hope it starts in TX.

Those folks are good shots, well armed, and I doubt seriously the Zombies would have a chance!