OH Yeah, But CNN isn’t biased in any way…

Fredricka Whitfield

I’ve been catching the buzz about this “Journalist” all weekend.

By now you’re heard about the Dallas standoff. Some idiot apparently rolled up to the PoPo’s (Police) headquarters and started shooting.

That was bad enough but then you have this moronic bitch on CNN named Fredricka Whitfield calling the shooter courageous… Yeah you read that right THE SHOOTER!

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters, and now you have this scene, this standoff. So you believe these are the hallmarks of more than one person’s involvement?”

She’s apologized and no I’m not bothering to go searching for the full text of her apology because it doesn’t freaking matter.


John Nolte at Breitbart wrote a scathing article yesterday that I think is right on point.  In the article he calls out CNN on their campaign of dishonesty and “race-mongering” Going back to St. Travon of the Hoodie.

I find myself asking WHAT THE LIVING FUCK?

First of all when did we declare war on the police? Second of all when did the police declare war on anyone else?

If after a proper LEGAL investigation you find have bad cops, fire them! It’s that simple. In our current environment we’ve got cops that are literally afraid to enforce the law.

You know, the LAW that a disproportionate number of African Americans seem to think they CAN break with no repercussions.

It’s real simple If I have to obey a law… SO DO YOU!


If there is a disproportionate number of black people in jail then rather than saying that’s not fair… how about lets ask a simple question “Did this person break the law?” If the answer is YES then they’re right where they should be.

And by the way, as a supposedly “white privileged male” I’d expect no different treatment were I to break the law. Hell where I grew up they publish the pictures of the most wanted in the newspaper weekly.  Oddly, the most wanted is a pretty even mix of skin colors, even though it’s redneck central.

The Adult males in my life used to say, “Chain gangs take all comers, if you can walk, carry a shovel, or a trash bag they don’t give a shit what color you are.”

Perhaps that’s why I’ve been confused for quite some time by the claims that black folks are unfairly targeted.

Here are some examples that have confused me.

A car flys up behind me when I’m doing 80 and worrying about being pulled over. The car sits on my bumper for four heartbeats, before I can get out of this guy’s way he passes me on the right without signaling the lane change and accelerates away at 100. Two miles down the road he’s pulled over by the police. Sorry! That’s NOT TARGETING or profiling, that’s what happens when you do something so obvious that the police have no choice but to take action. You better hope you don’t have any outstanding warrants!

We watch the security video of a black man waving a gun in a convenience store, the gun goes off and the clerk is shot. Well Let’s see, Robbery, Compounded with a weapon, Bodily harm, and Murder charges if the clerk dies. Ummm as a “privileged white man” if it was me on the video, I know there is NO way I’m walking away from that.

The 18 to 20 year old black kid stepping in front of a line of people at a Taco Bell who then gets belligerent because someone IN the line says, “Hey, the back of the line is over there.”  That situation is bad enough, but when the kid throws a punch at the person calling him on his cutting in line, and that person happens to be an off duty cop… Well guess what? The Black kid is  going to jail for assault.


Oh and by the way… I’m the lily white fucker that was laughing my ass off at you kid. Really? You didn’t notice that the fanny pack the guy you threw a punch at, looked like it weighed a lot? You didn’t notice the opening in the side of the fanny pack or that the guy was resting his hand on the edge of the pack when you stormed up to him?  Sweet thing, you deserve to be the bitch of someone with a 10 inch long beercan of a dick.

The next time you’re on a highway especially in Southern California, watch the cars that are speeding, weaving, and running up behind an 18 wheel truck only to slam on their brakes. Take note and I’ll bet ya you’ll see a disproportional number of black faces.

The point is, the disproportional number of black folks in prison are there because they caught the attention of the police. And that’s not unfair, it’s because actions have consequences.

The consequences of Fredricka Whitfield’s statement should be that she is fired! But she won’t be, because she is the most privileged of all folks in our society. She’s a black female public figure…

I guess that’s why Rachael Dolezal played the race card the way she did.

I’m so over the Jenner /Kardashian media Circus!


I’m also very easily bored!

I’m over it! I don’t care, and I’m sick and tired of seeing and hearing about His transition to Her new life. It’s his / her business and I don’t need to know about it, or for that matter want to know about it. Intellectually, I’m glad she is finding happiness and peace in her new life.

In my gut… well that’s another story.

Intellectually, I know Transgendered folks suffer because they feel like they’re in the wrong body. I know that sex reassignment is a radical and oftentimes last resort for these folks to find peace and happiness in their lives. I have compassion for them and am glad that medical science can give them relief and a shot at happiness.

The ones that confuse the hell out of me are the folks who go through all the surgery and then end up being in a same sex relationship. That really causes my brain to just blue screen.


Most of the folks who transition from one gender to the other do it quietly, methodically, and with a great deal of psychological support.  

They’re very serious about what they’re doing and their choices are made in the privacy of their own lives.

The Jenner media circus has created a situation where I’m unable to avoid very distressing visualizations of surgical procedures.

Yeah, you really can’t un-see something.  Unfortunately, I once looked up how the procedure is done.  

As a result when the Jenner media circus comes on the TV or pops up in a news Item I’m turning the TV off or closing my web browser.

The trouble is, IT’S EVERYWHERE! 

In my gut…

I’m totally creeped out!! I can’t not visualize it, I can’t un-see it. (There is a slightly positive side… I’m losing weight, because about the time my appetite returns the next news cycle hits.)

Please Jenner, You’ve successfully harnessed the Kardashian publicity machine, you’re on the cover of Vanity Fair, you’ve signed entertainment deals, kindly exit stage left. It’s past time for you to leave the spotlight.

If anything good has come from this circus it’s that you may have given me an appreciation of what PTSD may be like.

I wonder if I could get paid for my emotional distress?

Everyone else sues at the drop of a hat why shouldn’t I?

God is Great… But apparently his “Warriors” leave much to be desired!


So did ya hear this one?

Two guys get all dressed up in body armor, with so called “Assault Rifles” (Probably some variant of an AR-15) go to Texas…


…Hop out of their car at a cartoon conference and start shooting up the place. 

They’re taken out within 15 seconds by a traffic cop armed with a Glock .45.

One officer is slightly injured, treated and released.


It reads like a bad three stooges script. Kinda what happens when Curly and Schemp have contract issues.

TEXAS! ????

With the possible exceptions of a Neo-Nazi rave, or a KKK Rally, I couldn’t imagine a worse place to do what these two geniuses attempted.

Well the moron count for the weekend is -2 and the virgin ass count for the demonic goats of hell is +2.


Oh, didn’t you hear? Satan is far too busy to personally fuck every ISIS martyr, so the goats that these guys fucked in life, are now getting sweet revenge in Hell.

“Whos your Daaaaadddyy now? BITCH!”

The media is tying themselves up in knots trying to blame Pamela Geller for this “outrage.” I guess they’re pissed off that Geller planned for the possibility of violence and that the police did their job. Perhaps the police did their job too well, the media would probably be happier if there were a bunch of innocent folks dead inside the venue. 


Two dead Jihadis on hard Texas pavement normally wouldn’t even cause my news radar to twitch, what caught my attention is the media attempting to blame the would-be victims.

You know, the innocent folks inside the building? The folks enjoying their first amendment right to free speech? If I have to listen to CAIR mouth off on the news about how abused they are, then they sure as hell can AVOID a place where a bunch of folks are looking at cartoons, or Art, or listening to an anti-islamic point of view.

Based on the islamic behavior we’ve seen in France, England, Germany, Italy, and other areas of Europe, I find myself asking if Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders are absolutely right in pointing out the elephant in the room.


That’s going some distance for me. Not because i believe Geller and Wilders are wrong, but because Wilders creeps me the hell out.

Has anyone else noticed that he looks like one of the kids from Village of the Damned, only he’s all grown up? I keep expecting his eyes to start glowing.

As long as he’s on our side I guess it’s ok… Its still creepy.

Anyway, I’m sure the great state of Texas has told Pamela Geller’s organization “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

And we’re on high alert


You’ve go to be kidding me!

I found out that the other half was on a list of folks to be killed by some deranged student at the school

A 15 to 16 year old apparently made a list of people that the kid wanted to kill. I guess you have to take that kind of thing seriously now days.

But really what are the odds? I guess a better question is; are we prone to over-reacting about these things and if so, why?

When I was in school, there were teachers that I harbored ill will toward. While I might have said bad things, I’d never have actually done them harm. Hell, I’d have been hard pressed to even say anything negative to them. 


Back in the day we actually respected our elders. We knew that if we didn’t we’d be doing time in the Master bedroom with our Dad and his ohhh so thin belt cracking across our backsides!

I can say that I was never abused. I don’t recall ever being bruised by the belt or the paddle used at school. I vaguely recall having a mark where a switch landed poorly because I was running in tight little circles. But that was Grandma and her aim wasn’t all that good to begin with.

My, how times have changed!


I’m sitting here doing the security check.

Alarm? CHECK!

Doors Secured? CHECK!

Weapons at hand? CHECK!

I keep feeling like I shouldn’t have to be concerned in the least.

It’s a pissant kid for Gods sake!

Then the other half reminds me of the violence in schools today and I go back to the security check. 

Thanks to the internet, public records, and fucking Google search… This address is associated by name with my other half.  Google will even give you directions in less than a minute.

And it’s free! Yipppeee! So much for paying the damn phone company for an unlisted number! Oh and THANKS GOOGLE!


We’re not living in fear, we’re taking precautions as suggested by the police, and being a little less careless.

What really bugs me about this is the fact that I might be placed in a position where I have to decide to harm a dumb 15 – 16 year old kid.

That is so far out of my comfort zone I can’t even begin to explain.

I’m built to protect children, not harm them!

At 15 – 16 this kid is still a Child no matter how you slice it. God, I hope it’s just talk & the kid had time to cool down while in juvenile hall. 

If something were to happen, where I ended up defending myself or my other half with lethal force, could I live with myself? Could I live with myself if I allowed this kid to harm my other half, because I couldn’t wrap my head around a child being a threat?

There are just some questions you never want answered.

This is CNN…

20140808 cnn 0

The most trusted name in news…


These are the people who spoon feed the masses daily news which in turn low information voters use to make decisions about who to vote for.

I long for the day when the news moved slower, and the journalists were interested in FACTS, not spin.

With the internet at our fingers, it’s nothing to see an article on Brietbart, Fox, The BBC, Le Monde, or Deutsch Welle, and think, “That sounds fishy” then track the story to its source.

It’s not uncommon for there to be some spin in any article due to the journalist’s own beliefs. The question is, has the journalist allowed their bias to skew the story in such a way as to misrepresent the actual facts.

CNN, MSNBC and the main stream media have allowed their biases to completely overwhelm many of their stories and almost all of their reporting.

That’s bad enough, however it gets worse. Their editorial staff is more concerned about their dismal ratings than journalistic integrity, so you get un-vetted, questionable reporting at best, and worst (or in CNN’s case normal) they place Hong Kong where São Paulo Brazil is.

As a blogger, I don’t have high journalistic standards to uphold. I get the luxury of doing nothing but Op-Ed pieces, I do basic checking and try very hard not to froth at the mouth.

I try very hard not to say something entirely stupid even if I’m only a blogger expressing my opinion.

I always do my best not to drool stupidity on the keyboard.

CNN apparently needs a bib.

Been out of it for a couple of days… All I can say is DAMN!


My ISP was having some difficulties with packet loss and their problems were affecting my ability to get email and upload to the blog.

Paraphrasing Poltergeist 

“I’mmmm BAAACCK!”

The question is what do I talk about first?


The Bundy Ranch v the BLM?

I hate to even think about what could have happened if someone had squeezed off a shot during that standoff. That’s how really bad things happen really damn fast. I personally don’t think Mr Bundy has a leg to stand on legally. OF more concern to me is that we had an armed standoff at all. 


When you start looking at issues surrounding the Bundy standoff. You can’t help but stumble over reports of other events where one could say that the US Government is overstepping its authority and behaving very much like a totalitarian entity.

There are currently issues over land between Texas & Missouri due to the ever changing nature of a river that had traditionally marked the boundary line between the states and ranchers in the area. The BLM is taking an interest and stands to usurp something like 90,000 acres without compensating either the states or the landholders.


The EPA is attempting to assert control over many bodies of water, including watering ponds on farms and ranches. They are also making noises about assuming control of dry or seasonal creek and river beds.

Meanwhile The Border patrol has become a nuisance to Arizona ranchers whose property abuts the buffer zone between the US / Mexico boarder They’re doing things like cutting fences or leaving gates open without so much as a “by your leave.” 


These supposed events are concerning because they’re in general, never picked up by the main stream media but are reported in local area papers. On an individual basis these seem like minor local issues but when you view them from the “orbit” of the internet it does start to look like a quiet conquest.

With government oversight, come government control. With government control, come fees, fines, and increased taxation (whether it’s called a tax or not.) This seems to be the source of the underlying embers that almost burst into flames at the Bundy ranch.


The FDA is being reported as sticking their noses into a long standing arrangement (100+ years) between Beer Brewers and farmers regarding grain. The Beer uses the grain to make beer, then the waste material is usually given to farmers / ranchers to mix with feed stock. This arrangement takes care of the waste without requiring anything other than a farmer / ranchers willingness to haul the used grain away.

Now, the FDA is wanting to regulate this equitable arrangement in the name of public health even though there has never been an instance where the public or the animals have been harmed. Some old traditions bacme old traditions due to the test of TIME. It’s not in the best interests of Farmers or Ranchers to engage in an activity that is detrimental to their livelyhoods. So does the FDA really need to be involved? Probably not, but you can expect for their fees and inspections and whatever the hell else they’ll do to drive up the cost of a beer, and possible the cost of food too.


The newest revelations about the IRS internal memos?

Just WHO is Lois Learner afraid of? She claims she’s in fear for her life and that’s why she doesn’t want to testify. REALLY? Can’t her employer The United States Government protect her & her family? Or is it the US Government that she’s afraid of?

The Ukraine?


Does anyone really believe that Vladimir Putin is concerned in the least about what President Stompy Foot thinks? Don’t get me wrong Putin is not a nice guy but he’s doing what he things is best for his country ( Or Himself) and he’s not in the habit of asking permission. 

Potential for World War III?

There have been some writers comparing the flashpoint issues for WWI and WWII to what’s happening in the Ukraine.

I’m not sure that I completely agree with their assesment that WWIII could be in the offing but the correlations are interesting to read. I doubt Putin would move it to an all out war against NATO but hey no-one thought a strange little houspainter would end up Chancellor of Germany either.

President Obama’s trustworthy polls?

This one cracked me up. Approximately 60% of Americans believe that Obama is actively lying to them one way or another. Now that’s really gotta piss President Finger waver off.


The President was on TV again today defending Obamacare and as usual took the opportunity to reiterate that Republicans are BAD and that their continued desire to revisit Obamacare isn’t in the public interest. Whoo Hoo 8 million people signed up. Lets see, there are approximately 313.9 Million people in the US. Does that mean a whopping 3% of the population signed up. Whoooo impressive!

I’d have been more impressed if this 8 million had ALL been previously uninsured people instead of poor schmucks that lost their insurance and had to find something on the exchanges.

I’d have been more impressed if there wasn’t a recent editorial by a lady that had called something like 92 doctors in New Jersey only to find out that her shiny new obamacare card wasn’t being accepted because the doctors didn’t want to deal with the smaller payments obamacare would provide for their services, and the increased overhead and oversight from the government.

I’d be more impressed if, instead of Pres. Stompy shaking his finger at Republicans he’d actually listen to what the vast majority of Americans are bitching about regarding having their health insurance screwed with.

I’d really be impressed if ALL of Congress, including that idiot Harry Reid had to sign up with Obamacare through the exchanges. (Hey Harry, let see if you’re smart enough to use the damn internet shall we?)


I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. I feel like I’ve walked through the looking glass into bizzaro world.