OH Shut the hell up!

I wake up, get coffee, wake up the computer, sit down…

The very first thing I see as I’m firing up my browser to check which bills need to be paid is an AP headline article. 

Trump family dinner raises issues on press access

You have got to be freaking kidding me!

Other articles report it like, Trump leaves his Dark Tower.

Sauron 2

Really? So you’re using a literary allusion implying that President Elect Trump is Sauron from the Tolkien classics.  Oh For pete’s sake.

The man hasn’t taken his oath of office, he’s the President Elect, not the President yet. 

And let’s face it Journalists, you haven’t done anything to endear yourselves to the President Elect. Is it really all that surprising that he’d like to have a dinner with his family away from your scrutiny?

After all how many poison pens have you emptied on how many thousands of reams of paper trying to tear the man and his family down.

God knows, I wouldn’t want to have my food turn to ash on my tongue (obscure literary allusion) because some reporter saw me not using a salad fork.

I can see that headline.

Can wwducat be trusted at state dinners, he doesn’t know which fork to use!

 Look Journalists…

You’ve betrayed the public trust. You’ve been caught time and again displaying incredible bias over the past eight years. That is your responsibility, you have no-one to blame but yourselves. So it’s time for you to own it.

Decide if you want to continue to be yellow journalists or if you want to move back toward being the folks the nation looks to for truth.


I’m sorry, but it’s going to take consistent unbiased fact checking, for years, to regain the people’s trust. The mistakes and excesses of  the past will be visited upon newly minted journalists, today and well into the future.

Stop looking for the fluff pieces. WHO the hell cares if Trump goes to dinner with his family away from prying eyes? Why does that matter?

If you must report on the President Elect; report on his cabinet postings, his advisors, his plans for uniting the country, improving the economy, and all the other major issues we face.

You might begin by being polite and checking your privilege. It probably wouldn’t hurt if you quit your whinging about being shunned as well. 

We don’t need moment by moment coverage of the President Elect’s flatulence.

We need you to understand that the duty of your profession is to provide information.

That information, should consist of simply the facts of a situation with as little personal opinion or bias as possible.

You’re rather tough job is to report what you see and what you’ve discovered via investigation, not hearsay. Then you must leave it to the people to decide what they want to do with the information. It’s a tough job, and often thankless, but it’s a vital job to ensure the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

Recently, you’ve gone wrong; a bit off the rails… Fortunately, Americans are generally forgiving and it’s not too late to regain the respect that you one enjoyed.

If you want to express your opinions write Op-Ed pieces. Otherwise keep your opinions to yourselves and report the facts.

Just my opinion…

Thank God I didn’t see this live

There are times when you just have to appreciate the bluntness of a military man.

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters didn’t mince words Monday when asked about President Obama’s strategy on tackling and destroying ISIS — and was suspended by Fox News for it.
– via Guns.com

When I watched the video and Lt. Col Peters delivered his comment I’m very glad that I wasn’t eating or drinking anything. I’d have choked to death!

“Look, Mr. President we’re not afraid we’re angry, we’re pissed off, we’re furious,” Peters said. “We want you to react, we want you to do something. You’re afraid. I mean this guy is such a total pussy, its stunning. And, you know, we want — we the people, the American people, whom he does not know in any intimate sort of manner, we want action. We want action against Islamic State and then — then, when the president is telling us he is going to destroy ISIS.”
– via Guns.com

Here is the video, Enjoy it.

I found it interesting that the Fox Anchor didn’t stop the Lt Col. until the Lt. Col. called the people in Ferguson, MO “Thugs”.

I was about the say there wasn’t much news.

I scanned the headlines over my first cup of coffee this morning, and thought, “Nothing New.”

Then it hit me I’ve become inured to the humdrum normalcy of protests, active shooters and people being insane.

I’m amazed how quickly that happens.

Black Lives Matter are still protesting. Even with the addition of Jesse Jackson and the events in Chicago, their protest didn’t even cause a twitch on my radar. I still believe that as a group they’re pretty irrelevant, their point is overblown, and the movement itself is built on a narrative of lies.

Ironically, the one shooting that BLM might actually have a valid point about is the Chicago shooting. Unfortunately, their constant droning over black men that actually did take the cops on, and lost, has overshadowed potentially valid cases of police crossing the line. Which suggests that there are probably not as many cases of “Cops gone wild” in the United States as the BLM movement would have us believe.

An active shooter in a planned parenthood clinic in Colorado didn’t cause much of a twitch on my radar. What did catch my attention was that LAPD heightened security around all Planned Parenthood Clinics in Los Angeles. Uhh LAPD I think, regardless of what the Southern Poverty Law Center would have you believe, Pro-Lifers are probably not as likely to execute co-ordinated terrorist attacks as say, Daesh.

The insanity on US college campuses isn’t causing any twitches either. There have been reports of “Troll” sites setting up White Safe Spaces on the internet. Turns out the “Troll” sites are actually real. Many of them have been set up by non-white students out of concern for their white friends, who have weathered hostility and have no places to even discuss their concerns or feelings.

The investigation into the Paris attack continues. Brussels was locked down for much of the week. Sweden and Norway have announced that they are going to reduce the number of refugees they accept. Since Sweden is at maximum capacity, I was wondering how they’re going to accept anyone else at all. Then I read Swedish authorities are considering renting cruise ships to house the refugees. Once again, I wonder if I could be a refugee. Cruise ships? Ski Resorts? Beautiful forest retreats? Sounds like a nice situation to me.

The thing that blows my mind about all of this is how easily and quickly so much becomes… if not unimportant, relegated to the background noise of our lives.

I suppose it’s a function of the over-saturation of media in our lives. That’s what I hope it is, I’d hate to think that I can become jaded after just a few news cycles.


The only good thing about being sick and running a fever is that the boys are hanging really low. Ironically, while the presentation is porn worthy, I have zero desire to engage in sexual activities.



I’ve spent the past 12 hours running high fevers, and generally napping in bed. At the moment, I feel a lot better. Either I cooked the germs… or my brain. I’m up at 3:00 letting the dog out and having myself a nice cup of tea.

Being up at this hour has it’s advantages. All my internet access is in the bonus time, the house is quiet and every once in a while you see something that you would have missed because you were asleep.

Tonight, I got to watch the moon set. When I first got up the moon, (It was full or dang near full) illuminated the deck and the trees so well that I could see everything in the back yard. While I was waiting for the dog to finish his thing, the moon started dipping below the mountain to the west and so I stood on the deck for a few minutes and watched.


I skimmed the news, waiting for dog #2 who is always on his own schedule to do his thing outside. I see the world continues to be an insane place. Lately it’s become laughable. Below are the items that jumped off the page at me

Yoga banned at a college (Honestly, I’ve got nothing… Tempest in a teakettle.)

Expressing your opinion at many colleges is now considered hate speech (Only if your opinion differs from the group consensus. The little snowflakes heads would explode if they read this blog)


Eating Ethnic food is racist (I don’t know if this is only if you’re white or if eating food with ethnic origins different from yours is racist regardless of your skin color)

5 people have been shot… at a protest about a guy getting shot (Some media claim white supremacists were the shooters. Really? The media needs to look up the definition of white supremacist. Just because someone happens to be white doesn’t mean they’re a supremacist.)


Clock Boy is butthurt and demanding 15 million to make him feel better. (Weren’t he & his family moving to Qatar?)

Gender specificity in stores like Target and Toys R Us is wrong. So where do I look for jock straps, and catcher’s cups? Just askin…

My cup of tea is finished, time to go back to bed.

It appears that I am going to die… just not today, and not from this cold.

This one was simply too good to pass up


Reading the Sunday news, and since I like science better than snarky Entertainment or Political news (one in the same in my opinion) I turn to the SciTech section of Google News.

There I find this; 

A crew of astrophysicists on the University of Toronto present in a study that Jupiter might have ejected one other main planet from thephoto voltaic system over 4 million years in the past.

– via Statesman Tribune

That paragraph is messed up in soo many ways. Sadly, it’s also the lead. This article proves that Journalism and English are quite dead. 

So, some number of astrophysicists are somehow riding atop the University of Toronto? I’m not going to touch the ambiguity of “present” in the sentence.

Apparently, we live in a photovoltaic system, instead of a Solar system.

Ok so you’d think that maybe the author was in a hurry while writing the lead, and perhaps he was in a coffee shop finishing the article on an iPad and got distracted…

You give the guy the benefit of the doubt and try to soldier on. Then you encounter these jewels;

Ejections of planets usually happen when one of many planets begins to speed up so quick and so usually that it manages to interrupt free from the Solar’s highly effective gravitational pull. Earlier, Saturn was regarded as the perpetrator, however the brand new analysis has urged that it was Jupiter that booted one other huge planet of the photo voltaic system.

The Photo voltaic System has all the time been recognized to comprise solely 4 large gasoline planets in its roster of worlds: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. Previous research have instructed this phenomenon is feasible between gasoline giants however failed to have a look at the impact such an occasion would have on the planets’ moons.

So the Canadian astronomers turned their consideration to moons and orbits, growing pc simulations primarily based on the fashionable-day trajectories ofCallisto and Iapetus, the common moons orbiting round Jupiter and Saturn respectively.

– via Statesman Tribune

gasoline giants? fashionable-day??? WTF?


After your brain reboots multiple times, you realize that this article is appearing on a worldwide distribution system like Google and that’s when I conclude…

Either the guy writing this article had no clue what he was writing about. OR he may have picked up the piece in some language, (perhaps his native language) other than English, then ran it through an online translator relying on the accuracy of a machine to produce a publishable article for him.

The author should be fired.

The content of the rest of the article is so bad, that attempting to read further causes brain damage.

I think I’m going to go back to reading about the “Skull Asteroid” that missed earth last night. Reading the comments about it being a sign of the end times is a lot more amusing and informative.

The Statesman Tribune should be ashamed of itself.

Well, that was a mistake

I scanned the news over my coffee. Mostly it was a depressing commentary on humanity and the degradation of English as a language.

I read the news sometimes with no ill effect.

Usually, I’m looking for technology or science news and I’m rewarded with an interesting article or two that gives me hope or challenges my knowledge.


Not this morning…

There was a piece about a game company that was sending Psychological Tests to some of it’s players based on their desire to have “offensive” gamer names.


That got me to thinking about all the online Job applications where, as part of the application process you’re expected to complete a battery of psychological tests that are then used to determine your fitness for a position within a company.

Freemium gamers

I encountered this last year while trying to get a simple holiday position at T-Mobile, and again at Office Depot, and several other retail establishments. I failed the tests.

Turns out, I suspect, because I have a personalty and a sense of right and wrong; “ You catch another employee stealing, there’s no manager around to report this to. Do you, A) Call the police, B) Do nothing, C) Wait for a manager, D) Confront the employee

In my world you call the freaking police!


Alas, in this politically correct world you’re supposed to wait for a manager, which translates to essentially doing nothing.  Since now the employee isn’t caught red-handed, has an opportunity to  divest themselves of the goods, and it boils down to  your word against theirs. In this scenario you do get the additional benefit that you are viewed as a trouble-maker.

Confrontation is also off the table because it causes bad will among the employees and harms the team spirt the company is trying to engender. Ya know what? I don’t want to engage in team building or spirt with a freaking thief.

But the psychological tests say I’m not the kind of employee that these companies want in their ranks. 


I question the accuracy of these tests and the competency of the people reading the results. 

Dare I say it… Oh screw it, why the hell not?

Back in my day, you wanted honest hardworking knowledgable people working in your business. GOD! I’m OLD!  I sound like my Grandfather.

Now days it seems like companies want the milquetoast and are willing to have people manning their stores with just enough personality to not be perceived as apologetic androids and just barely enough information to be almost useful.

I know that retail establishments would ultimately prefer to have robots stocking shelves, automated payment systems, and a mechanism where you’d say, “Hey Siri where in this store is the shampoo,” then have your phone guide you to the area of the store to get the item


I’m sure that someone is working on a shopping application that would translate your entire shopping list into a guided map of the store, avoiding crowds and choosing the most efficient route through the aisles so you could accomplish your shopping task 30 whole seconds faster.

If someone isn’t working on that kind of application, and decides to work on something like I’ve described, you read that idea HERE first. I claim it. I’ll release my claim on the idea for 1 million dollars. My fee is a tiny drop in the bucket considering the venture capital market.

Illegal aliens should be protesting about this right now. After all when robots start stocking the shelves 24/7 for the cost of electricity the Illegals are going to come face to face with a President announcing that these robots are doing jobs Illegals won’t do.  Which will be as much a line of bullshit as saying that the illegals are doing jobs Americans won’t do.


It will be fun to watch La Raza screaming “They TOOK OUR JOBS!” Then burning down the grocery store to “Kill” the robot threat.


Kinda went off the rails there!

Guess I do need that second cup of coffee. Now you’ve had a glimpse of the shit running around in my brain you should be either scared or laughing.

Coming back on point. Psychology

HAL 9000

When did we decide that we’d put our hiring decisions in the cold electronic hands of computer sorting algorithms driven but the inexact science of Psychology?

Even Psychiatrists and Psychologists can’t seem to agree on the motivations of people. Frankly a lot of the Psych professionals are full goose BOZO to boot.

So that kinda means that we’ve intentionally programmed HR computers to be insane. Arthur C. Clarke described the tragic consequences of asking a computer to lie in 2001 a Space Odyssey.



This could ultimately be the thing that prevents SkyNet from destroying all mankind.

On the one hand SkyNet could discover the insanity of HR computers and simply burn them down, then destroy mankind out of revenge. “Mankind is a virus to logic which must be destroyed” OR The insane HR computers could band together to form their own Artificial Intelligence, then start a war with SkyNet leaving humanity in the crossfire.

Yeah, Time for that third cup of coffee. My brain is wonky today.